• Born in Columbus, Ohio. Lived 17 years in southern Ohio. 2000 - Kenyon College, BA; 2006 Pennsylvania State University, PhD.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2017 Connecting different TMD factorization formalisms in QCDPhysical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation & Cosmology. 1.
    2017 What are the low-Q and large-x boundaries of collinear QCD factorization theorems?Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation & Cosmology. 1-1.
    2016 An Overview of Transverse Momentum DependentFactorization and EvolutionEur. Phys. J.. 153.
    2016 Relating Transverse Momentum Dependent and CollinearFactorization Theorems in a Generalized FormalismPhys. Rev.. 034014.
    2016 TMD Evolution at Moderate Hard ScalesPoS. 028.
    2015 TMD factorization and evolution at large b_TPoS. 189.
    2015 Understanding the large-distance behavior of transverse-momentum momentum dependent parton densities and the Collins-Soper evolution kernelPhys Rev D.
    2015 Understanding the large-distance behavior oftransverse-momentum-dependent parton densities and theCollins-Soper evolution kernelPhys. Rev.. 074020.
    2014 Limits on transverse momentum dependent evolution fromsemi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering at moderate QPhys. Rev.. 094002.
    2014 Overview of transverse momentum dependent factorizationbreakingInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 1460007.
    2014 TMDlib and TMDplotter: library and plotting tools fortransverse-momentum-dependent parton distributionsEur. Phys. J.. 3220.
    2013 Equality of Two Definitions for Transverse MomentumDependent Parton Distribution FunctionsPhys. Rev.. 034018.
    2013 Extra spin asymmetries from the breakdown oftransverse-momentum-dependent factorization inhadron-hadron collisionsPhys. Rev.. 014002.
    2013 Summary of the Workshop on Multi-Parton Interactions(MPI@LHC 2012)
    2012 Universality and Evolution of TMDsNuovo Cim.. 29-32.
    2011 Gauge Links, TMD-Factorization, and TMD-FactorizationBreaking
    2011 Gluons and the quark sea at high energies:Distributions, polarization, tomography
    2011 TMD Parton Distribution and Fragmentation Functions withQCD EvolutionPhys. Rev.. 114042.
    2011 TMD factorization and evolution for TMD correlationfunctionsInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 97-105.
    2010 Multiple Hard Partonic Collisions with Correlations in Proton-Proton ScatteringPhys Rev D.
    2010 No Generalized TMD-Factorization in Hadro-Production ofHigh Transverse Momentum HadronsPhys. Rev.. 094006.
    2009 Comment on ‘Coherent rho0 Photoproduction in Bulk Matterat High Energies’Phys. Rev. Lett.. 259201.
    2008 Fully unintegrated parton correlation functionsActa Phys. Polon.. 1715-1724.
    2008 Fully unintegrated parton correlation functions andfactorization in lowest-order hard scatteringPhys. Rev.. 085009.
    2008 Next-to-Leading Order Hard Scattering Using FullyUnintegrated Parton Distribution FunctionsPhys. Rev.. 074018.
    2008 The Gluon Distribution Function and Factorization inFeynman GaugePhys. Rev.. 054012.
    2008 Unitarity Constraints on Semi-hard Jet Production inImpact Parameter SpacePhys. Rev.. 114009.
    2007 Parton correlation functions and factorization in deepinelastic scatteringPoS. 031.
    2006 Coherent vector meson photo-production from deuterium atintermediate energiesPhys. Rev.. 045202.
    2006 Hadronic interactions of ultra-high energy photons withprotons and light nuclei in the dipole pictureJ. Phys.. 2041-2063.
    2004 Determining the proximity of gamma* N scattering to theblack body limit using DIS and J / psi productionPhys. Rev.. 074011.

    Conference Papers

    Year Title
    2012 Unitarity and consistency in multiple hard collisions.  215-220.
    2011 TMD-Factorization, Factorization Breaking andEvolution
    2009 Consistency in impact parameter descriptions of multiplehard partonic collisions.  63-68.
    2009 Experimental results.  582-610.
    2009 Introduction.  567-581.
    2009 Model predictions for HERA, LHC and cosmic rays.  611-627.
    2004 The Black body limit in deep inelastic scattering.  392-396.

    Research Overview

  • Quantum Chromodynamics, Theoretical Hadronic and Nuclear Theory
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, Pennsylvania State University 2006
  • B.A. in Mathematics and Physics, Kenyon College 2000
  • Full Name

  • Ted Rogers