Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Corporate governance devianceAcademy of Management Review. 87.
2018 Varieties of institutional systems: A contextual taxonomy of understudied countriesJournal of World Business. 307-322.
2017 Exploring the questionable academic practice of conference paper double dippingAcademy of Management Learning & Education. 217-236.
2017 How does board independence influence financial performance in IPO firms? The moderating role of the national business systemJournal of World Business. 628-639.
2016 Institutionalizing Entrepreneurial Expertise in Subsistence EconomiesJournal of World Business. 910-922.
2016 Institutionalizing Entrepreneurial Expertise in Subsistence MarketsJournal of World Business. 910-922.
2016 National competitiveness and the Porter Diamond ModelGlobal Strategy Journal. 81-104.
2016 The Enterprise Strategy of the Firm: Concept, Measurement, and ValidationEuropean Management Journal. 374-385.
2016 Variance decomposition of the country, industry, firm, and firm-year effecfts on dividend policyInternational Business Review. 1309-1320.
2015 Configurations of capacity for change in entrepreneurial threshold firms: Imprinting and strategic choice perspectivesJournal of Management Studies. 506-530.
2015 Corporate Governance and IPO Underpricing in a Cross-National Sample: A Knowledge-Based ViewStrategic Management Journal/Wiley. 1174-1185.
2015 The Impact of Home Country Institutions on Corporate Technological Entrepreneurship via R&D Investments and Virtual World PresenceEntrepreneurship, Theory and Practice. 237-266.
2015 Voluntary disclosure, excess executive compensation, and firm valueJournal of Corporate Finance. 64-90.
2014 Which model of capitalism best delivers both wealth and equality?Journal of International Business Studies. 363-386.
2013 Entrepreneurship as a Leap of FaithJournal of Management Spirituality, and Religion. 37-65.
2012 Governance environment and organization design of foreign subsidiariesInternational Journal of Business Management.
2012 Managerial Ownership and the role of privitization in transition economiesAsia Pacific Journal of Management. 479-498.
2012 Organization Design for Foreign Subsidiaries in Multinational Enterprises: A Contingency PerspectiveInternational Journal of Business & Management. 47-63.
2012 Pioneering Research in Comparative Corporate Governance: The Role of Special IssuesCorporate Governance: An International Review. 1-2.
2012 What are the Correlates of Interdisciplinary Research Impact? The Case of Corporate Governance ResearchAcademy of Management Learning & Education. 82-98.
2011 Antecedents and Effects of National Corruption: A Meta-AnalysisJournal of World Business. 93-103.
2011 FDI location decisions: An integrative conceptual frameworkAsia Pacific Journal of Management. 325-352.
2010 Comparative corporate governance and international businessCorporate Governance: An International Review. 493-495.
2010 Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism: An International PerspectiveCorporate Governance: An International Review.
2010 Corporate governance and shareholder activism: An institutional perspectiveCorporate Governance: An International Review. 258-273.
2010 Governance environment and accounting quality across countriesCorporate Governance: An International Review. 161-174.
2010 National Adoption of international accounting standards: An institutional perspectiveCorporate Governance: An International Review. 161-174.
2009 Organizational capacity for change and firm performance in RussiaInternational Journal of Human Resource Management. 1737-1752.
2009 Reappraising Liabilities of Foreignness within An Integrated Perspective of the Costs and Benefits of Doing Business AbroadInternational Business Review. 404-416.
2009 The evolution of the organizational capacity for change construct.Journal of Organizational Change Management. 635-649.
2008 Institutional antecedents of corporate governance legitimacyJournal of Management. 765-785.
2008 Organizational capacity for change and strategic ambidexterity: Flying the plane while rewiring itEuropean Journal of Marketing. 915-926.
2008 Superior knowledge, isolating mechanisms, and IPO success: A knowledge-based viewJournal of Managerial Issues. 507-525.
2007 Antecedents of learning outcomes in strategic management coursesInternational Journal of Business Research. 80-86.
2007 Antecedents of marital happiness and career satisfaction: An empirical study of dual-career managersJournal of Business and Public Affairs. 124-134.
2006 Strategic Alliance Outcomes: A Transaction Costs PerspectiveBritish Journal of Management. 1-13.
2005 Organizational Capacity for Change and Environmental Performance: An Empirical Assessment of Bulgarian FirmsJournal of Business Research. 894-901.
2005 Strategic Leadership Behaviors and Innovation Influence: An Empirical International StudyStrategic Management Journal. 665-682.
2004 Corporate Governance in Russia: What Model Will It Follow?Corporate Governance: An International Review. 302-315.
2004 The Past, Present, and Future States of Russian Management EducationInternational Journal of Business & Management Education.. 1-20.
2003 Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in Russia: An Empirical StudyJournal of World Business. 385-396.
2002 CEO trustworthiness: A source of competitive advantageAcademy of Strategic Management Journal. 57.
2001 Is a leader's character culture-bound or culture-free? An empirical comparison of the character traits of American and Taiwanese CEOsJournal of Leadership Studies. 63.
2001 The shared leadership challenge in strategic alliances: Lessons from the U.S. healthcare industryAcademy of Management Perspectives. 71-79.
2001 Total Quality Management Implementation and Competitive Advantage: The Role of Structural Control and ExplorationAcademy of Management Journal. 158-169.
2000 Belaboring the not-so-obvious: consensus, commitment, and strategy implementation speed and successJournal of Management. 1237-1257.
1999 Strategic Information Requirements and Planning Capacities: Process and Content Linked by InformationStrategic Management Journal. 567-577.
1998 Performance Implications of Incorporating Natural Environmental Issues into the Strategic Planning Process: An Empirical AssessmentJournal of Management Studies. 241-262.
1997 The brave new world of executive coachingBusiness Horizons. 71.
1997 Top Management Team Complementarity's Impact on the Diversification-Performance Relationship
1996 Organizational Responses to Strategic Issues Posed by the Natural Environment: An Application of Miles and Snow's Strategic TypesIndustrial & Environmental Crisis Quarterly. 419-447.
1996 What Causes Corporate Environmental Responsiveness?Corporate Environmental Strategy. 43-48.
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1992 Institutional and Strategic Choice Perspectives on Board Involvement in the Strategic Decision ProcessAcademy of Management Journal. 766-794.
1991 Antecedents and Outcomes of Decision Speed in Different Environmental ContextAcademy of Management Journal. 449-463.


