Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Health professions students’attitudes toward teamwork before and after an interprofessional education co-curricular experienceJournal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education. 1-16.
2017 Dental hygienists' perspectives on four periodontal instrument handle designsJournal of Dental Hygiene. 75-76.
2017 Effects of Instrument Handle Design on Arm Muscle Activity During Scaling by Dental Hygienists.Jouranl of Dental Hygiene. 47-54.
2017 Effects of instrument handle design on dental hygienists' forearm muscle activity during scalingJournal of Dental Hygiene. 47-54.
2017 Effects of instrument handle design on forearm muscle activity during scaling by dental hygienistsJournal of Dental Hygiene. 47-54.
2015 Bracing of the trunk and neck has a differential effect on head control during gaitJournal of Neurophysiology. 1773-1783.
2011 Immediate effects of a heel-pain orthosis and an augmented low dye taping on plantar pressures and pain in subjects with plantar fasciitisClinical Journal of Sports Medicine. 474-479.
2010 The effect of 3 foot pads on plantar pressure of pes planus foot typeJournal of Sport Rehabilitation. 71-85.
2010 Virtual reality-enhanced partial body weight-supported treadmill training post stroke: feasibility and effectiveness in 6 subjectsArch Phys Med Rehabil. 115-122.
2008 Effects of 5 different finger rest positions on arm muscle activity during scaling by dental hygiene studentsJ. Dental Hygiene. 1-10.
2007 Reference Group Data for the Functional Gait AssessmentPhysical Therapy. 1468-1477.
2006 Effects of universal verses rotating ultrasonic inserts on wrist movement and scaling efficiency in dental hygienistsInt J Dent Hygiene.
2005 The Short-Term Effects of Joint Mobilizations on Acute Mechanical Low Back Dysfunction in Collegiate AthletesJ Athl Train. 88-93.
2004 Windlass Taping Technique for Symptomatic Relief of Plantar FasciitisJournal of Sport Rehabilitation. 228-243.
2003 Relationship between Maxium Strength and Relative Endurance for the Empty Can ExerciseJournal of Sport Rehabilitation. 31-38.
2003 Reliability of the Dynamic Gait IndexArchives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 1528-1533.
2000 Patellofemoral Joint Compressive Forces During Backward and Forward Running at the Same SpeedJournal of Musculoskeletal Research. 107-118.
1998 Efficacy of Vestibular RehabilitationOtolaryngology Head Neck Surg. 49-54.
1998 Relationship Between Foot Pressure Pattern and Foot TypeFoot and Ankle International. 379-383.
1990 The Relationship between Scapular Abduction and Middle Trapezius Muscle PerformancePhysical Therapy. 470-479.
1989 Intra-session and Inter-session Reliablity of Hand-held Dynamometer Measurements Taken on Brain Damages PatientsPhysical Therapy. 182-194.
1988 Reliability of Isometric Muscle Testing of Knee Flexor and Extensor Muscles in Patients with Connective Tissue DiseasePhysical Therapy. 338-343.
1987 Lumbar Lordosis, Pelvic Tilt and Abdominal Muscle PerformancePhysical Therapy. 512-516.


  • Service-Learning Instructional Mini-Grant Award for Interprofessional Health Science Global Education  awarded by Old Dominion University 2016 - 2017
  • Comparison of Handpiece Design on Forearm Muscle Activity During Dental Polishing  awarded by Dentsply, International, York, PA 2010 - 2008
  • Comparison of Handpiece Design on Forearm Muscle Activity During Dental Polishing  awarded by Dentsply, International, York, PA - 2008
  • Virtual Reality in Gait Training: A pilot study of the use of VR with body weight supported treadmill training in patients after stroke  awarded by Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Eastern Virginia Medical School - 2007
  • EMG of Wrist Muscles using 5 types of Fulcrums During a Scaling Task  awarded by ADHA Institute for Oral Health - 2006
  • Development of an electronic medical record system across 2 disciplines  awarded by Faculty Innovator Grant CLT 2005
  • Electronic Medical Records for Health Sciences Students  awarded by Old Dominion University Faculty Innovator Grant - 2005
  • Clinical Research Network Planning grant  awarded by Foundation for Physical Therapy - 2002
  • Physical Therapy Laboratory of the Motion Analysis Center  awarded by Center for Innovative Technology and Tidewater Consortium of Hospitals - 1993
  • Reliability of a Photographic Method of Describing Posture  awarded by Old Dominion University Summer Faculty Research Grant - 1988
  • Advancing Stroke Rehabilitation  awarded by Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital foundation 2010 -
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Health Related Sciences, Virginia Commonwealth University 2005
  • M.S. in Physical Therapy, Biomechanics, Virginia Commonwealth University 1987
  • B.S. in Physical Therapy, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center 1979
  • Full Name

  • Martha Walker