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Year Title
2018 A Systematic Review of Interventions for Healthcare Professionals to Improve Screening and Referral for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.Archives of Women’s Mental Health. 1-12.
2018 Austrian firearm legislation and its effects on suicide and homicide mortality: A natural quasi-experiment amidst the global economic crisisEuropean Psychiatry. 104-112.
2018 Competency-Based Suicide Prevention Education: Development of a Pilot Course for Undergraduate Health Professions StudentsAcademic Psychiatry. 857-861.
2018 Differences in the modified Disablement in the Physically Active Scale in those with and without chronic ankle instabilityJournal of Sport Rehabilitation. 1-17.
2018 Examining the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identity Scale among members of an alternative sexual special interest groupArchives of Sexual Behavior. 1251-1264.
2018 Frequency, Nature, and Correlates of Hate Crime Victimization Experiences in an Urban Sample of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community MembersJournal of Interpersonal Violence. 402-420.
2018 Guest editorialJournal of Aggression, Conflict & Peace Research. 73.
2018 Health Belief Model and Theory of Planned Behavior: A Theoretical Approach for Enhancing Lower Extremity Injury Prevention Program ParticipationInternational Journal of Athletic Therapying & Training. 16-20.
2018 Measuring attitudes about hate: Development of the hate crime beliefs scale.Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 3656-3685.
2018 Mental Health and Drivers of Need in Emergent and Non-Emergent Emergency Department (ED) Use: Do Living Location and Non-Emergent Care Sources Matter?International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 129-144.
2018 On hate crime victimization: Rates, types, and links with suicide risk among sexual orientation minority special interest group membersJournal of Trauma & Dissociation. 476-489.
2018 Police Bias, Social Identity, and Minority Groups: A Social Psychological Understanding of Cooperation with PoliceJustice Quarterly. 1105-1130.
2018 Psychometric Properties of a Modified Moral Injury Questionnaire in a Military PopulationTraumatology. 301-312.
2017 A Social-Ecological Framework of Theory, Assessment and Prevention of SuicideFrontiers in Psychology. 1756.
2017 A Theoretical Analysis of Health Beliefs of Physical Activity Among Women with Previous Gestational Diabetes—A CommentaryAmerican Journal of Health Education. 351-354.
2017 A Theoretical Analysis of Health Beliefs of Physical Activity among Women with Previous Gestational DiabetesAmerican Journal of Health Education. 351-354.
2017 A Validation Study of the Need for Affect Questionnaire–Short Form in Legal ContextsJournal of personality assessment. 67-77.
2017 Can Need for Affect and Sexuality Differentiate Suicide Risk in Three Community Samples?Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. 704-722.
2017 Conceptualization and Pilot Testing of a Core Competency-Based Training Workshop in Suicide Risk Assessment and Management: Notes From the FieldJournal of clinical psychology. 233-238.
2017 Introduction to the special issue on campus sexual violenceJournal of Aggression, Conflict & Peace Research. 245.
2017 Minority Stress Model Components and Affective Well-Being in a Sample of Sexual Orientation Minority Adults Living with HIV/AIDSAIDS Care. 1-7.
2017 Moral Disengagement in Legal JudgmentsJournal of Empirical Legal Studies. 745-761.
2017 On hate crime victimization: Rates, types and links with suicide risk among sexual orientation minority special interest group membersJournal of Trauma and Dissociation. 476-489.
2017 Political Identity, Type of Victim, and Hate Crime-Related Beliefs as Predictors of Views Concerning Hate Crime Penalty Enhancement LawsAnalyses of Social Issues and Public Policy. 262-285.
2017 Sexual Violence Victimization Among College Females: A Systematic Review of Rates, Barriers, and Facilitators of Health Service Utilization on CampusTrauma, Violence, & Abuse. 1524838017721245.
2017 Sexual orientation differences in treatment expectation, alliance, and outcome among patients at risk for suicide in a public psychiatric hospitalBMC Psychiatry.
2017 Suicide Prevention in Correctional Settings: Current Standards, and Recommendations for Research, Prevention and TrainingJournal of Correctional Health Care. 313-328.
2017 The Intersection of Interpersonal and Self-Directed Violence among General Adult, College Student, and Sexually Diverse SamplesInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry. 78-85.
2017 The Intersection of Non-Suicidal Self Injury and Suicide-Related Behavior: Patterns of Elevated Risk and Implications for College Mental HealthJournal of American College Health. 363-371.
