• Sharon Raver-Lampman has expertise in Early Childhood Special Education (birth-8 years) focusing across disability areas. She has written books, instrumental materials, developed assessment tools and published research extensively as well as receiving numerous research/teaching awards.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2017 The use of a bar model drawing to teach word problem solving to students with mathematics difficultiesLearning Disability Quarterly. 91-104.
    2017 The use of a bar model drawing to teach word problems to students with mathematics difficultiesLearning Disability Quarterly. 91-104.
    2016 Structured instruction with modified storybooks to teach morphosyntax and vocabulary to preschoolers who are deaf/hard of hearingJournal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education. 352-361.
    2015 Using repeated reading and explicit instruction to teach vocabulary to preschoolers who are deaf and have hearing lossInfants & Young Children. 262-280.
    2015 Using repeated reading and explicit instruction to teach vocabulary to preschoolers who are deaf or have hearing lossInfants and Young Children. 262-280.
    2014 Teaching emotion words using social stories and created experiences in group instruction with preschoolers with hearing loss: An exploratory studyDeafness and Education International. 37-58.
    2013 An Observational study of social communication skills in eight preschoolers with and without hearing loss during cooperative playEarly Childhood Education Journal. 339-346.
    2013 Enhancing Service Coordination Knowledge through Professional DevelopmentInfants and Young Children. 164-176.
    2013 Using a child-specific social story to improve communication and social skills in two preschoolers with cochlear implants: An exploratory classroom case studyDeafness & Education International. 117-125.
    2013 Using dyad-specific social stories to improve communicative and interactional skills of preschoolers with hearing loss in self-contained and inclusive settings.International Journal of Inclusive Education..
    2013 Using dyad-specific social stories to increase communicative and social skills of preschoolers with hearing loss in self-contained and inclusive settingsInternational Journal of Inclusive Education. 1.
    2012 Communication Skills in Eight Preschoolers with and without Hearing Loss during Cooperative PlayEarly Childhood Education Journal.
    2012 Effect of parallel talk on the language and interactional skills of preschoolers with cochlear implants and hearing aidsLiteracy Information and Computer Education Journal. 530-538.
    2012 Gains, losses, and life goals of individuals with disabilities in the United StatesSocial Welfare: An Interdisciplinary Approach. 78-84.
    2012 Quality of life of families with children who have severe developmental disabilities: A comparison based on child residencePhysical Disabilities: Education and Related Services. 3-17.
    2011 Designing acoustic features of general education classrooms for preschoolers with hearing loss: Strategies for cochlear implant usersDesign Principles and Practices: An international journal. 599-608.
    2011 Stressors and Life Goals of Caregivers of Individuals With DisabilitiesJournal of Social Work in Disability & Rehabilitation. 115-128.
    2011 Teaching social skills to enhance work performance in a child care settingEducation and Training in Autism & Developmental Disabilities. 40-51.
    2011 The emergence of early intervention for children with hearing loss in ChinaThe Journal of the International Association of Special Education. 59-64.
    2010 Comparison of quality of life perceptions of caregivers of individuals with intellectual disabilities in the United States and the Czech RepublicThe Journal of the International Association of Special Education. 22-30.
    2010 Impact of the provision and timing of instructor-provided notes on university students' learningActive Learning in Higher Education. 189-200.
    2010 Note-taking and university students with learning difficulties: What supports are needed?Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.
    2007 Comparison of perceptions of inclusion between university instructors and students with disabilities in UkraineThe Journal of the International Association of Special Education. 43-53.
    2007 Inclusion of school-aged children with disabilities In UkraineChildhood Education. 370-373.
    2007 The emergence of inclusion for students with disabilities in UkraineInternational Journal of Special Education. 32-38.
    2006 The debate over integration of students with disabilities in UkraineJournal of Global Awareness. 47-56.
    2006 Using embedded learning opportunities during cooking for preschoolers with special needsFocus on Inclusive Education. 1-8.
    2005 Using family-based practices for young children with specialChildhood Education. 9-13.
    2004 Monitoring child progress in early childhood special educationTEACHING Exceptional Children. 52-57.
    2003 Keeping track: Routine-based instruction and monitoringYoung Exceptional Children. 12-20.
    2001 Education of children with mental retardation in India: Hope for the new millenniumJournal of the International Association of Special Education. 17-30.
    2001 India: Training Teachers of Children with Mental RetardationInternational Journal of Special Education. 54-66.
    2000 Growing pains in India: Education for children with mental retardationJournal of Global Awareness. 48-56.
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    1993 "Where does the time go?" Task/time demands of teachers of preschool childrenTeachers Educators Journal. 39-49.
    1993 Where does the time go? Task/time demands of teachers of preschool children with disabilitiesTeacher Educators Journal. 39-49.
    1991 Effective family-centered services: Supporting family choices and rights.Infant-Toddler Intervention. 169-176.
    1990 Effect of gaze direction on evaluation of visually impaired childrenJournal of Visual Impairment and Blindness. 67-70.
    1989 American public school ideologies: A need for reform?Education. 209-215.
    1989 Comparison of teacher estimates and direct observation of spontaneous language in preschool handicapped childrenChild Study Journal. 277-284.
    1989 Three procedures for increasing vocal response to therapist prompt in infants and children with Down SyndromeAmerican Journal of Mental Retardation. 64-73.
    1988 Increasing social skills training for visually impaired childrenEducation of the Visually Handicapped. 147-155.
    1987 Philosophical perspectives for serving handicapped personsJournal of Social Work Education. 64-67.
    1987 Practical procedures for increasing spontaneous language in language delayed preschoolersJournal of the Division for Early Childhood. 226-232.
    1987 Professional exchange: Questions and responsesThe Developmental Language Instruction Facilitator. 9.
    1987 Total habilitation as a major goal of intervention in mental retardationMental Retardation. 67-69.
    1987 Total habilitation: A concept whose time has come--Reactions to four responsesMental Retardation. 87-89.
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    1975 Modifying a child's level of social interaction through social reinforcement paired with tonal stimulusSchool Application of Learning Theory. 5-19.
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    1973 A special educator speaks: More on Moore and MooreDimensions. 20-21; 27.


