• 35 years experience teaching a variety of business law course at 4 Virginia Colleges and Universities. Tenured in 2001 and promoted to Full Professor in 2011. Concurrent legal practice in employment law, entertainment law and copyright enforcement litigation in Federal Courts.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2017 How Millennials are Redefining What Benefits Employers Should Offer-Clearly Defined Requirements for Career AdvancementsJournal of Compensation and Benefits. 6-17.
    2017 How Millennials are Redefining What Benefits Employers Should Offer-Discretionary Time OffJournal of Compensation and Benefits. 24-32.
    2017 How Millennials are Redefining What Benefits Employers Should Offer-Flexible ProceduresJournal of Compensation and Benefits. 20-27.
    2017 How Millennials are Redefining What Benefits Employers Sould Offer-Flex TimeJournal of Compensation and Benefits. 19-29.
    2017 Medical Marijuana and the EmployerJournal of Leadership, Accountablity, and Ethics. 84-89.
    2014 Lawsuit Service Against Domestic and International CompaniesHR Advisor: Legal & Practical Guidance/ Thompson Reuter-West Publishing Co. 20-26.
    2014 The Legal Limits On Employers' Right to Access and Control of Employees' Social MediaHR Advisor: Legal & Practical Guidance/ Thompson Reuters-West Publishing Co.. 9-20.
    2014 Using TIPS to Discount to Present ValueJournal of Forensic Economics. 71-90.
    2013 Controlling Workplace Bullying By Policy and Corporate CultureJournal of Business Issues. 1-14.
    2012 Valuation of Spouse and Survivor Benefits in a Defined Benefit Retirement PlanJouranl of Forensic Economics. 159-176.
    2011 Assessing Economic Damages in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation: The Commonwealth of VirginiaJournal of Forensic Economics. 231-256.
    2011 Legal Implications of Appearance in Employment DecisionsJournal of Business Issues.
    2010 Evaluating Pay for Performance Systems: Critical Issues for ImplementationCompensation and Benefits Review. 231-238.
    2010 The Evolution of Workplace Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityPerspectives in Business.
    2010 The Evolution of Workplace Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Legal and Managerial ImplicationsPerspectives in Business. 37-48.
    2009 Evolution of the Law and Implications for ManagementLeadership and Organizational Management Journal. 18-28.
    2009 The ADA Amendments Act of 2008: Evolution of the Law and Implications for ManagementLeadership and Organizational Management Journal. 18-28.
    2007 Dealing with Harassment in All of its FormsThe Journal of Individual Employment Rights. 111-122.
    2006 An Affirmative Defense to Sexual Harassment by Managers and Supervisors: Analyzing Employer Liability and Protecting Employee Rights in the United StatesJournal of Employee Responsibility and Rights. 111-122.
    2006 Legal Concerns Associated with Blogging as a Marketing ToolAtlantic Law Journal. 20-23.
    2005 The CAN-SPAM Act: New rules for sending commercial e-mail messages and implications for the sales forceIndustrial Marketing Management. 399-405.
    2004 Internet Privacy Laws in the U.S. and E.UE-Business Review. 177-180.
    2003 Jurisdictional Issues for Electronic MarketingJournal of Internet Commerce. 11-26.
    2003 Responding to the Supreme Court: Employment Practices and the ADABusiness Horizons.
    2002 Disabling the ADA: Recent Supreme Court Decisions and Their Implications on Employer PracticeAtlantic Law Journal. 103-108.
    2002 Emerging Jurisdictional Issues in Online MarketingDevelopments in Marketing Science. 103-103.
    2002 Legal Issues Associated with Marketing and Website ManagementAtlantic Law Journal. 29-48.
    2001 Auto Salesperson Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Dishonest Sales PracticesJournal of Business Ethics. 69-79.
    2001 Determinants of Ethical Behavior: A Study of AutosalespeopleJournal of Business Ethics. 69-79.
    2000 Balancing Civil Rights with Safety at Work: Workplace Violence and the ADAJournal of Employee Responsibilities and Rights.
    2000 Browsers Beware: Avoiding Legal Entanglements on the InternetOld Dominion University's Quest. 24-27.
    2000 Legal Issues Associated with International Internet MarketingInternational Marketing Review. 249-267.
    2000 Trade Secret Management in High Technology: A Legal Review and Research AgendaJournal of High Technology Management Research. 155-174.
    1999 Analysis of Virginia Trade Secrets: Implications for High Tech in the Silicon DominionAtlantic Law Journal. 5-35.
    1999 Dangerous directives? Liability and the unstable workerBusiness Horizons. 45-54.
    1999 General Versus the Specific: Forecasting Wage Growth in Injury and Death CasesJournal of Legal Economics. 1-24.
    1998 Small Business and the Americans with Disabilities ActBusiness Horizons. 59-70.
    1996 Computer-generated images and the deceased actor: Intellectual property rightsInternational Advances in Economic Research. 196-196.


    Year Title
    2012 Attorneys and Law Firms in Hampton RoadsThe State of the Region Report, Hampton Roads 2012. Norfolk, VA: The Regional Studies Institute Old Dominion University.
    2005 Legal On-line E-marketing Issues: The Opportunities and Challenges,” book chapter forAdvances in Electronic Marketing. Idea Group Publishing, Inc.

    Conference Papers

    Year Title
    2015 Emerging Jurisdictional Issues in Online Marketing.  103-103.
    2005 Sexual Harassment: Continuing Issues
    2003 Information Privacy on the Internet
    2002 Supreme Court ADA Decisions
    2001 Liability of Alcoholic Beverage Venders and Social Hosts under Statutory and Common Law
    2001 Visual Media Computer Technologies and Their Effect on the Deceased Performing Artist
    2001 Website Legal Issues
    2000 Trade Secrets and the Internet
    1999 Trade Secrets in Virginia
    1998 Negligent Hiring, Workplace Violence, and the EEOC's Psychiatric Guidelines: Employer Hiring Strategies and Practices
    1988 Liability of the Occupational Health Care Provider

    Research Overview

  • Employment and civil rights, contract, intellectual property, internet and entertainment law
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Law : employment, intellect. prop. and entertainment
  • Education And Training

  • J.D. in Law, University of Toledo 1980
  • M.B.A. in Marketing, Indiana University 1976
  • B.A. in Psychology, Indiana University 1974
  • Full Name

  • Michael Zugelder