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Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Trump's moment in historyNational Interest. 32-38.
2016 Transatlantic TribulationsThe National Interest.
2014 Engager la Russie: ni provocation ni indugenceSchuman Foundation.
2014 Shaping Things to ComeThe National Interest. 53-58.
2013 The End of the JourneyGerman Marshall Fund.
2011 Moving into a post-Western worldThe Washington Quarterly. 7-23.
2011 Repenser l’Atlantique dans un monde à repenserPolitique étrangère. 185-196.
2010 L’atlantisme dans un monde zéro-polaireDefense Nationale et Securite Collective-Edition Francaise. 53.
2010 Obama peut-il réussir?Politique Internationale. 287-299.
2010 The EU’s Future The argument for success lies in how much has been achieved in the last sixty years.International Economy. 54.
2010 The limits of audacityThe Washington Quarterly. 99-110.
2009 No Time for a Time-out in EuropeCurrent History. 99.
2008 A bad war gone worseWashington Quarterly. 165-179.
2008 Globaliser l’Alliance?Politique étrangère. 79-90.
2008 Misreading Berlin … in the Lead into the Iraq War…European Affairs. 84-90.
2008 The Pressures for a New Euro-Atlantic StrategyEurope's World. 15-22.
2006 Reflection to Action: Road to Euro-Atlantic FinalityEuroFuture. 86-89.
2006 a challenged and challenging Europe: impact on nato-Eu-us relationsInternational Spectator. 61-70.
2005 Terms of estrangement: French–American relations in perspectiveSurvival. 73-92.
2005 The Still-Vital Partnership: Power and Order beyond the Cold War and the War in IraqEuroFuture. 16-18.
2004 Air de méfiance et ère de rupturesLes Cahiers de Mars. 50-55.
2004 America and the World After September 11Schweiz Global.
2004 Pour un partenariat transatlantiqueGEOPOLITIQUE. 88-92.
2004 Transatlantic relations: a post summit assessmentCenter for Strategic and International Studies.
2003 Europe enlarged, America detached?Current History. 99.
2003 One West or Two?Défense. 32-34.
2003 Renewing the transatlantic partnership: a view from the United States: hearing before the Subcommittee on Europe of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Eighth Congress, first session, June 11, 2003Subcommittee on Europe, Committee of International Relations, House of Representatives. 6-16.
2002 Idées simples mais idées fixesRevue internationale et stratégique. 99-104.
2002 The new normalcyWashington Quarterly. 207-219.
2001 A Euro-Atlantic OstpolitikOrbis. 597-607.
2001 Europe’s End GameResponsive Community.
2001 IGC 2000: Deciding without ChoosingCenter on the United States and France, Brookings Institution.
2001 The US-European Relationship: Opportunities and ChallengesHouse Committee on International Relations, Subcommittee on Europe. 8-20.
2001 The transatlantic link today: Lasting LiaisonNATO Review. 6-8.
2001 The wars of 911The International Spectator. 5-11.
2000 Europe 2007: From nation-states to member statesWashington Quarterly. 15-29.
2000 Europe and the Middle East in 2007Journal of Defense Quarterly.
2000 Présidence inachevéeLe Monde des debats.
2000 Security GapsChallenge.
1999 European Common Foreign, Security, and Defense Policies: Implications for the United States and the Atlantic AllianceTestimony of Director of the Europe Program Center for Strategic & International Studies, to the House Committee on International Relations.
1998 A certain air of destinyInternational Politics. 505-516.
1998 Bridging the Gulf Across the Atlantic: Europe and the United States in the Persian GulfThe Middle East Journal. 337-350.