    Year Title
    2015 Family-Centered Early Intervention: Supporting Infants and Toddlers in Natural Environments.  Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing.
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    Conference Papers

    Year Title
    2010 Does providing instructors' lecture notes increase performance in university students?.  53-54.
    2007 Comparison of perceptions regarding university inclusion among students with disabilities in the United States and Ukraine.  116-18.
    2005 Improving university integration of students with disabilities.  144; 226.
    2004 Supporting the development of young children with disabilities.  214-215.
    2004 Teaching in natural environments in Early Intervention.  48-52.
    2003 Early intervention for children with special needs: A rationale.  95-97.
    2001 Early intervention: Rationale, assessment, and intervention.  54-56.
    2001 Teaming in Special Education.  76-77.

    Research Overview

  • evidence-based methodology for teaching young children with special needs; fostering family participation ; effective inclusion practices
  • Grants

  • Collaborative Old Dominion University and Norfolk Public Schools Oral Preschool  awarded by Va Dept of Education 2013 - 2014
  • A Collaborative Oral Preschool Between ODU and NPS 2012 - 2013
  • Old Dominion University and Norfolk Public Schools Oral Preschool Program  awarded by Virginia Dept. of Education 2012 - 2013
  • An Oral Preschool for Children with Hearing Loss 2011 - 2012
  • Old Dominion University's Oral Preschool Program  awarded by Va Dept of Education 2011 - 2012
  • Improving employment opportunities for university students with disabilities  awarded by US Embassy Democracy Grant 504 2005 - 2006
  • A comparison of perceptions regarding university life and inclusion between students with disabilities in the United States and Ukraine  awarded by Old Dominion University Summer Research Grant - 2006
  • Developing a collaborative web-based recertification course (Distance Education)  awarded by Old Dominion University - 2002
  • Training gaze direction in young visually impaired: Attitude effects on informed observers  awarded by Old Dominion University Faculty Summer Research Grant - 1986
  • Preparing special education aides for handicapped children  awarded by Bureau of Education of the Handicapped (BEH) 1979 - 1981
  • The Development of an Early Stimulation Project in Manchester County, Jamaica  awarded by Alcan Industries - 1980
  • Preparation of aides to work with handicapped children  awarded by Bureau of Education for the Handicapped (BEH) 1974 - 1977
  • State of Early Childhood Initiative  awarded by Perry Fund 2013 -
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Communication Delay
  • Disabilities
  • Hearing Loss
  • Parent Training
  • Preschool
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Special Education, University of South Florida 1985
  • Ed.S. in Special Education, Vanderbilt University 1974
  • M.A. in Special Education, Vanderbilt University 1973
  • B.A. in Advanced Liberal Arts, University of South Florida 1972
  • Full Name

  • Sharon Raver-Lampman