Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Factors associated with prolonged length of stay for elective hepatobiliary and neurosurgery patients: a retrospective medical record reviewBMC Health Services Research.
2018 Sustaining Teamwork Behaviors Through Reinforcement of TeamSTEPPS PrinciplesJournal of Patient Safety. in-press.
2018 The Influence of Human Capital and Perceived University Support on Biomedical Patenting ApplicationsJournal of Technology Transfer. inpress.
2017 A Qualitative Study of Sign-out Processes between Primary and On-Call ResidentsInternational Journal for Quality in Health Care. 646-653.
2017 A Randomized Cohort Controlled Trial to Compare Intern Sign-Out Training InterventionsJournal of Hospital Medicine. 979-983.
2017 Impact of Inpatient Care in Emergency Department on Outcomes: A quasi-experimental cohort studyBMC Health Services Research.
2017 Of Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and WorkAcademy of Management Perspectives. 253-255.
2017 The Impact of Duty Cycle Workflow on Sign-out Practices: A Qualitative Study of an Internal Medicine Residency Program in Maryland, United States of AmericaBMJ Open.
2016 A Theory of Family Employee Involvement During Resource PaucityJournal of Family Business Strategy. 160-166.
2016 Handoffs, safety culture, and practices: Evidence from the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety CultureBMC Health Services Research.
2016 Interdependencies between Technological Diversity and Educational Level Diversity on Innovation PerformanceJournal of Technology Transfer. 182-204.
2016 The Influence of Business Ties and National Culture on Foreign Subsidiary Capability Building in an Emerging MarketJournal of Asia-Pacific Business. 318-341.
2014 Factors that Promote the Perceived Usefulness and Clinical Outcomes of SignoutsInternational Journal of Technical Research and Applications. 72-76.
2011 Entrepreneurial Orientation, Organizational Learning, and Performance: Evidence from ChinaEntrepreneurship Theory & Practice. 293-317.
2010 Knowledge Codification, Exploitation, and Innovation: Moderating Influence from Organizational Controls in Chinese FirmsManagement & Organization Review. 219-241.
2009 The Role of the Board and its Interaction with the Successor's Human Capital in the Asian Family EnterpriseMultinational Business Review. 1-24.
2008 Advantages of Flexible over Traditional Benefits: A Procedural Justice ExplanationApplied Research in Quality of Life (ARQOL). 107-125.
2008 The Effects of Employee Services on Organizational Commitment and Intentions to QuitPersonnel Review. 222-237.
2006 The Effects of Tie Strength and Tie Diversity on Job Search, Pay Increases, and Promotions in Singapore and ThailandJournal of Social & Personal Relationships. 820-839.
2005 Human and Social Capital Explanations for Knowledge Development OutcomesIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 59-68.
2005 The Impact of HR Configuration on Firm Performance in Singapore: A Resource-based ExplanationInternational Journal of Human Resource Management. 1740-1758.
2004 An Exploratory Study of Technopreneurial Intentions: A Career Anchor PerspectiveJournal of Business Venturing. 7-28.
2003 Competing Theories of Interlocking Directorates: The Case of SingaporeJournal of Managerial Issues. 338-352.
2003 Impact of the Asian Economic Crisis on Training Intentions and OutcomesHuman Resource Management Review. 467-486.
2001 Attitudes Towards Money and Work: Implications for Asian Management Style Following the Economic CrisisJournal of Managerial Psychology. 159-172.
2001 Entrepreneurial Succession, Firm Growth and PerformanceJournal of Enterprising Culture. 407-436.
2000 A Managerial Perspective of the Objectives of HRM Practices in Singapore: An Exploratory StudySingapore Management Review. 65-82.
2000 Board Functions and Firm Performance: A Review and Directions for Future ResearchJournal of Comparative International Management. 3-24.
2000 Competencies of Directors in Global Firms: Requirements for Recruitment and EvaluationCorporate Governance: An International Review. 204-214.
2000 Creating Organizational Flexibility by Reengineering HR Activities: Implications for Economic UncertaintiesGlobal Focus. 89-97.
2000 The Impact of Social Networks on Pay Increase, Promotions and Layoffs in SingaporeLabor and Management in Development Journal. 2-15.
1999 Taxonomy of HRM Practices of Knowledge-based Firms: A Resource-based ExplanationInternational Journal of Innovation Management. 379-395.
1997 Explaining the Assigned Goal-Level Interaction: The Role of Self Efficacy and Personal GoalsJournal of Management. 541-559.
1996 Crossing-Mother: Entrepreneur-Franchisees' Attempts to Reduce Franchiser InfluenceJournal of Business Venturing. 379-402.
1994 Learning: Key to Leveraging the Value of a FranchiseJournal of Enterprising Culture. 367-382.
1988 Risks and Returns of Acquiring and Acquired Firms in Singapore: An Empirical AnalysisAsia Pacific Journal of Management. 157-168.

Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration - Human Resource Management, University of Washington 1993
  • B.B.A. in Finance, National University of Singapore 1986
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  • Soo-Hoon Lee