• Dr. Murat Kuzlu (Senior Member – IEEE) joined Old Dominion University (ODU) of Electrical Engineering Technology Department as an Assistant Professor in 2018. He received his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in 2001, 2004, and 2010, respectively. From 2005 to 2006, he worked as a Global Network Product Support Engineer at the Nortel Networks, Turkey. In 2006, he joined the Energy Institute of TUBITAK-MAM (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey – The Marmara Research Center), where he worked as a senior researcher. Before joining ODU, he worked as a Research Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech’s Advanced Research Institute. His research interests include smart grid, demand response, smart metering systems (AMR, AMI, AMM), home and building energy management system, co-simulation, wireless communication and embedded systems.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2018 Power disaggregation of combined HVAC loads using supervised machine learning algorithmsEnergy and Buildings. 57.
    2017 Internet-based communication platform for residential DR programmesIET Networks. 25.
    2016 Enabling residential demand response applications with a ZigBee-based load controller systemIntelligent Industrial Systems. 303.
    2016 Framework for vulnerability assessment of communication systems for electric power gridsIET Generation, Transmission & Distribution. 477.
    2015 A robust building energy management algorithm validated in a smart house environmentIntelligent Industrial Systems. 163.
    2015 An approach for distribution transformer management with a multiagent systemIEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. 1208.
    2015 Impacts of House Sizes, Appliance Ratings and Usage Patterns on Demand Response Applications: A Case-Based StudyIntelligent Industrial Systems. 345.
    2015 Score-based intelligent home energy management (HEM) algorithm for demand response applications and impact of HEM operation on customer comfortIET Generation, Transmission & Distribution. 627.
    2014 Communication network requirements for major smart grid applications in HAN, NAN and WANComputer Networks. 74.
    2014 Load profiles of selected major household appliances and their demand response opportunitiesIEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. 742.
    2012 An algorithm for intelligent home energy management and demand response analysisIEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. 2166.
    2012 Hardware demonstration of a home energy management system for demand response applicationsIEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. 1704.
    2010 DSP implementation of underwater communication using SSB modulation with random carrier frequenciesScientific Research and Essays. 1084.

    Conference Papers

    Year Title
    2017 A comprehensive review of smart grid related standards and protocols.  12.
    2017 A data-driven approach for quantifying energy savings in a smart building.  1.
    2017 Hour-ahead solar PV power forecasting using SVR based approach.  1.
    2017 Security concerns and countermeasures in IoT-integrated smart buildings.  1.
    2016 A performance testing method for embedded software platforms.  135.
    2016 Conceptual framework for a multi-building peak load management system.  1.
    2016 Deploying IoT devices to make buildings smart: Performance evaluation and deployment experience.  530.
    2016 Simulation study of transactive control strategies for residential HVAC systems.  1.
    2016 Transactive control for efficient operation of commercial buildings.  1.
    2015 An agent-based open source platform for building energy management.  1.
    2015 BEMOSS: An agent platform to facilitate grid-interactive building operation with IoT devices.  1.
    2015 Impact assessment of communication service disruptions in power system applications.  1.
    2015 Impact of EV charging strategies on peak demand reduction and load factor improvement.  374.
    2015 Real-time co-simulation platform using OPAL-RT and OPNET for analyzing smart grid performance.  1.
    2015 Review of communication technologies for smart homes/building applications.  1.
    2014 A home energy management algorithm in a smart house integrated with renewable energy.  1.
    2014 Analysis of communication schemes for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  1.
    2014 Assessment of Communication Technologies and Network Requirements for Major Smart Grid Applications
    2014 Assessment of communication technologies for a home energy management system.  1.
    2014 Conceptual architecture of building energy management open source software (BEMOSS).  1.
    2013 A smart distribution transformer management with multi-agent technologies.  1.
    2013 Assessment of communication technologies and network requirements for different smart grid applications.  1.
    2013 Demonstration of a home energy management system with smart thermostat control.  1.
    2012 Demand response implementation in a home area network: A conceptual hardware architecture.  1.
    2011 Design of wireless smart metering system based on MSP430 MCU and ZigBee for residential application.  II.
    2010 Design of impedance matching network for B&K 8104 hydrophone via Direct Computational Technique for underwater communication.  399.
    2010 Localization at Wireless Sensor Networks.  408.
    2010 Real time implementation of digital band pass analytic filter pair.  626.
    2009 Implementation of underwater communication with TMS320VC5509A DSK.  II.

    Research Overview

  • Cyber physical systems, smart grid, smart cities, transactive energy, demand response, home energy management, building energy management, smart grid communications and cyber security, wireless communication, blockchain and embedded systems.
  • Full Name

  • Murat Kuzlu