Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2016 A dynamic model of the choice of technology in economic developmentFrontiers of Economics in China. 498-518.
2010 A Simple Model for Non-Topological Defects in Sheared Nematic Polymer MonodomainsJ. Comput. Theor. Nanosci.. 787-794.
2008 Dipole-induced, first-order phase transitions of nano-rod monolayersPhys. Letter. A. 3484-3487.
2008 Robustness of pulsating jetlike layers in sheared nano-rod dispersionsJ. Non-Newt. Fluid. Mech.. 130-145.
2007 A Strategy for Dimensional Percolation in Sheared Nanorod DispersionsAdvanced Math.. 4038-4043.
2007 Microscopic-macroscopic simulations of rigid-rob polymer hydrodynamics: Heterogeneity and rheochaosSIAM Multiscale Model. Simul.. 858-878.
2007 Monodomain dynamics for rigid rod & platelet suspensions in strongly coupled coplanar linear flow and magnetic fieldsJ. Rheol.. 1-21.
2007 Nematic polymer mechanics: flow induced anisotropyContinuum Mech. Thermodyn.. 377-394.
2006 Alignment and rheo-oscillator criteria for sheared nematic polymer films in the monolayer limitDiscrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Ser. B. 339-356.
2006 Monodomain dynamics for rigid rod and platelet suspensions in strongl coupled coplanar linear flow and magnetic fields. II Kinetic theoryPhysics of Fluids. 1-14.
2006 On the spectral deferred correction of splitting methods for initial value problemsComm. App. Math. and Comp. Sci.. 169-205.
2005 Anisotropy and dynamic ranges in effective properties of sheared nematic polymer nano-compositesAdv. Func. Mat.. 2029-2035.
2005 Anisotropy and heterogeneity of nematic polymer nano-composite film propertiesIndustrial Mathematics and Its Applications. 85-98.
2005 Exact scaling laws for electrical conductivity properties of nematic polymer nano-composite monodomainsAdv. Func. Mat.. 627-638.
2005 Kinetic structure simulations of nematic polymers in place Couette cells, I: The algorithm and benchmarksSIAM Multiscale Model. Simul.. 853-870.
2005 Kinetic structure simulations of nematic polymers in plane plane Couette cellsSIAM Multiscale Model. and Simulations. 1280-1304.
2005 Likelihood & Expected-time Statistica of Monodomain Attractors in Sheared Discotic and Rod-like Nematic PolymersRheol. Acta.. 219-234.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2008 Orientational dynamics drive oscillating hydrodynamical jets in the flow of nano-rods
2006 Nano-rod and nano-platelet composite films generated in confined planar Couette cells: complexity of flows, orientational distributions, and effective mechanical moduli

Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of New Mexico 2001
  • M.S. in Computational Mathematics, Nanjing University 1988
  • B.S. in Computational Mathematics, Nanjing University 1985
  • Full Name

  • Ruhai Zhou