• Dr. Rachel Johnson is an Assistant Professor and certified Speech-Language Pathologist at ODU. She earned her BA in biology from University of North Carolina in Wilmington, MS in Communication Science and Disorders from East Carolina University and PhD in Communication Science and Disorders from Florida State University.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2018 A Comparison of Outcome Measures for Speech Motor Learning in Acquired Apraxia of Speech Using Motor Learning Guided TreatmentClinical Archives of Communication Disorders. 1-13.
    2018 Quality of systematic reviews for behavioral treatments of attention disorders in traumatic brain injuryJournal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.
    2017 Motor learning guided treatment for acquired apraxia of speechSpeech, Language and Hearing.
    2017 Motor learning guided treatment for acquired apraxia of speech: a case study investigating factors that influence treatment outcomesSpeech, Language and Hearing.
    2009 Use of AAC to enhance linguistic communication skills in an adult with chronic severe aphasiaAphasiology. 965-976.
    2008 Functional communication in individuals with chronic severe aphasia using augmentative communication.Augmentative and alternative communication (Baltimore, Md. : 1985). 269-80.


    Year Title
    2018 General assessment principles.Aphasia and related neurogenic language disorders.. New York, New York: Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc..

    Research Overview

  • Dr. Johnson's research investigates the cognitive aspects related to learning in individuals with motor speech disorders, aphasia, and other cognitive linguistic disorders following stroke or other neurologic conditions. Her translational clinical research aims to improve clinical outcomes for patients with acquired communication disorders by identifying factors that influence outcomes such as cognitive skills, dosage, and support system. Her research lab is equipped with functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) for functional neuroimaging in a natural environment.
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Aphasia
  • Apraxia of Speech
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Brain Injury
  • Intervention
  • Progressive Neurological Disorders
  • Speech Motor Learning
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Communication Science and Disorders, Florida State University 2014
  • M.S. in Communication Science and Disorders, East Carolina University 2006
  • B.A. in Biology, University of North Carolina Wilmington 1999
  • Full Name

  • Rachel Johnson