• Dr. Wang has solid education background and extensive teaching/research experience in hydrology, hydraulics and water resources. He has extensively published in high-quality journals and presented in national/international conferences. Also, he has been very active in collaborating with peers across the world. Dr. Wang has been serving profession as Editor-in-Chief, Guest Editor, Associate Editor, Conference Convener, and referee since 2001.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2018 Upscaling of the Transpiration and Water Consumption of Sand-fixing Vegetation Salix gordejevii and Caragana microphyllaJournal of Natural Resources / Ziran Ziyuan Xuebao. 52-62.
    2017 Effects of nonaerated circulation water velocity on nutrient release from aquaculture pond sedimentsWater. 1-15.
    2017 Effects of sea level rise on hydrology: Case study in a typical mid-Atlantic coastal watershedJournal of Water and Climate Change. 730-754.
    2017 Performance of two prevalent infiltration models for disturbed urban soilsHydrology Research. 1520-1536.
    2017 Simulated dynamics of soil water and pore vapor in a semiarid sandy ecosystemJournal of Arid Environments.
    2017 Spatiotemporal variations in precipitation across the Chinese Mongolian plateau over the past half centuryAtmospheric Research. 204-215.
    2017 Water-soil-vegetation dynamic interactions in changing climateWater(20734441). 1-8.
    2016 Temporal variations of streamflow in a mid-latitude Eurasian steppe watershed in the past half centuryHydrology Research. 185-200.
    2015 Evaluation of a modified Monod model for predicting algal dynamics in Lake TaiWater. 3626-3642.
    2015 Impacts of hydrodynamic disturbance on sediment resuspension, phosphorus and phosphatase release, and Cyanobacterial growth in Lake TaiEnvironmental Earth Sciences.
    2015 Long-term variations of TN and TP in four lakes fed by Yangtze River at various time scalesJournal of Environmental Sciences. 3993-4009.
    2015 Vapor flow resistance of dry soil layer to soil water evaporation in arid environment: An overviewWater. 4552-4574.
    2014 Advances in separating effects of climate variability and human activity on stream discharge: An overviewAdvances in Water Resources. 209-218.
    2014 Effects of lake-basin morphological and hydrological characteristics on the eutrophication of shallow lakes in eastern ChinaJournal of Great Lakes Research. 666-674.
    2014 Modeling hydrological variability of fresh water resources in the Rio Cobre watershed, JamaicaCatena. 81-90.
    2014 Predicted NPP spationtemporal variations in a semiarid steppe watershed for historical and trending climatesJournal of Arid Environments. 67-79.
    2014 Responses of grass production to precipitation in a mid-latitude typical steppe watershedTransactions of the ASABE. 1595-1610.
    2014 Trend and extreme occurrence of precipitation in a mid-latitude Eurasian steppe watershed at various time scalesHydrological Processes. 5547-5560.
    2012 Development of a robust runoff-prediction model by fusing the Rational Equation and a modified SCS-CN methodHydrological Sciences Journal. 1118-1140.
    2012 Influences of landform as a confounding variable on SOM-NDVI association in semiarid Ordos PlateauJournal of Arid Land. 450-456.
    2012 Support soil conservation practices by identifying critical erosion areas within an American watershed using the GIS-AGNPS modelJournal of Spatial Hydrology.
    2011 Spatio-temporal variations in soil moisture and physicochemical properties of a typical semiarid sand-meadow-desert landscape as influenced by land use.Hydrology & Earth System Sciences.
    2011 Suspended sediment load prediction of river systems: An artificial neural network approachAgricultural Water Management. 855-866.
    2010 Development of a Regional Regression Model for Estimating Annual Runoff in the Hailar River Basin of China.Journal of Water Resource & Protection.
    2010 Estimation of design discharge for an ungauged overflow-receiving watershed using one-dimensional hydrodynamic modelIntl. J. River Basin Management. 79-92.
    2010 Low and high flow analyses and wavelet application for characterization of the Blue Nile River systemHydrological Processes. 241-252.
    2010 Simulated environmental effects of wetland restoration scenarios in a typical Canadian prairie watershedWetlands ecology and management. 269-279.
    2010 Simulated wetland conservation-restoration effects on water quantity and quality at watershed scale.Journal of Environmental Management. 1511-25.
    2010 Simulating hydrologic effects of raised roads within a low-relief watershedJournal of Hydrologic Engineering. 585-597.
    2010 Simulation of land use–soil interactive effects on water and sediment yields at watershed scaleecological engineering. 328-344.
    2008 Development of a SWAT extension module to simulate riparian wetland hydrologic processes at a watershed scaleHydrological Processes. 2901-2915.
    2008 Modelling potential impacts of coalbed methane development on stream water quality in an American watershedHydrological Processes. 87-103.
    2008 Simulation of an agricultural watershed using an improved curve number method in SWATTrans. ASABE. 1323-1339.
    2008 Using hydrologic equivalent wetland concept within SWAT to estimate streamflow in watersheds with numerous wetlandsTransactions of the ASAE (American Society of Agricultural Engineers). 55.
    2007 GIS-based integration of SWAT and REMM for estimating water quality benefits of riparian buffers in agricultural watershedsTransactions of the ASABE. 1549-1563.
    2007 Impervious Surface Area Dynamics and Storm Runoff ResponseRemote Sensing of Impervious Surfaces. 369-384.
    2007 Water Quality Changes as a Result of Coalbed Methane Development in a Rocky mountain Watershed1JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 1383-1399.
    2007 Wetland restoration response analysis using MODIS and groundwater dataSensors. 1916-1933.
    2006 DiscussionJAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 1711-1713.
    2006 Effects of STATSGO AND SSURGO as inputs on SWAT model's snowmelt simulationJAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 1217-1236.
    2006 Hydrology and Water Balance of Devils Lake Basin: Part 1-Hydrometeorological Analysis and Lake Surface Area MappingJournal of Spatial Hydrology.
    2006 Influences of potential evapotranspiration estimation methods on SWAT’s hydrologic simulation in a northwestern Minnesota watershedTransactions of the ASAE. 1755-1771.
    2006 Multitemporal scale hydrograph prediction using artificial neural networksJAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 1647-1657.
    2005 Evaluation of the SWAT model’s snowmelt hydrology in a northwestern Minnesota watershedTransactions of the ASAE. 1359-1376.
    2004 Integrated modeling environment for statewide assessment of groundwater vulnerability from pesticide use in agriculture.Pest management science. 739-45.
    2004 Linkage of ARCVIEW GIS with the RZWQM modelJournal of Spatial Hydrology.


