Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Getting the Toll Story About Willingness-To-PayJournal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management. 156-174.
2018 Getting the Toll Story about Driver Willingness to Pay.Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management. 156-174.
2018 State Transportation Planning: Linking Quantifiable Performance Measures and Infrastructure Condition OutcomesPublic Works Management and Policy. 58-77.
2017 Budgeting by Priorities: Balancing Stability with Economic ResponsivenessPublic Finance and Management. 71-91.
2017 Popular financial reports as fiscal transparency mechanisms: An assessment using the fiscal transparency index for the citizen userInternational Journal of Public Administration. 625-636.
2017 The Role of State Revenue Structure in the Occurrence and Magnitude of Negative Revenue VarianceAmerican Review of Public Administration. 469-478.
2016 Popular Financial Reports as Fiscal Transparency Mechanisms: An Assessment Using the Fiscal Transparency Disclosure IndexInternational Journal of Public Administration.
2016 What Citizens Want to Know about their Government’s Finances: Closing the Information GapSocial Science Journal. 301-308.
2015 An Illustrated Conceptual Model of Key Factors Impacting Perceived Interlocal Agreement OutcomesPublic Performance and Management Review. 116-143.
2015 Popular Financial Reports: Tools for Accountability, Transparency, and Citizen EngagementJournal of Government Financial Management. 12-15.
2014 Rich Districts, Poor Districts: The Property Tax Equity Impact of Arkansas School Finance EqualizationPublic Finance and Management. 339-415.
2013 For the People: Popular Financial Reporting Practices of Local GovernmentsPublic Budgeting and Finance. 95-113.
2013 The Transparency of County Websites: A Content AnalysisPublic Administration Quarterly. 103-128.
2012 Effective Popular Financial Reports: The Citizen PerspectiveJournal of Government Financial Management. 44-49.
2012 Effective Popular Reports: The Citizen PerspectiveJournal of Government Financial Management. 44-49.
2009 Revenue Impact of State Legislative Supermajority Voting RequirementsMidsouth Political Science Review. 1-16.
2008 Revenue Diversification in Arkansas Cities: The Budgetary and Tax Effort ImpactsPublic Budgeting and Finance. 68-82.
2006 Arkansas Revenue Stabilization Act: Stabilizing Programmatic Impact Through Prioritized Revenue DistributionState and Local Government Review. 104-111.
2005 The Goals and Implementation Success of State PerformanceJournal of Public Budgeting, Accounting, and Financial Management. 471-487.
2003 Punctuations and Agendas: A New Look at Local Government Budget ExpendituresJournal of Policy Analysis and Management. 345-360.
1999 Performance Budgeting and Performance Funding in the States: A Status AssessmentPublic Budgeting and Finance. 68-88.


Year Title
2019 Support for and Behavioral Responses to Tolls: Insights from a Recent Experience in Hampton Roads, VirginiaBuilding a Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure for Long-term Economic Growth. IGI Global.
2018 Toward a Whole-of-Government and Whole-of-Community Approach for Regional Adaptation to Sea Level Rise: Lessons Learned from the Hampton Roads Intergovernmental Pilot ProjectEnvironmental Policy and Pursuit of Sustainability. Routledge.
2002 Punctuated Equilibrium Theory: An Agenda-Based Theory of BudgetingBudget Theory in the Public Sector. New York: Quorum Books.

Research Overview

  • State and Local Budgeting; State and Local Fiscal Policy; Popular Financial Reporting; Government Financial Transparency; Public Budget Theory
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Public Administration : Public Budget Theory, Public Financial Management, State and Local Fiscal Policy, State and Local Government Budgets, Public and Nonprofit Strategic Planning, Public Management Ethics
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Public Administration, University of Kentucky 1999
  • M.P.A. in Public Administration, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 1995
  • B.A. in Economics, Austin College 1993
  • Full Name

  • Meagan Jordan