Year Title
2012 Corporate Governance and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): An International Perspective.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
1999 The Leader’s Shadow: Exploring and Developing the Character of Executive.  Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.
1992 The Board's Role in a Privately-Held Firm Facing a Crisis, in R.H. Ford (ed.) Boards of Directors and the Privately-held Firm: A Complete Guide for Owners, Officers, and Directors.  Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.


Year Title
2013 Navigating the white waters of organizations change: Best practice principles for change managementThe change champions field guide. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
2004 Institutional and strategic choice perspectives on board involvement in strategic decision makingTheories of corporate governance: The philosophical foundations of corporate governance. Routledge.
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1991 Long-term Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction at Capsugel/Warner-LambertCompeting Globally Through Customer Value. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2006 Preparing for Organizational Change: Evolution of the Organizational Capacity for Change Construct.  O1-O6.
2005 Adventures in Creating an Outdoor Leadership Challenge Course for an EMBA Program.  95-101.
1995 Integrating Environmental Issues into the Strategic Planning Process: An Empirical Assessment.  475-479.
1990 Decision modeling managerial effort in strategy implementation: A multinational test.  1312-1314.
1988 A longitudinal evaluation of corporate wellness programs' impact on health care costs.  85-89.

Research Overview

  • Strategic Leadership, Corporate Governance, Organizational Innovation & Change
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Leadership : Executive Development
  • Management : Strategic Management Retreats & Planning Process
  • Organization : Organizational Development & Change
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration/Strategic Management, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1989
  • M.B.A. in General Management, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1985
  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Lehigh University 1978
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  • William Judge