Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 pH-induced Folding of the Caspase-cleaved Par-4 Tumor Suppressor: Evidence of Structure Outside of the Coiled Coil DomainBiomolecules.
2017 Conformational Clusters of Phosphorylated TyrosineJACS (Journal of the American Chemical Society). 17632-17638.
2017 Structure of RNA stem loop B from the picornavirus replication platformBiochemistry. 2549-2557.
2015 Peptide Inhibitor of Complement C1 (PIC1) Rapidly Inhibits Complement Activation after Intravascular Injection in RatsPLOS.
2015 Structural Analysis and Prediction of Protein Phosphorylation SitesISBRA 2015. 5.
2014 Intrinsically Disorder Protein Prediction using Undersampling Feedforward Neural Networks and Predicted Amino Acid FeaturesProceedings of Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Capstone Conference.
2012 Novel toxins produced by the dinoflagellate Karenia brevisulcataHarmful Algae.
2011 Structural, dynamic, and chemical characterization of a novel S-glycosylated bacteriocinBiochemistry. 2748-2755.
2010 N-terminal domains of DELLA proteins are intrinsically unstructured in the absence of interaction with GID1/gibberellic acid receptorsJournal of Biological Chemistry. 11557-11571.
2010 Rheo-NMR studies of an enzymatic reaction: evidence of a shear-stable macromolecular systemBiophysical Journal. 1986-1994.
2010 The Solution structure of the squash aspartic acid proteinase inhibitor (SQAPI) and mutational analysis of pepsin inhibitionJ.Biol.CHem.
2010 The production of soluble and correctly folded recombinant bovine $?$-lactoglobulin variants A and B in Escherichia coli for NMR studiesProtein expression and purification. 283-289.
2009 A picornaviral loop-to-loop replication complexJournal of Structural Biology. 251-262.
2008 15N relaxation studies of Apo-Mts1: a dynamic S100 proteinBiochemistry. 7637-7647.
2007 NMR structure of stem–loop D from human rhinovirus-14RNA. 351-360.
2004 General method for suppression of diagonal peaks in heteronuclear-edited NOESY spectroscopyJournal of the American Chemical Society. 15018-15019.
2004 Letter to the Editor: Backbone and side chain resonance assignments of domain III of the tick-borne Langat flavivirus envelope proteinJournal of biomolecular NMR. 535-536.
2003 Stabilization of a pH-sensitive apoptosis-linked coiled coil through single point mutationsProtein science. 257-265.
2002 Calcium coordination studies of the metastatic Mts1 proteinBiochemistry. 4239-4245.
2002 Letter to the Editor: Sequence-specific chemical shift assignment and chemical shift indexing of murine apo-Mts1Journal of biomolecular NMR. 181-182.
2002 Letter to the Editor: Sequence-specific chemical shift assignment of calcium-loaded murine S100A4Journal of biomolecular NMR. 153-154.
2002 The regions of securin and cyclin B proteins recognized by the ubiquitination machinery are natively unfoldedFEBS letters. 303-308.
2001 MBP fusion protein with a viral protease cleavage site: one-step cleavage/purification of insoluble proteins.Biotechniques. 1194-1198.
2001 Structure of an RNA hairpin from HRV-14Biochemistry. 8055-8064.
2001 pH-induced folding of an apoptotic coiled coilProtein science. 2531-2540.
1997 Conformational Trapping in a Membrane Environment: A Regulatory Mechanism for Protein ActivityCHEMTRACTS BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. 246-250.
1995 NMR pulse schemes for the sequence-specific assignment of arginine guanidino N-15 and H-1 chemical-shifts in proteinsJournal of the American Chemical Society. 3556-3564.
1995 Structural and dynamic characterization of the phosphotyrosine binding region of a Src homology 2 domain–phosphopeptide complex by NMR relaxation, proton exchange, and chemical shift approaches.Biochemistry. 11353-11362.
1994 Backbone dynamics of a free and phosphopeptide-complexed Src homology 2 domain studied by 15N NMR relaxation.Biochemistry. 5984-6003.
1994 Nuclear magnetic resonance structure of an SH2 domain of phospholipase C-$?$1 complexed with a high affinity binding peptideCell. 461-472.
1994 Simultaneous acquisition of 15N-and 13C-edited NOE spectra of proteins dissolved in H2OJournal of Magnetic Resonance, Series B. 197-201.


Year Title
2011 Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy.  Ed. 3.  Ios Press.


Year Title
1996 Structural, Dynamic, and Folding Studies of SH2 and SH3 DomainsNMR as a Structural Tool for Macromolecules. Springer US.

Conference Papers

Year Title
1996 Conformational trapping in a membrane environment: a regulatory mechanism for protein activity?.  5872-5876.
1995 Rrefined structure and side-chain dynamics of an SH2 domain from PLC-GAMMA-1 complexed with a PY1021 peptide from PDGFR.  33-33.

Research Overview

  • Combining NMR techniques with Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) and bioinformatics to determine protein and nucleic acid structure.
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Biology : Structural Biology and Structure/Function relationships. Applications to virus replication, tumor suppressors, cardiac health and Alzheimer's disease
  • Chemistry : Structural Biology and Structure Prediction
  • Physics : Biophysics/NMR/SAXS/Bioinformatics
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics, Florida State University 1993
  • M.A. in Physics, Kent State University 1987
  • B.S., Nebraska Wesleyan University 1985
  • Full Name

  • Steven Pascal