2017 The Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identity Scale: Factor Analytic Evidence and Associations with Health and Well-BeingMeasurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development. 71-88.
2017 Traumatic brain injury and lifetime suicidality: applying the interpersonal-psychological theory perspectiveDeath Studies. 1-7.
2016 A Pilot Test of a Graduate Course in Suicide Theory, Risk Assessment and Management.Teaching of Psychology. 238-242.
2016 A Psychometric Assessment of the Community Attitudes toward Sex Offenders (CATSO) Scale: Implications for Public Policy, Trial, and ResearchPsychology, Public Policy, and Law. 211-220.
2016 A Test of the Trait-Interpersonal Model of Suicide Proneness in Emerging AdultsPersonality and Individual Differences. 252-259.
2016 Can Preferences in Information Processing Aid in Understanding Suicide Risk among Emerging Adults?Death Studies. 383-391.
2016 Firearm suicide in the United States from a broader preventive perspectiveAmerican journal of psychiatry. 77-78.
2016 Legal Policies in Conflict: The Gay Panic Defense and Hate Crime LegislationJournal of Forensic Psychology Practice. 217-235.
2016 Personality and Coping Styles: An Integrated Understanding of Mental Health among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Individuals.Personality and Individual Differences. 272-278.
2016 Unclear Suicide Prevention Effects, Insufficient Large-Scale Testing of Suicide Prevention Programs: A Reply to K?lves & De Leo (2016)Journal of Adolescent Health. 128.
2016 Understanding the relationship between suicidality and psychopathy: An examination of the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicidal behaviorArchives of Suicide Research. 349-368.
2015 A Confirmatory Factor Analytic Evaluation of the Klein Sexual Orientation GridPsychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. 123-129.
2015 A Moderated Mediation Analysis of Suicide Proneness among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community MembersJournal of Social and Clinical Psychology. 622-642.
2015 Attorney beliefs concerning scientific evidence and expert witness credibilityInternational journal of law and psychiatry. 58-66.
2015 BDSM as sexual orientation: A comparison to lesbian, gay, and bisexual sexualityJournal of Positive Sexuality. 37-43.
2015 Conducting Forensic Mental Health Assessments for Firearm OwnershipProfessional Psychology: Research and Practice.
2015 Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identity as a Moderator of Relationship Functioning after Sexual Assault.Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 3431-3452.
2015 Personality, Spirituality, Suicide and Self-Injury Proneness among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual AdultsMental Health, Religion, & Culture. 777-788.
2015 Psychopathy, Depression, and Anxiety as Predictors of Suicidal Ideation in Offenders.Death Studies.
2015 Substance related coping, HIV-related factors, and mental health among an HIV positive sexual minority community sampleAIDS Care. 1063-1068.
2015 The Impact of Forensic vs. Social Science Evidence on Judicial Decisions to Grant a Writ of Habeas CorpusCourt Review. 152-161.
2015 What Patient and Psychologist Characteristics are Important in Competency for Physician Assisted Suicide Evaluations?Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. 420-431.
2014 A Trait–Affect Model of Understanding Perceptions of Expert Witness TestimonyPsychiatry, Psychology and Law. 333-350.
2014 A mock juror investigation of blame attribution in the punishment of hate crime perpetratorsInternational journal of law and psychiatry. 551-557.
2014 A trait-interpersonal analysis of suicide proneness among lesbian, gay, and bisexual community membersSuicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. 601-615.
2014 An exploratory study of meta-factors of expert witness persuasionJournal of Individual Differences. 1-11.
2014 Bringing psychology to the courtroom and vice versa: Conceptualization and Design of a course in trial consultingJournal of Forensic Psychology Practice. 145-157.
2014 Expert testimony on sensitive myth-ridden topics: Ethics and recommendations for psychological professionals.Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 120.
2014 Perceived Credibility of Character Witnesses: Implications for Trial ConsultationJournal of Forensic Psychology Practice. 263-275.
2014 The role of and challenges for psychologists in physician assisted suicideDeath Studies. 582-588.
2014 The role of emotion and cognition in juror perceptions of victim impact statementsSocial justice research. 45-66.
2014 Why the impact? Negative affective change as a mediator of the effects of victim impact statementsJournal of Interpersonal Violence. 2884-2903.
