• Dr. Yuping Liu-Thompkins specializes in building customer loyalty and habit through effective marketing programs. She has worked with many consumer datasets to derive customer insights and actionable marketing strategies.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2017 A Primer on Using Behavioral Data for Testing Theories in Advertising ResearchJournal of Advertising. 213-225.
    2017 The Effect of Loyalty Program Expiration Policy on Consumer BehaviorMarketing Letters. 537-550.
    2015 The Impact of Home Country Institutions on Corporate Technological Entrepreneurship via R&D Investments and Virtual World PresenceEntrepreneurship, Theory and Practice. 237-266.
    2013 Managing Brands in the Social Media EnvironmentJournal of Interactive Marketing. 242-256.
    2013 Not All Repeat Customers Are the Same: Effects of Attitudinal Loyalty and HabitJournal of Marketing. 21-36.
    2012 Consuming Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests: The Role of Genetic Literacy and Knowledge CalibrationJournal of Public Policy & Marketing. 42-57.
    2012 Direct to Consumer marketing of Genetic Testing Services and Consumer Genetic Knowledge Gaps: Implications for Public PolicyJournal of Public Policy and Marketing. 42-57.
    2012 Engaging Consumers in Online Advertising: The Central Role of Perceived ValueJournal of New Communications Research. 77-93.
    2012 Rising to Stardom: An Empirical Investigation of the Diffusion of User-Generated ContentJournal of Interactive Marketing. 71-82.
    2012 Seeding Viral Content: Lessons from the Diffusion of Online VideosJournal of Advertising Research. 465-478.
    2009 A Dual-Process Model of Interactivity EffectsJournal of Advertising. 53-68.
    2009 Assessing Loyalty Program Effects in a Competitive Setting: Impact of Market Saturation, Market Share, and Category ExpandabilityJournal of Marketing. 109-121.
    2008 Direct-to-Consumer Marketing of Predictive Medical Genetic Tests: Assessment of Current Practices and Policy RecommendationsJournal of Public Policy & Marketing. 131-148.
    2007 Developing Effective E-Recruiting Websites: Insights for Managers from MarketersBusiness Horizons. 305-314.
    2007 Online Interaction Readiness: Conceptualization and MeasurementJournal of Customer Behaviour. 283-299.
    2007 The Long-Term Impact of Loyalty Programs on Consumer Purchase Behavior and LoyaltyJournal of Marketing. 19-35.
    2003 Developing a Scale to Measure the Interactivity of Web SitesJournal of Advertising Research. 207-216.
    2002 What is Interactivity and is it Always Such a Good Thing? Implications of Definition, Person, and Situation for the Influence of Interactivity on Advertising EffectivenessJournal of Advertising. 53-64.


    Year Title
    2012 Online Advertising: A Cross-Cultural SynthesisHandbook of Research in International Advertising. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.
    2005 Rethinking Interactivity: What It Means and Why It May Not Always Be BeneficialAdvertising, Promotion, and New Media. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications.

    Conference Papers

    Year Title
    2015 Direct vs. Indirect Comparative Advertising: The Role of Valence and Message Claim Type
    2015 Is Naming Your Competitor in the Comparative Ad a Good Idea?
    2013 Not all repeat customers are the same: Designing effective cross-selling promotion on the basis of attitudinal loyalty and habit
    2011 Sense of Community: A Missing Link to Understand Users’ Performance in Firm-hosted Online Communities.
    2009 System Design and Integration for Repeated Impact Tests
    2001 Interactivity and Its Measurement

    Research Overview

  • Consumer Loyalty and Habit, Loyalty Programs, and Internet Marketing
  • Grants

  • Port of Virginia Customer Satisfaction Research  awarded by The Port of Virginia 2016 - 2017
  • Success Beyond Self-Performance: Collective Performance Lift from Inter-Agent Effects  awarded by Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Bazaarvoice Research Opportunity (Non-financial data support) 2016 - 2017
  • He Yelled, She Smiled: The Role of Emotions in Consumer Reviews  awarded by Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Bazaarvoice Research Opportunity (Non-financial data support) 2015 - 2016
  • Predicting Significant Life Events through Financial Activities  awarded by Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Predicting Life Change Research Opportunity (Non-financial data support) 2014 - 2015
  • Consumption Visions: Augmented Reality and Impulse Buying  awarded by Old Dominion University SEECR Grant 2014
  • Purchase Evolution Under a Loyalty Program  awarded by Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Multi-Vendor Loyalty Program Research Opportunity (Non-financial data support) 2013 - 2014
  • Habit Dynamics and its Role in Predicting Customer Conversion and Attrition  awarded by Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative SiriusXM Research Opportunity (Non-financial data support) 2012 - 2013
  • Understanding the Viral Diffusion of Brand Messages Online  awarded by American Academy of Advertising Empower MediaMarketing Research Grant 2010 - 2011
  • When Loyalty and Habit Collide  awarded by Marketing Science Institute 2010 - 2011
  • Interactivity and Online Persuasion: The Moderating Role of Site Content”. ODU CBPA Summer Research Grant - 2007
  • Direct-to-Consumer Marketing of Genetic Tests & Services: Moral Perils and Practical Solutions/ Old Dominion University SEECR Grant - 2006
  • A Study of the Strategic Process Orientation of Firms/ College of Business and Public Administration Small Business Grant 2011 - 2005
  • College of Business & Public Administration, Small Research Development Grant 2004 - 2005
  • A Study of the Strategic Process Orientation of Firms/ College of Business and Public Administration Small Business Grant - 2005
  • Database Marketing Course Development.” ODU CBPA Small Business Grant - 2005
  • Marketing Dynamics of Loyalty Programs/ Old Dominion University Summer Research Fellowship - 2005
  • Interaction Readiness: The Impact of Individual Differences on Web Browsing Behavior/ College of Business and Public Administration Small Business Grant - 2004
  • One-to-One Interactive Marketing.” Grant from Outsite Networks - 2003
  • Wharton Customer Analytics Identifying & Maintaining Great Financial Advisors Opportunity Winner  awarded by Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative 2016 -
  • Keywords

  • Customer Relationship Management : Customer Loyalty / Consumption Habit / Loyalty Programs
  • Internet Marketing : Social Media / Internet Marketing / Interactive Communications
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Management (Marketing Concentration), Rutgers University 2002
  • B.A. in Marketing, Renmin University of China 1996
  • Full Name

  • Yuping Liu-Thompkins