• Russell Haines has worked as an accountant, a retail manager, a business owner, and a web developer. He has been researching and teaching students about how to use and develop IT since before Y2K.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2018 The Impact of Technology Availability and Structural Guidance on Group Development in Workgroups Using Computer-Mediated CommunicationInformation Systems Management journal. 348-368.
    2017 A Metacognitive Perspective on Decision Making in Supply Chains: Revisiting the Behavioral Causes of the Bullwhip EffectInternational Journal of Production Economics. 7-20.
    2014 Anonymity in Computer-Mediated Communication: More Contrarian Ideas with Less InfluenceGroup Decision and Negotiation. 765-786.
    2014 Group development in virtual teams: An experimental reexaminationComputers in Human Behavior. 213-222.
    2011 A New Perspective on De-Individuation via Computer-Mediated CommunicationEuropean Journal of Information Systems. 156-167.
    2010 Individual and Environmental Impacts on Supply Chain Inventory Management: An Experimental Investigation of Information Availability and Procedural RationalityJournal of Business Logistics. 111-128.
    2008 The Influence of Perceived Importance of an Ethical Issue on Moral Judgment, Moral Obligation, and Moral IntentJournal of Business Ethics. 387-399.
    2008 The Influence of Workspace Awareness on Group Intellective Decision Effectiveness: A Focus on Presence, Behavior, and Insight AwarenessEuropean Journal of Information Systems. 631-648.
    2007 Computer-Mediated Group Influence on Ethical BehaviorComputers in Human Behavior. 2302-2320.
    2007 Contextual Factors Affecting the Integration of Enterprise Systems in Post-Merger Oil and Gas CompaniesEnterprise Information Systems. 421-441.
    2007 Individual Characteristics and Ethical Decision-Making in an IT ContextIndustrial Management & Data Systems. 5-20.
    2007 Situational Influences on Ethical Decision-Making in an IT ContextInformation and Management. 313-320.


    Year Title
    2018 Social Motivation Consequences of Activity Awareness Practices in Virtual Teams: A Case Study and Experimental ConfirmationCollaboration in the Digital Age: How Technology Enables Individuals, Teams and Businesses. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

    Conference Papers

    Year Title
    2016 The Changing Nature of Temporal Coordination
    2016 Vicious cycles of responsiveness – Investigating work ethic as a predictor of smartphone behavior
    2015 Virtual Teams at Work: Do Attractive Interfaces Improve Performance?
    2014 The adoption of smartphones in everyday life of various national cultures
    2013 Exploring Methods for Investigating Technostress in Situ: Understanding the Day and the Life of a Knowledge Worker Using Heart Rate Variability
    2013 IT Trends in Collaborative Planning Forecasting & Replenishment
    2013 The Good News-Bad News Effect on the Decision-Making Process In Inventory Management in Supply Chain Environments
    2013 Towards contextualizing stressors in technostress research.  16.
    2013 Use of information technology in collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment: Trends, gaps in the literature and theoretical directions
    2012 Increasing Team Coordination and Social Motivation through Awareness Practices: A Case Study
    2012 The Struggle for ‘Appropriateness’ – New Scources of (Techno-)Stress
    2011 Activity Awareness as a Means to Promote Connectedness, Willingness to Do Additional Work, and Congeniality: An Experimental Study
    2011 The User-Centered Nature of Awareness Creation in Computer-mediated Communication
    2008 Pools and Streams: A Theory of Dynamic, Practice-Based Awareness Creation in Mediated-Communication
    2007 Fairness, Guilt, and Perceived Importance as Antecedents of Intellectual Property Piracy Intentions
    2006 Participation and Persuasion via Computer-Mediated Communication: Anonymous versus Identified Comments
    2004 Decision Style and Information Availability: Predicting Individual Performance in a Supply Chain Simulation
    2004 Influences of Different Ethical Issues on Ethical Decision-Making in an IT Context
    2003 Ego Strength: Group Influences on IT Ethical Behavior
    2003 The Development of Trust in Virtual Teams

    Research Overview

  • Virtual Teams, Information and Decision Making, Digitization of the Individual
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Cybersecurity : User Issues, Cyber Defense
  • Internet : Application Development, Communication and Collaboration
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Management Information Systems, University of Houston 2002
  • B.S. in Accounting, Brigham Young University 1991
  • Master of Accountancy in Accounting, Brigham Young University 1991
  • Full Name

  • Russell Haines