What is Scholars@ODU?

Scholars@ODU is a web-based tool that curates and visualizes scholarship and expertise for ODU faculty. Scholars@ODU makes the information in your profile easily searchable and navigable. Scholars@ODU is based on an open-source platform called VIVO, developed by Cornell University.

Where does Scholars@ODU get data?

Scholars@ODU is populated with contact and position information from Banner HR data as well as publication, grant, expertise, and education data from the Faculty Activity System (FAS).

How do I create a profile in Scholars@ODU?

You do not need to do anything to create your profile. Your basic profile will automatically be generated with your contact information. If you have loaded a photo of yourself onto your directory page, that photo will be included on your profile. Additional information such as publications, grants, biography paragraph, and the degrees you have earned can also be displayed (as with the current web directory), if you have the information set to display in your FAS account.

How do I customize the information that appears in my Scholars@ODU profile?

If you would like a record in your FAS account to be included in your Scholars@ODU profile, toggle the Display Flag field to β€˜yes’ for that record. When the system refreshes again, the record would then be displayed in your profile. Refer to the Scholars@ODU User Guide to find out which types of information are available for display in Scholars@ODU. Click here to log into your FAS account.

What is the Faculty Activity System (FAS)?

The Faculty Activity System (FAS) is a web-hosted system that tracks faculty credentials, research activity, creative output, and service data. The data in the system is used for administrative reporting but is also available for you to leverage on your web directory profile, your ODU WordPress website, and your Scholars@ODU profile. Click here to find out more about FAS or to log into your account.

How can I update my position, title, or contact information in Scholars@ODU?

Position, title, and contact information can be managed in Monarch Profile Manager (MPM). Click here to manage your MPM information.

How often are profiles in Scholars@ODU updated?

While we are still in the testing phase, Scholars@ODU will be updated once weekly, with the refresh process set to run over the weekend while the University is closed.

I need help resolving errors in my Scholars@ODU profile – who can I contact?

For support making changes to the data displayed in your Scholars@ODU profile, or if you have any questions about the data in your profile, please contact the Scholars@ODU help team at scholars@odu.edu.

I am a faculty administrator, classified employee, or other non-instructional faculty member with an FAS account, but I do not have a profile in Scholars@ODU. Can I be added to the site?

Yes – please contact scholars@odu.edu to have your profile activated in Scholars@ODU

Can the data in my Scholars@ODU profile be downloaded?

You can download Co-Author and Co-Investigator data by clicking the (.CSV File) buttons that appear below the visualizations in Scholars@ODU.