1998 Dual EnlargementLiMes.
1998 Memories of LeadershipBrown J. World Aff.. 3.
1998 The Odd Couple Must Stay TogetherThe Tocqueville Connection.
1998 Vision américaine de l’Europe: ni ingérance ni indifférenceRevue Française de Géoéconomie.
1997 Anos de Europa, tiempo di cambios, Un caso di continuidadMeridiano Ceri.
1997 Europe and its UnionMilken Institute.
1997 Expansion de l’Otan et de l’Union européenneForum du Futur.
1997 France-Etats-Unis: la querelle permanenteRI et S N.
1997 Unity, Expansion, or Fragmentation in EuropeThe Washington Quarterly.
1996 Algeria unhinged: What next? Who cares? Who leads?Survival. 137-153.
1996 Hasten the EU ExpansionJournal of Commerce.
1996 Les Difficiles Lendemains D’une ElectionGEOPOLITIQUE. 61-65.
1996 NATO’s Future and US InterestsCongressional Executive Dialogue, CRS.
1996 Now the WorldInternational Economy.
1996 Policy forum: transatlantic free tradeThe Washington Quarterly. 102-133.
1996 Una proposta americana per un nuovo spazio americanonLiMes.
1995 France After Mitterrand, At LastInternational Economy.
1995 Half before Europe, half past NATOWashington Quarterly. 47-58.
1994 All in the Family: The United States and EuropeCurrent History. 353.
1994 Clinton à l’heure de la véritéEnjeux du Monde.
1993 Elusive PeacePol. Q. Int’l Aff.. 27.
1993 Europe’s Main Trouble(d) MakerPolitical Economy.
1993 La peur des démonsLe Point.
1993 L’avenir des relations franco-américainesEnjeux du Monde.
1993 The New Tango in ParisInternational Economy.
1992 A New Transatlantic Bargain, Vision and Common SenseStudia Diplomatica.
1992 Defining MomentsSAIS Review. 51-64.
1992 Pax americana et pas de deuxEnjeux.
1992 Whither AmericaGEOPOLITIQUE.
1991 Repenser l’OTAN, faire l’EuropeEnjeux.
1989 Farewell to Reagan: New Beginnings Are Not NeededSAIS Review. 21-34.
1988 Questions sur l’héritage reaganienLe Journal des Elections.
1988 Vers un désengagement constructifLe Journal des Elections.
1987 Lost IllusionsForeign Policy. 3-19.
1985 America and Europe in 1985: A Renewed Partnership?SAIS Review. 243-254.
1984 Atlantic DiscordAtlantic Quarterly.
1984 Indifférences, insuffisances et timdités en AfriquePolitique Internationale.
1983 An Ascending Europe?Harvard International Review. 6-10.
1983 Les limites du renouveauPolitique Internationale.
1983 The Soviet Union in Africa: Realities and LimitsSouth Africa International. 311-319.
1982 Atlantic FantasiesThe Washington Quarterly. 74-81.
1982 Reagan et l’EuropePolitique Internationale.
1981 Reagan: La fin du déclin?Politique Internationale.
1981 The Historical Legacy of the Reagan AdministrationSouth African Institute of Internaitonal Affairs.
1981 The United States and EuropeWashington Quarterly.
1980 The United States and Europe in the 1980sHouse Subcommittee, Europe.
1980 Une politique étrangère introuvablePolitique Internationale.
1979 The U.S. and the Communist Parties in France and in Italy: No Uncertain Past but Still an Uncertain FutureTowson State Journal of International Affairs.
1978 Carters Aussenpolitk vor des BewahrungLiberal.
1977 A Fading Partnership: The U.S., France and Italy in the SeventiesHouse Subcommittee on Europe and the Middle East.
1976 L’anomalia internazionale: gli Statis Uniti e il tripartismo in ItaliaIl Mulino.
1971 America and Europe in the Seventies: Disintegration or DisintegrationOrbis.
1971 The View from the TopOrbis.


Year Title
2014 Un monde nouveau en manque d’Amérique.  Odile Jacob.
2012 A world recast: An American moment in a post-Western order.  Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
2008 A Recast Partnership?: Institutional Dimensions of Transatlantic Relations.  CSIS.
2008 Architects of Delusion: Europe, America, and the Iraq War.  University of Pennsylvania Press.
2007 The vital partnership: power and order: America and Europe beyond Iraq.  Rowman & Littlefield.
2005 The United States, the European Union, and NATO: After the Cold War and Beyond Iraq: Report and Conclusions.  Center for Strategic and International Studies.
2005 Visions of the Atlantic Alliance: The United States, the European Union, and NATO.  CSIS.
2004 Tentation impériale.  Odile Jacob.
2004 Visions of America and Europe: September 11, Iraq, and transatlantic relations.  Ed. 23.  CSIS.
2003 The European finality debate and its national dimensions.  Ed. 21.  CSIS.
2002 La France vue par les États-Unis: réflexions sur la francophobie à Washington.  Institut francais des relations internationales.
