• Timothy Kidd is Senior Lecturer of Geography. He has taught in the Department of Political Science and Geography at Old Dominion University since 2000. He currently serves as the director of the undergraduate program in International Studies (BAIS).
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2002 Globalization and Balkanization of States: The Myth of American ExceptionalismJournal of Geography. 73-81.


    Year Title
    2016 "Jellied Eels for the Urban Palate"Cities of the World. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.
    2012 "Urban Gastronomy"Cities of the World. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

    Research Overview

  • Political GeographyMicrostatesBalkanization and secessionEuropeMinority LanguagesFood Preferences and TaboosGeography of IslandsFormer Colonies and Dependent Territories
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Geography : European Geography, Cultural Geography, Political Geography
  • Political Science : Secession movements, Balkanization
  • Education And Training

  • M.S. in Geography, The University of Alabama 2002
  • B.A. in International Studies, The University of Alabama 1992
  • Full Name

  • Timothy Kidd