Selected Publications

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Year Title
2018 Asymmetric patterns of small molecule transport after nanosecond and microsecond electropermeabilizationThe Journal of Membrane Biology. 197-210.
2018 Dielectric properties of isolated adrenal chromaffin cells determined by microfluidic impedance spectroscopyBioelectrochemistry. 84-91.
2018 Transport of charged small molecules after electropermeabilization - drift and diffusionBMC Biophysics. 11.
2017 Computing spatiotemporal heat maps of lipid electropore formation: a statistical approachFrontiers in molecular biosciences.
2017 Electropore formation in mechanically constrained phospholipid bilayersJournal of Membrane Biology. 1-9.
2017 Frequency spectrum of induced transmembrane potential and permeabilization efficacy of bipolar electric pulses.Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1282-1290.
2017 Geometrical Characterization of an Electropore from Water Positional FluctuationsThe Journal of Membrane Biology. 11.
2017 Monopole patch antenna for in vivo exposure to nanosecond pulsed electric fieldsMedical & Biological Engineering & Computing. 1073-1083.
2017 Nanometer-Scale Permeabilization and Osmotic Swelling Induced by 5-ns Pulsed Electric FieldsThe Journal of Membrane Biology. 21.
2017 Nanosecond electric pulses differentially affect inward and outward currents in patch clamped adrenal chromaffin cellsPLOS ONE. 1-20.
2017 Permeabilizing phospholipid bilayers with non-normal electric fieldsThe Journal of Membrane Biology.
2017 Quantitative limits on small molecule transport via the electropermeome - measuring and modeling single nanosecond perturbationsScientific Reports. 57.
2015 Multiple nanosecond electric pulses increase the number but not the size of long-lived nanopores in the cell membrane.Biochimica et biophysica acta. 958-66.
2015 Picosecond and Terahertz Perturbation of Interfacial Water and Electropermeabilization of Biological Membranes.The Journal of Membrane Biology. 837-47.

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  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California 2004
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  • Paul Vernier