1999 Memories of Europe’s Future: Farewell to Yesteryear.  Ed. 21.  CSIS.
1997 Stay the course: European unity and Atlantic solidarity.  Ed. 171.  Greenwood Publishing Group.
1992 Defining Europe.  London: McMillan.
1992 Taking Europe Seriously.  St. Martin’s Press.
1991 New thinking & old realities: America, Europe, and Russia.  Seven Locks Pr.
1989 The Future of US-Soviet Relations: Twenty American Initiatives for a New Agenda.  University Press of Amer.
1988 After Reagan: False Starts, Missed Opportunities, and New Beginnings.  University Press of Amer.
1986 La politique étrangère des États-Unis de Truman à Reagan: les années difficiles.  Ed. 44.  Presses universitaires de France.
1984 American foreign policy in a hostile world: dangerous years.  Praeger Publishers.
1981 A Socialist France and Western Security.  Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, Foreign Policy Institute.
1981 Portugal since the revolution: economic and political perspectives.  Westview Press.
1980 The Italian Communist Party: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.  Praeger Pub Text.
1980 The United States, Western Europe, and the Third World: Allies and Adversaries.  Ed. 17.  US Export Competitiveness Project, The Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University.
1979 Fading partnership: America and Europe after 30 years.  Praeger Publishers.
1979 The Foreign Policies of the French Left.  Ed. 2.  Westview Pr.
1972 The elusive enemy: American foreign policy since World War II..  Little, Brown.
1968 France, De Gaulle, and Europe: the policy of the Fourth and Fifth Republics toward the Continent.  Johns Hopkins Univ Pr.


Year Title
2016 Fading Partnerhip: Last CallReport on Europe: State of the Union, 2015. Schuman Fondation, Springer, 2016.
2016 Une alliance en manque d’Europe, une Amérique en manqué d’allianceRapport sur l’état de l’Europe, 2015. Schuman Fondation, Springer, 2016.
2014 The western Alliance in a Post-western WorldTransatlantic relations and modern diplomacy : an interdisciplinary examination. Routledge.
2013 Nouvelle donne pour ObamaReport on Europe : State of the Union 2013. Robert Schuman Foundation, Springer.
2013 Second Chance for Obama: A Sarajevo MomentThe Schuman Report on Europe. Schuman Foundation, Springer.
2013 Seconde chance pour Barack ObamaLes elections présidentielles: Un bilan. Paris: Pedrone.
2012 Adapting the Atlantic Area for a Changing WorldRepenser l’Atlantique: Commerce, Immigration, Sécurité. Brussels: Bruylant.
2011 Europe at the CrossroadsCentral-East European Policy Review, 2011. CSIS.
2011 The Transatlantic Partnership in a Zero-Polar WorldAnnuaire Français de Relations Internationales.
2010 A Shared Security Strategy for a Euro-Atlantic Partnership of EqualsShoulder to Shoulder: Forging a Strategic US-EU Partnership. Brookings Institution.
2009 European Strength in an Unpredictable WorldAmerica’s Security Role in A Changing World. NDU Press.
2008 America and Europe in a Multipolar WorldA Recast Partnership. The CSIS Press.
2008 Recasting the Euro-Atlantic PartnershipTransforming NATO: An NDU Anthology. Washington, DC: Center for Technology and National Security Policy.
2008 Recasting the PartnershipA Recast Partnership. The CSIS Press.
2005 Addio all’Occidente? Un America imperiale et un Europe a ascesaQuale Occidente, Occidente Perché. Bologna, Italy: Rubittino.
2004 Anti-Americanism in Europe and Anti-Europeanism in AmericaVisions of America and Europe. The CSIS Press.
2004 Cooperation or FailureBeyond Paradise and Power: Europe, America and the Future of a Troubled Partnership. Routledge.
