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Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Validating the correctness of outsourced computational tasks using pseudorandom number generators2017 IEEE 15th International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing, 15th International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing, 3rd International Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing, and Cyber Science and Technology Congress.
2014 Privacy Preserving Data Distribution in Outsourced Environments
2012 A computationally efficient and scalable approach for privacy preserving kNN classificationIEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC).
2012 Employing GPU Accelerators for Efficient Enforcement of Data Integrity in Outsourced DataHiPC 2012.
2010 A Proactive Energy-Efficient Technique for Change Management in Computing CloudsInternational Journal On Advances in Networks and Services. 310-322.
2010 Analysis of energy efficiency in cloudsInternational Journal On Advances in Networks and Services.
2009 M-Commerce Payment SystemsSelected Readings on Electronic Commerce Technologies: Contemporary Applications.
2007 A decentralized execution model for inter-organizational workflowsJ. Distributed Parallel Databases. 55-83.
2006 A collusion-resilient architecture for secure group communications in wireless ad-hoc networksJournal of High Speed Networks, IOS Press.
2006 A novel collusion-resilient architecture for secure group communication in wireless ad-hoc networksJournal of High Speed Networks. 73-92.
2006 Dymanic key management in sensor networksIEEE Communications.
2006 Dynamic combinatorial key management scheme for sensor networksWireless Communications and Mobile Computing. 1017-1035.
2006 Dynamic key management in sensor networksCommunications Magazine, IEEE. 122-130.
2006 Dynamic localized combinatorial key management scheme in sensor networksWireless Communications and Mobile Computing.
2006 Mohammed A Moharrum
2005 JoDS volume 2-Guest editorial
2005 Ontologies and Content Management in Digital Libraries-A Standards-Based Approach for Supporting Dynamic Access Policies for a Federated Digital LibraryLecture Notes in Computer Science. 242-252.
2005 Secure multicast for mobile commerce applications: Issues and challengesTeAM YYePG. 164.
2005 TDMS for aviation softwareAerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, IEEE. 15-20.
2005 TDMS: Test data management system for aviation softwareIEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine.
2005 Track 7–Avionics Upgrades and Vehicle Health Management Chair: Ellis Hitt, Strategic Systems Solutions, Inc.IEEE.
2004 HADL: HUMS Architectural Description Language
2004 Specification, Design, and Analysis of Advanced HUMS Architectures
2003 Recertification: A technique to improve services in public-key infrastructureProc. Sixteenth IFIP WG. 277-293.
2002 Employing an extended transaction model in multilevel secure transaction processingINFORMATICA-LJUBLJANA-. 105-116.
2001 Correction to’Integrating Security and Real-Time Requirements Using Covert Channel Capacity’IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. 862-862.
2001 Multilevel secure transaction processingJournal of Computer Security. 165-195.
2000 Integrating security and real-time requirements using covert channel capacityKnowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on. 865-879.
2000 Supporting multilevel security requirements in real-time databasesCiteseer. 865-879.
1998 A Two-tier coarse indexing scheme for MLS database systemsDatabase Security. 199-218.
1998 Data Link Performance Analysis for LVLASO Experiments
1998 Sensitivity Analysis of Data Link Alternatives for LVLASO
1997 Schedulability and Scalability of Periodic Flow/Job Shops with End-to-End Deadlines
1996 Analytic performance comparison of transaction processing algorithms for the SINTRA replicated-architecture database systemJournal of Computer Security. 189-228.
1996 Integration of LVLASO System with ATN(Final Report, period ended 11 Aug. 1996)
1996 MRS: An Integrated Medical Record SystemOld Dominion University.
1996 Multilevel Secure Transaction Processing: Status and Prospects.DBSec. 79-98.
1996 Scalability based admission control of real-time channels17th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium: Works in Progress Session.
1996 Scalability in Real-Time Systems with End-to-End RequirementsJournal of Systems Architecture. 409-429.
1995 Complex Real-time Schedulers for QNX1.  625-628.
1995 Developing Complex Process Schedulers on QNXOld Dominion University.
1995 Missing end-system QoS components: A case-studyOld Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.
1995 Providing predictable performance to a network-based application over ATMHPCS-95, Mystic, August.
1994 A Simple Ordered and Reliable Group Multicast Protocol*Old Dominion University.
1994 A view-based dynamic replication control algorithmNord. J. Comput.. 214-230.
1994 Modeling and analysis of standby redundant computing systemsMicroelectronics Reliability. 323-334.
1994 RAIN (redundant array of inexpensive networks): Expanding existing networks to support multitraffic performanceOld Dominion University.
