Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2007 Pay Inversion versus Pay for PerformanceCompensation and Benefits Review. 27-35.
2006 Mission Statement Quality and Financial PerformanceEuropean Management Journal. 86-94.
2005 Pay Inversion at Universities: Is it Ethical?Journal of Business Ethics. 325-333.
2005 The Case Against Pay InversionSAM Advanced Management Journal. 24-29.
2004 A Comparison of the Quality of European, Japanese, and U. S. Mission Statements: A Content Analysis.European Management Journal. 393-401.
2004 Asking Employees to SacrificeEthics & Critical Thinking Journal. 88-93.
2004 Comparison of the Quality of European, Japanese, and U.S. Mission Statements: A Content AnalysisEuropean Management Journal. 393-401.
2002 Do large European, U.S., and Japanese Firms use their Web Sites to Communicate their Mission?European Management Journal. 423-429.
2001 Investigation of Factors Affecting How Engineers and Scientists Seek InformationJournal of Engineering and Technology Management. 131-155.
2001 Using Web sites to communicate a firm's missionQuarterly Journal of Electronic Commerce. 115-121.
2000 Mission Statements: Are they Smoke and MirrorsBusiness Horizons. 23-38.
1997 Customers for Life: Does it Fit Your Culture?Business Horizons.
1996 Preventing Workplace Harassment: An Organizational Change PerspectiveJournal of Organizational Change Management.
1992 Integrating the Personnel and Marketing FunctionsBusiness Horizons.
1992 Situational Occurrence Theory of Job SatisfactionHuman Relations. 859-873.


Year Title
2003 Introduction to Organization Mission StatementsHR Architect: Tools to Design the HR Organization. HR Architect: Tools to Design the HR Organization/ Washington, D.C., Bureau of National Affairs.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2001 Do large U.S. and Japanese firms use their websites to communicate their mission?