2013 An examination of sexual orientation-and transgender-based hate crimes in the post-Matthew Shepard era.Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. 355.
2013 Blame attribution in court: Conceptualization and measurement of perpetrator blameVictims & Offenders. 42-55.
2013 Borderline personality symptomatology as a mediator of the link between child maltreatment and adult suicide potentialArchives of Suicide Research. 41-51.
2013 Defining and evaluating perceptions of victim blame in antigay hate crimesJournal of Interpersonal Violence. 2894-2914.
2013 Development and preliminary validation of the Negative Attitude Toward Immigrants Scale.Journal of Latina/o Psychology. 155.
2013 General knowledge and misknowledge of Miranda rights: Are effective Miranda advisements still necessary?Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. 432.
2013 Hate crimes on trial: Judgments about violent crime against gay menPsychiatry, Psychology and Law. 202-215.
2013 Juror perceptions of African American-and Arabic-named victimsPsychiatry, Psychology and Law. 781-794.
2013 Online searches for Jury Selection.Criminal Law Bulletin.. 305-318.
2013 Openness, right-wing authoritarianism, and antigay prejudice in college students: a mediational model.Journal of counseling psychology. 64.
2013 Perceived personality similarity and perceptions of expert testimonyJournal of Individual Differences. 185-192.
2013 Suicide risk assessment training for psychology doctoral programs: Core competencies and a framework for training.Training and education in professional psychology. 1.
2013 The gang–victimization link: Considering the effects of ethnicity and protective behaviors among prison inmatesDeviant Behavior. 25-37.
2013 The observed witness efficacy scale: A measure of effective testimony skillsJournal of Applied Social Psychology. 1696-1703.
2013 The propriety of peremptory challenges for perceived personality traitsLaw & Psychology Review. 48-80.
2012 A method for evaluating competency in assessment and management of suicide riskAcademic Psychiatry. 23-28.
2012 A trait-interpersonal perspective on suicide risk in criminal offendersArchives of Suicide Research. 334-347.
2012 Coping with a patient’s suicide: a curriculum for psychiatry residency training programsAcademic Psychiatry. 29-33.
2012 Defendant remorse, need for affect, and juror sentencing decisionsJournal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. 41-49.
2012 Ex-offenders on the stand: steps toward eliminating jury biasJournal of Forensic Psychology Practice. 211-226.
2012 Mental health in violent crime victims: Does sexual orientation matter?Law and human behavior. 87.
2012 The victim as witness: Strategies for increasing credibility among rape victim-witnesses in courtJournal of Forensic Psychology Practice. 424-438.
2012 What’s in a Face?: Juror Perceptions of Defendant Race and Eyeglasses.Criminal Law Bulletin.
2011 A confidence-credibility model of expert witness persuasion: Mediating effects and implications for trial consultation.Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research. 129.
2011 An approach to evaluating competence in assessing and managing violence riskPsychiatric Services. 90-92.
2011 Prosecutor pretrial attitudes and plea-bargaining behavior toward veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.Psychological Services. 319.
2011 The Spanish Reasons for Living Inventory (SRFL-I): factor structure and association with suicide risk among Spanish speaking HispanicsArchives of Suicide Research. 1-18.
2011 Using Self-Efficacy for Witness PreparationThe Jury Expert. 1-8.
2010 Blame Attribution as a Moderator of Perceptions of Sexual Orientation—Based Hate CrimesJournal of Interpersonal Violence. 848-862.
2010 The witness credibility scale: An outcome measure for expert witness researchBehavioral sciences & the law. 892-907.
2010 Witness self-efficacy: Development and validation of the constructBehavioral sciences & the law. 784-800.
2009 Credibility in the courtroom: How likeable should an expert witness be?Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online. 525-532.
2009 Expert witness confidence and juror personality: Their impact on credibility and persuasion in the courtroomJournal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online. 63-74.
2009 Jury selection in child sex abuse trials: A case analysisJournal of child sexual abuse. 190-205.
2009 Protection motivation theory and stages of change in sun protective behaviorJournal of Health Psychology. 297-305.
2009 Self-efficacy and confidence: Theoretical distinctions and implications for trial consultation.Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research. 319.
2008 A five-factor analysis of spirituality in young adults: Preliminary evidenceResearch in the Social Scientific Study of Religion. 43-58.