1994 Representing monitored systems: A critical process in data collectionMicroelectronics Reliability. 1477-1484.
1994 Storage efficient and secure replicated distributed databasesKnowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on. 337-341.
1994 Supporting Timing Constraints and Security Requirements in Real-Time DatabasesOld Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.
1993 Measuring the Effects of Node Clustering on the Performance of Token Ring Based Mutual Exclusion AlgorithmsMODELING AND SIMULATION. 2527-2527.
1993 Measuring the effect of commutative transactions on distributed database performanceInformation sciences. 91-111.
1993 Order statistics based modeling of gracefully degrading computing systemsMicroelectronics Reliability. 1281-1291.
1992 Dynamic allocation of bandwidth in multichannel metropolitan area networksCOMPUTER NETWORKS AND ISDN SYSTEMS. 203-223.
1992 Measuring the effects of distributed database models on transaction availability measuresPerformance evaluation. 1-20.
1991 A Note on the Performance Analysis of Static Locking in Distributed Database Systems1991. 9.
1991 A note on estimating the cardinality of the projection of a database relationACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS). 564-566.
1991 Building a generalized distributed system model(Progress Report, period ended 31 Jul. 1991)
1991 Extremely high data rate, reliable network systems research(Annual Report, 16 Aug. 1990- 31 Aug. 1991)
1991 Heterogeneous distributed databases: A case studyIn its Performance Related Issues in Distributed Database Systems 7 p(SEE N 91-25952 17-82).
1991 Intelligent monitoring: An effective way to facilitate performance analysisModeling and Simulation: Proceedings of the Annual Pittsburgh Conference. 880.
1991 Measuring the effects of heterogeneity on distributed systems1991. 6.
1991 Performance related issues in distributed database systems(Final Report, period ending 15 May 1991)
1990 Alternative parallel ring protocols
1990 Efficient schemes to evaluate transaction performance in distributed database systemsThe Computer Journal. 79-89.
1990 Extremely high data-rate, reliable network systems research(Annual Progress Report, 15 Aug. 1989- 15 Aug.)(1990)
1990 Pipelining data compression algorithmsThe Computer Journal. 308-313.
1989 Measuring the effects of data distribution models on performance evaluation of distributed database systemsKnowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on. 494-507.
1988 A heuristic algorithm for determining a near-optimal set of nodes to access in a partially replicated distributed database systemData engineering.
1987 Design of partially replicated distributed database systems: An integrated methodology(Ph. D. Thesis)


Year Title
1996 Information Technology: A Tool to Cut Health Care Costs: Final Report.  Department of Computer Science, College of Sciences, Old Dominion University.


Year Title
2014 A Scalable and Efficient Privacy Preserving Global Itemset Support Approximation Using Bloom FiltersData and Applications Security and Privacy XXVIII. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
2011 Employing Bloom Filters for Enforcing Integrity of Outsourced Databases in Cloud EnvironmentsAdvances in Computing and Communications. Springer.
2009 Detecting and Resolving Misconfigurations in Role-Based Access Control (Short Paper)Information Systems Security. Springer.
2008 Revisiting Bluetooth Security (Short Paper)Information Systems Security. Springer.
2007 Mobile commerce payment systems. In: Global Mobile Commerce: Strategic Perspectives and Implementation Cases. IDEA Group, Inc..
2006 A comparative study of specification models for autonomic access control of digital rightsDigital Rights Management. Technologies, Issues, Challenges and Systems. Springer.
2006 A distributed service registry for resource sharing among ad-hoc dynamic coalitionsSecurity Management, Integrity, and Internal Control in Information Systems. Springer.
2005 A credential-based approach for facilitating automatic resource sharing among ad-hoc dynamic coalitionsData and Applications Security XIX. Springer.
2005 An attribute graph based approach to map local access control policies to credential based access control policiesInformation Systems Security. Springer.
