Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Error patterns of Portuguese students' addition and subtraction calculation tasks: Implications for PracticeJournal of Multicultural Education. 36 pages.
2016 A Teacher Immersion Residency Program That Prepares Highly Effective Educators: An Innovative ModelThe International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum. 13-24.
2016 Number knowledge and error types of elementary Portuguese students: What does it mean for instruction?Clinical and Experimental Psychology. 1-6.
2015 Inclusion in the workforce for students with intellectual disabilities: A case study of a Spanish postsecondary education programJournal of Postsecondary Education and Disability. 121-127.
2015 Instructional methods that foster the reading development of students with significant intellectual disabilitiesJournal of Intellectual Disability-Diagnosis and Treatment. 13-20.
2014 Characteristics of Preteen and Teen Peer Models Volunteering at a Summer Camp for Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersJournal for Multicultural Education. 237-248.
2014 Characteristics of peer models at a summer camp for children with autismJournal for Multicultural Education. 237-248.
2013 Longitudinal predictors of reading achievement among at-risk childrenJournal of Children and Proverty.
2013 The use of visual-based simulated environments in teacher preparationJournal of Education and Training Studies.
2012 Education of children with disabilities as constructed within a Russian newspaper for teachersReview of Disability Studies. 45-55.
2012 The efficacy of assistiave technology on reading comprehension for postsecondary students with learning disabilitiesAssistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits. 66-76.
2011 Longitudinal outcomes for mathematics achievement for students with learning disabilitiesThe Journal of Educational Research. 147-157.
2011 Reading acheivement trajectories for students with learning disabilities during the elemetnary school yearsReading & Writing Quarterly. 153-178.
2011 Teaching social skills to enhance work performance in a child care settingEducation and Training in Autism & Developmental Disabilities. 40-51.
2010 A preliminary study: Do alternative certification route programs develop the necessary skills and knowledge in assistive technology?International Journal of Special Education. 110-118.
2010 Creating a technology-rich learning environment for infants and toddlers with disabilitiesInfants and Young Children. 84-92.
2009 Assistive technology training at the pre-service level: A national snapshot of teacher preparation programsTeacher Education and Special Education. 33-44.
2009 Integrating content area literacy and assistive technology: A teacher development instituteSoutheastern Teacher Education Journal. 27-38.
2008 Assistive technology and emergent literacy for prechoolers: A literature reviewAssitive Technology Outcomes and Benefits. 94-104.
2008 Faculty Integration of Technology in Teacher Preparation:Technology, Pedogogy, and Education. 17-28.
2008 Using an assistive technology toolkit to promote inclusionEarly Childhod Education Journal. 121-126.
2007 Antecedents of marital happiness and career satisfaction: An empirical study of dual-career managersJournal of Business and Public Affairs. 124-134.
2007 Association of overweight with academic performance and social and behavioral problems: An update from the Early Childhood Longitudinal StudyJournal of School Health.
2007 Integrating Technology into Field-Based Experiences: A Model that Fosters ChangeComputers in Human Behavior. 286-302.
2006 Constructing an assistive technology toolkit for young children: Views from the fieldJournal of Special Education Technology. 17-24.
2006 Integrating Technology into Field-Based Experiences: A Model that Fosters Change Computers in Human BehaviorComputers in Human Behavior. 286-302.
2005 Impact of computer technology on academic achievement of young African American childrenJournal of Research in Childhood Education. 97-107.
2005 Resilient and vulnerable at-risk children: Protective factors affecting early school competenceJournal of Children and Poverty. 149-168.
2004 Digital Equity: New Findings from the Early Childhood Longitudinal StudyJournal of Research on Technology in Education. 383-396.
2004 Implementing Partnerships Across the Curriculum with Technology.  197-216.
2004 Special education teacher training in Belgium, Russia, and United States: A comparative studyTeacher Education and Special Education. 240-250.
2004 The effects of early relational deprivation in children adopted from Eastern European orphanagesJournal of Family Nursing. 338-356.
2004 impact of early institutionalization on child and family outcomesAdoption Quarterly. 31-48.
2003 Child and family outcomes for children adopted from Eastern EuropeAdoption Today. 19-21.
2003 Determinants of parental stress in families adopting children from Eastern Europe. Family RelationsFamily Relations. 241-248.
2003 Developmental recovery and deficit in children adopted from Eastern European orphanagesChild Psychiatry and Human Development. 49-62.
2002 Family-centered assistive technology assessment and intervention practices for early interventionInfants and Young Children. 60-68.
2002 Selecting developmentally appropriate softwareChildren and Families. 19-21.
2001 Computer applications in programs for young children with disabilities: Current status and future directionsJournal of Special Education Technology. 29-40.
2001 Integrating computer technology within early childhood classroomsYoung Exceptional Children. 20-26.
2000 Accessing and funding assistive technology for young children with disabilitiesEarly Childhood Education Journal. 125-131.
2000 Ask NHSA DialogNHSA Dialog. 444-445.
2000 Teacher preparation for inclusive settings: A talent development modelTeacher Education Quarterly. 23-38.
1999 Eastern European adoption: Current status and implications for interventionTopics in Early Childhood Special Education. 244-252.
1998 Family-centered assistive technology decision makingInfant-Toddler Intervention. 185-206.
1998 Parental coping strategies and strengths in families of young children with disabilitiesFamily Relations. 1-6.
1998 Use of assistive technology with young children with disabilities: Current status and training needsJournal of Early Intervention. 146-159.
1997 Maternal teaching behaviors of preschool children in Hispanic families: Does a home intervention program make a difference?Journal of Research in Childhood Education. 163-170.
1997 Parental perceptions of helpgiving practices and control appraisals in early intervention programsTopics in Early Childhood Special Education. 457-476.
1997 Preparing general education teachers for inclusive settings: A constructivist teacher education programTeacher Education and Special Education. 204-220.
1997 The impact of children with HIV-infection on the family systemFamilies in Society. 272-279.
1996 Family focus for school success: An early intervention program for language minority children at riskThe Journal of At-Risk Issues. 19-28.
1995 Families of children and adolescents with special needs across the life-spanExceptional Children. 197-199.
1995 HIV infection in children: Family stress, social support and adaptationExceptional Children. 224-236.
1995 Parental Coping Strategies in Families with HIV-Infected ChildrenChildren's Health Care. 19-35.
1994 Infants and young children with HIV infection: Service delivery considerations for family supportInfants and Young Children. 70-81.
1993 Family focus for school successThrust for Educational Leadership. 12-15.
1993 Increasing language-minority family and child competencies for school success: An educology of early interventionInternational Journal of Educology. 14-36.
1992 Prenatal cocaine exposure: The challenge to educationInfant-Toddler Intervention. 37-52.
1991 Teacher perceptions of the regular education initiativeExceptional Children. 9-24.
1990 Sexual differences among learning disabled students: Are they more in the eye of the rater than the doer?B.C. Journal of Special Education. 73-89.


