Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 A family of fourth-order entropy stable non-oscillatory spectral collocation schemes for the 1-D Navier-Stokes equationsJournal of Computational Physics. 90-107.
2016 Effect of lateral, downward, and frontal gusts on flapping wing performanceComputers & Fluids. 175-190.
2015 Adjoint-based optimization of three-dimensional flapping-wing flowsAIAA Journal. 934-947.
2013 Discretely conservative finite-difference formulations for nonlinear conservation laws in split from: Theory and boundary conditionsJournal of Computational Physics. 353-375.
2013 Nonlinear model reduction for unsteady discontinuous flowsJournal of Computational Physics. 1-13.
2011 Boundary closures for 4th-order Energy Stable WENO finite difference schemesJournal of Computational Physics. 3727-3752.
2010 Discrete adjoint-based design optimization of unsteady turbulent flows on dynamic unstructured gridsAIAA Journal. 1195-1206.
2010 Local-in-time adjoint-based method for design optimization of unsteady compressible flowsJournal of Computational Physics. 5395-5407.
2009 A systematic methodology for constructing high-order energy stable WENO schemesJournal of Computational Physics. 4248-4272.
2009 Third-order energy stable WENO schemeJournal of Computational Physics. 3025-3047.
2006 Effect of the phase transition on intra-tow flow behavior and void formation in liquid composite moldingInternational Journal of Multiphase Flow. 1219-1233.
2006 Quasi-1-D model for realistic 3-D synthetic jet actuatorsAIAA Journal. 208-216.
2005 Reduced-order model for efficient simulation of synthetic jet actuatorsAIAA Journal. 357-369.
2002 On accuracy of adaptive grid methods for captured shocksJournal of Computational Physics. 280-316.
2002 Optimal two-dimensional finite difference grids providing super-convergenceSIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. 1707-1730.
2001 Minimization of the truncation error by grid adaptationJournal of Computational Physics. 459-497.
2000 Iterative space-marching method for compressible sub-, trans-, and supersonic flowsAIAA Journal. 225-233.
1998 Space-marching method for calculating steady supersonic flows on a grid adapted to the solutionJournal of Computational Physics. 436-463.
1997 Marching method for solving the steady Euler equations on adaptive gridsMathematical Modeling. 83-97.
1996 Three-dimensional supersonic turbulent flow near a body at small angles of attackHigh Temperature. 562-567.
1995 The motion of a body through a large-scale inhomogeneity in a stratified atmosphereJournal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. 409-414.
1994 Efficient numerical method for calculating the ballistic trajectory of an axisymmetric body flying at supersonic speed in a stratified atmospherePhysics Doklady. 398-401.


Year Title
2014 Reduced-order modeling of synthetic jetsSynthetic jets: Fundamentals and Applications.
2013 Boundary Closures for Sixth-Order Energy Stable Weighted Essentially Non-oscillatory Finite –Difference SchemesAdvances in Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science.

Research Overview

  • Numerical PDEs, fluid dynamics
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Methods, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 1993
  • Full Name

  • Nail Yamaleev