2005 Mobicoin: digital cash for m-commerceDistributed Computing and Internet Technology. Springer.
2004 ECPV: efficient certificate path validation in public-key infrastructureData and Applications Security XVII. Springer.
2004 Policy-Based Security Management for Enterprise SystemsResearch Directions in Data and Applications Security XVIII. Springer.
2002 A novel approach to certificate revocation managementDatabase and Application Security XV. Springer.
2002 An extended transaction model approach for multilevel secure transaction processingDatabase and Application Security XV. Springer.
2002 QPKI: A QoS-based architecture for public-key infrastructure (PKI)Progress in Cryptology—INDOCRYPT 2002. Springer.
2000 Integrating data mining techniques with intrusion detection methodsResearch Advances in Database and Information systems security. Springer.
1996 PMES: Privilege management and enforcement system for secure distributed resource sharingAdvanced IT Tools. Springer.
1993 Parallel Networking: Improving Capacity and Multi-traffic Performance TogetherLocal Area Network Interconnection. Springer.
1991 A distributed scheduling algorithm for heterogeneous real-time systemsAdvances in Computing and Information—ICCI’91. Springer.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2013 Data Integrity Evaluation in Cloud Database-as-a-Service.  280-285.
2012 Analyzing a subsystem to identify properties of a large system: an application in airline routing decisions.  8.
2012 Data outsourcing in cloud environments: A privacy preserving approach.  361-366.
2012 Efficient privacy-preserving data distribution in outsourced environments: a fragmentation-based approach.  589-595.
2012 Preserving privacy of outsourced data: A cluster-based approach.  215-223.
2012 Privacy-Preserving Data Management in Mobile Environments: A Partial Encryption Approach.  167-175.
2011 Data mining without data: a novel approach to privacy-preserving collaborative distributed data mining.  159-164.
2011 Employing bloom filters for privacy preserving distributed collaborative knn classification.  495-500.
2011 Fuzzy-based Methods for Privacy-Preserving Data Mining.  348-353.
2011 Multiprocessor implementation of modeling method for Planted Motif Problem.  524-529.
2011 Space-Efficient Bloom Filters for Enforcing Integrity of Outsourced Data in Cloud Environments.  292-299.
2009 Design and analysis of cryptographically strong s-boxes: A novel approach.  117-123.
2009 Detecting and resolving misconfigurations in role based access control
2009 Key scheduling in an SPN cryptosystem using musical notes.  123-130.
2009 Measuring the effect of modeling assumptions on estimating origin-destination airport passenger traffic.  106-110.
2009 Towards energy efficient change management in a cloud computing environment.  161-167.
2008 Coaliton service registry for ad-hoc dynamic coalitions
2008 Efficient parallel implementations of binomial tree option price valuation.  74-81.
2008 High performance implementation of binomial option pricing.  852-866.
2008 Improving runaway capacity: An integrated approach using modeling, simulation, and analysis
2008 Improving runway capacity: an integrated approach using modeling, simulation, and analysis.  190-197.
2008 Scheduling-capable autonomic manager for policy based IT change management system.  386-392.
2008 Secure Web-Based Sharing of Health Information Services Using Ad-Hoc Dynamic Coalitions.  297-302.
2008 Secure webbased sharing of health information services using ad-hoc coalitions.  297-302.
2007 A scriptable, statistical oracle for metadata extraction system
2007 Autonomic approach to IT infrastructure management in a virtual computing lab environment
2007 Framework for information sharing across multiple government agencies under dynamic access policies.  934-940.
2007 Infrastructure aware autonomic manager for change management.  66-69.
2007 SPN: A web services security policy negotiator
2007 Security features and requirements of groupware technology.  13-18.
2007 Using semantics for automatic enforcement of access control policies among dynamic coalitions.  235-244.
2006 Building teacher capacity in grades 4-8, through collaboration
2006 Fair and secure M-cash
2005 A comparitive study of access control specification models for self-protecting autonomic systems
2005 A flexible framework for content-based access management for federated digital libraries.  489-490.
2005 A process model for engineering of complex systems architectures with complex subsystem architecture reuse in mind.  1-10.
