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Year Title
2017 Birkhoff-James orthogonality and the zeros of an analytic functionComputational Methods and Function Theory. 499-523.
2017 Multipliers of sequence spacesConcrete Operators, Special Issue. 76-108.
2016 An inner-outer factorization in \ell^p with applications to ARMA processesJournal of Mathematical Analysis and its Applications. 396-418.
2015 Mixed norm spaces and prediction of SaS moving averagesJournal of Time Series Analysis. 853-875.
2015 Prediction of stationary random fields with incomplete quarterplane pastJournal of Multivariate Analysis. 245-258.
2015 Weak parallelogram laws on Banach spaces and applications to predictionPeriodica Mathematica Hungarica. 45-58.
2014 Mate choice and the evolutionary stability of a fixed threshold in a sequential search strategyComputational and Structural Biotechnology Journal. 8-11.
2014 Sequential search beats two-parameter searchSequential Analysis. 1-11.
2013 Duality of the weak parallelogram laws on banach spacesJournal of Mathematical Analysis and its Applications. 64-70.
2003 On the geometry of L^p(mu) with applications to infinite variance processesJournal of the Australian Mathematical Society. 35-42.
2000 Regularity and minimality of infinite variance processesJournal of Theoretical Probability. 1115-1122.
1999 On the prediction of some Lp random fieldsJournal of the Australian Mathematical Society. 31-50.
1998 Some extremal problems in L^p(w)Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 2333-2340.
1998 When does f^{-1} = 1/f?American Mathematical Monthly. 704-717.
1997 Hardy spaces on products of halfplanes and prediction of homogeneous random fieldsZeitschrift fur Analysis und ihre Anwendungen. 519-542.
1997 Prediction with incomplete past and interpolation of missing valuesStatistics and Probability Letters. 341-346.
1997 Some Banach spaces of analytic functions and an extremal problemAnalysis Mathematica.
1995 Analytic range functions of several variablesCanadian Journal of Mathematics. 462-473.
1994 On the structure of shift-invariant subspaces of L^2(T^2,mu)Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics. 1307-1317.
1994 Outer factorization of operator valued weight functions on the torusStudia Mathematica. 235-246.
1994 Weakly outer polynomialsMichigan Mathematical Journal. 235-245.
1993 Baxer's inequality and convergence of finite predictors for multivariate stationary processesProbability Theory and Related Fields. 115-124.
1993 The mixing rate of a multivariate stationary processJournal of Theoretical Probability. 603-617.
1993 The spectral measure of regular stationary random field with the weak or strong commutation propertyAnnals of Probability. 1263-1274.
1992 A strong mixing condition for second-order stationary random fieldsStudia Mathematica. 139-153.
1992 Holder classes of vector valued functions and convergence of the best predictorJournal of Multivariate Analysis. 110-129.
1992 On the prediction error for two-parameter stationary random fieldsBulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society. 167-175.
1992 On the rate of strong mixing in stationary Gaussian random fieldsStudia Mathematica. 183-191.
1992 Rational spectral densities and strong mixingJournal of Multivariate Analysis. 267-283.
1992 Weakly and strongly outer functions on the bidiscMichigan Mathematical Journal. 99-109.
1985 Moving material into space without rocketsPhysics Teacher. 85-90.


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2007 Practical Chess Exercises: 600 Lessons from Tactics to Strategy.  Tuscon, AZ: Wheatmark.

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