2004 Des partenaires complémentairesLes relations transatlantiques. PUF.
2004 Fragile PeaceThe Search for Peace in Europe. National Defense University Press.
2004 Half Past Bush, Half Before the EUVisions of the Atlantic Alliance. The CSIS Press.
2004 The Transatlantic DimensionThe Future of Europe: Integration and Enlargement. Routledge.
2004 Thinking About and Beyond NATONATO and the European Union: New World, New Europe, New Threats. Ashgate.
2003 American Reflections on Europe’s FinalityDebating Europe’s Finality: National Dimension. The CSIS Press.
2003 Faux départ et nouvelle donneA New World. Paris: L’Herne.
2003 Querelle permanente: Réflexions sur la francophobie aux Etats-UnisAnnuaire francais de Relations Internationales, 2003. Brussels: Bruylant.
2003 The Role of the EU in EurAsia SecurityLimiting Institutions. Manchester University Press.
2002 IntroductionIslam in Europe. Greenwood Publishing.
2002 US Thoughts on the finality of EuropeLa political comune di sicurezza e difesa europea. Alinea editrice.
2001 Bigger is BetterEnlargement: A Priority for the European Union. CSIS Report.
2001 Regional Strategies: EuropeTo Prevail. CSIS.
1999 Transatlantische BeziehungenJahrbuch des Europaischen Integration, 1998/99.
1998 Security Challenges in Europe After NATO EnlargementNATO After Enlargement: New Challenges, New Missions, New Forces.
1997 La rénovation de l’alliance: un point de vue américainLes deuxiemes conferences annuelles de l’IRIS.
1997 NATO at 60NATO and the Quest for Post Cold War Security. Springer.
1997 Opportunities and Priorities for US-Greece RelationsSecurity in Southeastern European and the U.S.-Greek Relationship. Potomac Books Incorporated.
1997 Quests for Western Security Beyond Bosnia: Perspectives, Politics, PoliciesGlobalization in the Economy, Regionalization in Security?. The Fourth Castelgandolfo Colloquium on Atlantic Affairs.
1996 Americanizing Europe, Europeanizing AmericaEuropean Integration and the Cold War: A Reappraisal.
1996 Fragile States of the Union, a Fragile Union of StatesThe U.S. and the European Union: Economic Relations in a World of Transition. University Press of America.
1995 Refashioning Space and Security in EuropeAfter Authoritarianism. Greenwood Publishing.
1994 European PerspectiveMultilateralism and Western Strategy. Springer Publishers.
1994 Refashioning the WestBeyond the NATO Summit. CSIS Report.
1993 Odd CouplesOst-West Beziehungen. N. Brockmeyer.
1993 The Challenge of Community: Hyperboles, Hysteria and HistoryNATO: The Challenge of Change. National Defense University Press.
1992 Change and Security in Europe: Pas de deux and Ménage à troisEurope in Transition. Praeger.
1990 Defining Europe: Purpose Without Commitment?America, Europe and Soviet Russia. Seven Locks Press.
1990 Neither Hero Nor VillainThe Media and Foreign Policy. Palgrave Macmillan UK.
1990 The media and foreign policyThe Media and foreign policy. Springer.
1988 Discriminate EngagementFuture of US-Soviet Relations. University Press of America.
1988 The Management of Discord in Alliance RelationsPolitics and Security in the Southern Region of the Atlantic Alliance. Springer Publishers.
1987 Neither Detente Nor ContainmentWestern Europe and the Crisis in US-Soviet Relations. Praeger.
1983 Atlantic FantasiesThe Atlantic Alliance and its Critics. Praeger.
1982 Reagan: La fin du déclin?Apres la détente.
1981 The United States, Europe and the Third World: Allies and AdversariesWorld Trade Competition: Western Countries and Third World Markets. Praeger.
1980 The United States and the PCI: The Year of DecisionThe Italian Communist Party. Praeger Pub Text.
1979 The French Fifth Republic Under Valéry Giscard d’Estaingin The Foreign Policies of the French Left. Westview Press.
1979 The Kissinger Legacy: Old Obsessions and New LookThe Theory and Practice of International Relations. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
1978 The Still-Troubled PartnershipSoviet Foreign Policy Toward Western Europe. Praeger Publishers.
1976 Gli Stati Uniti, l’Italia e la guerra fredda: l’anno della decisione, 1947America-Europa: la circolazione delle idee. Il Mulino.
1974 America and Europe in the SeventiesGreat Issues in International Relations. Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company.

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