2005 A standards-based approach for supporting dynamic access policies for a federated digital library.  242-253.
2005 Design of complex systems: Issues and challenges.  9.C.3.1-8.
2005 Developing flexible models and efficient tools for reconfiguration of HUMS architectures.  1-10.
2005 Distributed service registry for resource sharing among ad-hoc dynamic coalitions
2005 Key management in sensor networks: Static versus dynamic keying
2005 Tools for reuse of HUMS architectures: A survey.  1-5.
2004 A Systematic Approach to Security Deployment in a Networking Environment..  228-234.
2004 Access management in federated digital libraries
2004 CKDS: an efficient combinatorial key distribution scheme for wireless ad-hoc networks.  631-636.
2004 EZ-Park: An Innovative Secure M-Commerce Application..  348-352.
2004 Efficient secure multicast with well-populated multicast key trees.  215-222.
2004 Integration of communication and computational architectures for HUMS.  7-E.
2004 Reconfiguring HUMS architectures for changing environments.  7-E.
2004 Reusability: A technique for the design of HUMS architectures.  7-E.
2004 TKGS: verifiable threshold-based key generation scheme in open wireless ad hoc networks.  31-36.
2003 A PKI Architecture for Academic Institutions: Design and Prototype..  205-212.
2003 Designing domain-specific hums architectures: an automated approach.  11-D.
2002 Active certificates: A new paradigm in digital certificate management.  30-37.
2002 Security in distributed digital libraries: issues and challenges.  480-486.
2002 TOC Approach to Recertification in Public Key Infrastructure1
2001 Design and analysis of a scalable kernel for health management of aerospace structures.  3D2-1.
2001 Modeling and Evaluation of Distributed Workflow Algorithms..  183-188.
2000 Distributed scalable architectures for health monitoring of aerospace structures.  6C4-1.
2000 Modeling and evaluation of redesigning methodologies for distributed workflows.  248-248.
1999 Modeling memory reference patterns of programs in cache memory systems.  288-295.
1998 Routing and admission control of real-time channels.  115-122.
1997 CoProcess: A Java-based Environment for Collaborative Process Management Over the Web
1996 A privilege management system for a secure network.  147-154.
1995 A Secure Concurrency Control Protocol for Real-Time Databases..  215-230.
1995 Issues in schedulability analysis of real-time systems.  87-92.
1995 Schedulability related issues in end-to-end systems.  215-222.
1995 Supporting security requirements in multilevel real-time databases.  199-210.
1994 Architectural impact on performance of a multilevel database system.  76-85.
1993 A Performance Comparison of two Decomposition Techniques for Multilevel Secure Database Systems..  199-214.
1993 Parallel Communications: An Experimental Study
1993 Performance analysis of transaction management algorithms for the SINTRA replicated-architecture database system.  215-234.
1992 Concurrent use of parallel communication to enable remote visualization.  449-452.
1992 Modeling and analysis of high speed parallel token ring networks.  624-633.
1992 Multiprocessor Architectures for High Speed Networks: A Performance Study.  645-651.
1992 Parallel TCP/IP for multiprocessor workstations.  103-118.
1992 Parallelism for high speed networks.  1-6.
1992 Remote visualization and parallelism using existing networks.  706-713.
1992 Scalable parallel communications
1991 An approach to intelligent monitoring.  178-186.
1991 Effects of SeaView decomposition of multilevel relations on database performance.  203-225.
1991 Multilevel secure databases: A new approach.  690-694.
1991 Performance analysis of static locking in replicated distributed database systems.  698-701.
1991 Performance studies of parallel networks for high data rate systems.  543-545.
1991 Utilization of special architectures in support of parallel discrete event simulation.  822-826.
1990 Effects of distributed database modeling on evaluation of transaction rollbacks.  839-845.
1989 Improving database performance through query standardization.  1321-1325.
1989 Some guidelines for choosing models for distributed database systems.  618-621.
1989 Traffic placement policies for multi-band network.  94-105.
1988 Design of partially replicated distributed database systems: an integrated methodology.  187-196.
1988 Performance Comparision of Two Multiprocessor B-Link Tree Implementations..  182-186.

Education And Training

  • M.B.A., Old Dominion University 1993
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Iowa 1987
  • M. Tech in Computer Systems, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 1978
  • B.E. in Electronics and Communications, Osmania University 1976
  • Full Name

  • Ravi Mukkamala