Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2015 Evolutionary Soft Co-Clustering Formulations, Algorithms and ApplicationsData Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Springer. 765-791.
2013 A mesh generation and machine learning framework forBMC Bioinformatics. 372.
2009 A Multigrain Delaunay Mesh Generation Method for Multicore SMT-based ArchitecturesJournal of Parallel and Distributed.
2009 A Template for Developing Next Generation Parallel Delaunay Refinement MethodsSpecial Issue of Finite Element Analysis and Design.
2009 Algorithm Software and Hardware Optimizations for Delaunay Mesh Generation on SimultaneousJournal of Parallel and Distributed Systems.
2009 Generalized 2D Delaunay Mesh RefinementSIAM Journal for Scientific.
2008 A Quantitative Assessment of Approaches to Mesh Generation for Surgical SimulationEngineering with Computers. 417-430.
2008 A Static Medial Axis Domain Decomposition for 2D GeometriesACM Transactions of Mathematical Software.
2008 Graded Delaunay Decoupling Method for Parallel Guaranteed Quality Planar Mesh GenerationSIAM Journal for Scientific Computing. 1875-1891.
2008 Parallel 2D Constrained Delaunay Mesh GenerationACM Transactions of Mathematical Software.
2008 The Use of Robust Local Hausdorff Distances in Accuracy Assessment for Image Alignment of Brain MRIThe Insight Journal.
2007 Non-rigid allignment of preoperative MRI, RI, DT-MRI, with intra-operative MRI for enhancedNeuroImage. 609-624.
2007 Parallel Unstructured Mesh Generation by an Advancing Front MethodMathematics and Computers in Simulation. 200-209.
2006 Delaunay Decoupling Method for Parallel Guaranteed Quality Planar Mesh GenerationSIAM Journal for Scientific Computing. 1394-1423.
2006 Parallel 3D Exact Signed Euclidean Distance TransformThe Insight Journal.
2006 Parallel Decoupled Refinement Method for Tetrahedral Meshes Using Terminal-Edge Bisection AlgorithmEngineering with Computers. 111-119.
2006 Parallel Guaranteed Quality Planar Delaunay Mesh Refinement by Concurrent Point InsertionSIAM Journal for Scientific Computing. 1907-1926.
2005 Tetrahedral Mesh Generation for Medical ImagingThe Insight Journal.


Year Title
2017 An evaluation of adaptive biomechanical non-rigid registration for brain glioma resection using image-guided neurosurgeryComputational Biomechanics for Medicine: From Algorithms to Models and Applications. Springer.
2012 A Review of Mesh Generation for Medical SimulatorsHandbook of Real World Applications in Modeling and Simulation. Wiley.

Conference Papers

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2009 Real-time Non-rigid Registration of Medical Images on a Cooperative Parallel Architecture

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  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, Purdue University 1992
  • M.S. in Mathematics, Purdue University 1987
  • B.S. in Mathematics, Aristotle University 1984
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  • Nicolaos Chrisochoides