    Year Title
    2011 Modeling Hydrologic Effects of Microtopographic Features at Watershed Scale.  New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc..


    Year Title
    2011 Adaptation of National Elevation Datatset to Estimate Depression Storage in a Glaciated WatershedModeling Hydrologic Effects of Microtopographic Features. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc..
    2011 Evaluate Effects of the Waffle® on Flood Reduction in the Red River of the North Basin using Coupled SWAT and HEC–RAS ModelsModeling Hydrologic Effects of Microtopographic Features. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc..
    2009 Prediction of Sediment Source Areas within Watersheds as Affected by Soil Data ResolutionEnvironmental Modelling: New Research. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc..

    Conference Papers

    Year Title
    2015 Effects of climate change on rainfall intensity-duration-frequency curve: From deterministic to probability-based concept
    2015 Simulating effects of sea level rise on runoff and sedimentation processes in a mid-Atlantic coastal urban watershed
    2014 Estimated grazing removal rate of grasses in a semiarid Eurasian steppe watershed as influenced by climate
    2011 Development of a modified rational equation for arid-region runoff estimation.  22-26.
    2010 Incorporating Affects of Raised Roads into Hydrology Model to Improve Simulation of Low-Relief Watershed.  4485-4499.
    2007 Kissimmee River Basin Restoration: Analysis of Fractional Vegetation Cover and Latent Heat Dynamics Using MODIS Data.  1-10.
    2005 Temporary floodwater storage volume estimations using 1-m LiDAR and 30-m NED DEMS of the Red River of the North Basin
    Responses of grass production to precipitation in a mid-latitude typical steppe watershed

    Research Overview

  • Effects of climate change versus human activity on water resources; evaporation from water-limited soils; hydrology-soil-vegetation interactions in changing climate; stormwater, watershed hydrology, LID, and BMP; groundwater.
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Engineering : Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Water Resources
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University 2001
  • M.S. in Hydrology and Water Resources, Tsinghua University 1993
  • B.S. in Hydrology and Water Resources, Tsinghua University 1989
  • Full Name

  • Xixi Wang