2008 Concerns about litigation: Conceptualization, development, and measurementThe Journal of Psychiatry & Law. 525-542.
2008 Pathways to suicidal behaviors in childhoodSuicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. 35-45.
2008 Third party presence during criminal forensic evaluations: Psychologists’ opinions, attitudes, and practices.Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 561.
2008 Weighing the evidence: Empirical assessment and ethical implications of conversion therapyEthics & Behavior. 93-114.
2007 Caring for the whole person: Guidelines for advancing undergraduate mentorshipCollege Student Journal. 771.
2007 Spirituality, life stress, and affective well-being.Journal of Psychology & Theology. 235-243.
2007 Undue Influence or Ensuring Rights?: Attorney Presence During Forensic Psychology EvaluationsEthics & Behavior. 51-60.
2003 An examination of personality traits among student leaders and non leaders.Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research. 175-178.


Year Title
2018 The Behavioral Science of Firearms: A Mental Health Perspective on Guns, Suicide, and Violence


Year Title
2016 Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in the Assessment and Management of SuicideHandbook of gender and sexuality in psychological assessment.

Research Overview

  • Suicide Assessment, Intervention and Prevention; LGBT Identity and Health; Prejudice, Hate and DiscriminationCommunity and Interpersonal Violence; Law and Social Policy; Vulnerable Populations/Health Disparities; Personality and Individual Differences
  • Grants

  • Implementing a Social-Ecological Suicide Prevention Program (SESPP) at Old Dominion University  awarded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administratio (SAMHSA) Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant 2018 - 2021
  • Implementation and Evaluation of an Interprofessional Education Suicide Prevention Training Program for Health Professions Students  awarded by Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation/SAMHSA 2018 - 2020
  • Serving All Who Served: Spreading a Health Education Group for LGBT Veterans  awarded by 2019 Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Innovation Network, Spark-Seed-Spread Innovation Investment Program 2019
  • Development and Testing of a Personality-Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicide in Scottish Young Adults.  awarded by Old Dominion University Summer Research Fellowship Program 2018
  • Serving All Who Served: Improving Access to Healthcare for LGBT Veterans  awarded by Department of Veterans Affairs FY 2018 Innovators Network Spark, Seed, Spread Grant 2018
  • Preference in information processing approach to suicide risk in U.S Naval veterans  awarded by Naval Medical Center Portsmouth 2017 - 2018
  • A Competency-Based Online Training In Suicide Assessment, Management, And Prevention For Health Professionals  awarded by Consolidated Continuing Education And Professional Training 2016 - 2017
  • Development and Testing of a Competency-Based Online Training in Suicide Assessment, Management, and Prevention for Health Professionals  awarded by Consolidated Continuing Education & Professional Training (ConCEpt; Director, Patricia Zapf, Ph.D.) 2016 - 2017
  • Social Identity as a Mediator of Crime Experience and Inter-group Interaction with Law Enforcement in Australia  awarded by Griffith University Visiting Scholars Program 2014 - 2015
  • Suicide Risk Assessment Training for Nurses in the Veterans Affairs Hospital System  awarded by Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Dayton, OH) Contract 2014 - 2015
  • Hate Crime Victimization and Sexual Identity: Understanding Risk Factors and Coping Strategies among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Individuals.  awarded by American Psychological Foundation Wayne F. Placek Grant 2011 - 2013
  • Improving provider suicide prevention attitudes, knowledge, perceived self-efficacy, and competency/performance by translating the results of patient preferences in information processing (NMCP.2017.0021) into clinical practice  awarded by US Navy Surgeon General’s Clinical Investigations Research Program FY 2019 2019 -
  • Testing a Preferences in Information Processing Approach to Suicide Risk among U.S. Naval Veterans  awarded by Surgeon General’s Clinical Investigations Research Program FY 2017 2017 -
  • Visiting Scholar  awarded by University of Central Lancashire Visiting Scholars Program 2016 -
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Health Services Research : LGBT Health, Mental Health, Theories, Interpersonal/Community Violence, Health Disparities/Vulnerable Populations
  • Psychology : Hate Crimes, Prejudice, Discrimination, Suicide Prevention, Personality and Individual Differences, Intersection of Social Science, Law & Policy
  • Research : Survey Design, Community-Engaged Research, Multivariate Statistics
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, The University of Alabama 2010
  • M.A. in Psychology, The University of Alabama 2006
  • B.A. in Psychology, Loyola University Maryland 2004
  • Full Name

  • Robert Cramer