Year Title
1998 Assistive technology for young children with disabilities: A guide to providing family-centered services.  Cambridge, MA.
1993 Family Focus for School Success Home Education Curriculum. Unpublished curriculum

Conference Papers

Year Title
2012 Using Virtual Environments to Promote Teacher Preparation
2011 Making web enhanced learning accessible for all students.  3477-3483.
2011 The Use of Virtual Environments in Teacher Preparation.  5.


  • Old Dominion University Teacher Immersion Residency  awarded by U.S. Department of Education 2009 - 2014
  • Teacher Immersion Residency Program 2009 - 2014
  • Teacher Immersion Residency Program Year 3 # 397561  awarded by Old Dominion University Research Foundation 2009 - 2014
  • Teacher Immersion Residency Program; Project Number 397561  awarded by United States Department of Education 2009 - 2013
  • Square One @ ODU  awarded by Virginia Business Coalition on Health 2008 - 2009
  • Spencer Foundation Research Grant 2005 - 2007
  • Differentiating Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms with Technology.  awarded by University of Tennessee Teaching with Technology Grant 2006
  • Project ImPACT: Implementing Partnerships Across the Curriculum with Technology PT3 Grant  awarded by U.S. Department of Education 2001 - 2004
  • Improving Multicultural Teacher Preparation through Technology  awarded by Project ImPACT 2002 - 2003
  • Professional Development Grant  awarded by University of Tennessee 2000 - 2002
  • Project Prepare: Preparing Early Childhood Special Educators for Inclusive Settings  awarded by U. S. Department of Education 1998 - 2001
  • Scholarly Activities Research Incentive Fund  awarded by University of Tennessee, - 1999
  • University of Tennessee Faculty Research Grant  awarded by University of Tennessee - 1999
  • Administration for Children and Families  awarded by Head Start Research Scholars Grant 1996 - 1998
  • Project Include: A Training Program for Elementary Education Students working in Inclusive Settings  awarded by U.S. Department of Education 1995 - 1998
  • BERS Mini-grant  awarded by University of Tennessee, College of Education 1995 - 1996
  • Teacher Quality Partnership Grants: Teacher Immersion Residency  awarded by US Dept of Education 2016 -
  • Teacher Quality Partnership Grants: Teacher Immersion Residency  awarded by US Dept of Education 2005 -
  • Teacher Quality Partnership Grants: Teacher Immersion Residency  awarded by US Dept of Education 1996 -