Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Evaluating the Readability of Radio Frequency Identification for Construction MaterialsJournal of Engineering, Production, and Project Management.
2017 Performance Analysis of Roadway Striping Operation using Telematics TechnologyInternational Journal of Civil Engineering. 827-838.
2016 A Case Study of Asphalt Pavement Construction Quality Assurance Using the Quality Related Specific SoftwareJournal of Construction Engineering and Project Management.
2015 College Students’ Perceptions of Sustainability: A Regional SurveyJournal of Building Construction and Planning Research. 209-220.
2014 An Approach to Automated Detection of Failure in Temporary Structures using Image ProcessingJournal of Engineering and Architecture. 49-61.
2014 Identifying the Preferred Leadership Style for Managerial Position of Construction ManagementInternational Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.
2012 Structure-From-Motion Approach to the Reconstruction of Surfaces for Earthwork PlanningJournal of Construction Engineering and Project Management.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2017 Intelligent Construction Site with Digital Strategy
2017 Sustainable Behavior and Social Responsibility among College Students
2017 Use of Beta Distribution to Fit Thermal Fracture of Asphalt Pavement
2016 An Approach to Automated Detection of Structural Failure Using Chronological Image Analysis in Temporary Structures
2015 Dynamic Complex Modulus Prediction of Non-Conventional Asphalt Mixes
2015 RFID Readability Test for Construction Materials: A Senior Project
2014 Application of the Stochastic Approach to Estimation of the Number of Rainy Days for Highway Construction in Georgia State
2013 Quality Assurance in Roadway Pavement Construction

Research Overview

  • Occupational Safety and Health, Big Data, Visualization, Organizational Intelligence, Traffic Engineering, Performance Optimization, Construction Engineering and Management, Automation
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Engineering : Construction Engineering and Management
  • Engineering : Sustainability
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Environmental Design & Planning, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2009
  • Full Name

  • Younghan Jung