Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Is Dual Language Marketing Socially ResponsibleBusiness Horizons. 565-572.
2017 The use of affinity groups by Fortune 100 firmsJournal of Business Diversity. 104-114.
2016 How context interferes with similarity-attraction between customers and service providersJournal of Retailing and Consumer Services. 294-303.
2013 Consumer Reactions to forms of corporate charitable supportCorporate Reputation Review. 285-299.
2013 How Culture of Targeting Impacts the Evaluation of Products with Multi-lingual PackagingPsychology & Marketing. 490-500.
2013 Philanthropy and Corporate Reputation: an Empirical InvestimationCorporate Reputatiion Review. 285-299.
2012 What Tattoos tell Customers About Salespeople: The Role of Gender NormsMarketing Management Journal. 50-65.
2011 Legal Implications of Appearance in Employment DecisionsJournal of Business Issues.
2011 What tattoos tell customers about salespeople: The role of gender normsMarketing Management Journal. 50-65.
2010 Evaluating Pay for Performance Systems: Critical Issues for ImplementationCompensation and Benefits Review. 231-238.
2010 The great academic-practitioner divide: a tale of two paradigmsGlobal Education Journal.
2009 Targeting Effect of SocietyConsumer Psychology (Division 23 of APA) Conference.
2008 The Effect of Multiple Language Product Descriptions on Product EvaluationsPsychology and Marketing. 233.
2007 Do Firms Practice What They Preach? The Relationship Between Mission Statements and Stakeholder ManagementJournal of Business Ethics. 207-216.
2007 Pay Inversion versus Pay for PerformanceCompensation and Benefits Review. 27-35.
2006 Mission Statement Quality and Financial PerformanceEuropean Management Journal. 86-94.
2005 Pay Inversion at Universities: Is it Ethical?Journal of Business Ethics. 325-333.
2005 The Case Against Pay InversionSAM Advanced Management Journal. 24-29.
2004 A Comparison of the Quality of European, Japanese, and U. S. Mission Statements: A Content Analysis.European Management Journal. 393-401.
2004 Asking Employees to SacrificeEthics & Critical Thinking Journal. 88-93.
2004 Comparison of the Quality of European, Japanese, and U.S. Mission Statements: A Content AnalysisEuropean Management Journal. 393-401.
2002 Do large European, U.S., and Japanese Firms use their Web Sites to Communicate their Mission?European Management Journal. 423-429.
2002 The Effects of Culture and Human Resource Management Policies on Logistics Management StrategyJournal of Business Logistics. 1-18.
2001 Auto Salesperson Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Dishonest Sales PracticesJournal of Business Ethics. 69-79.
2001 Determinants of Ethical Behavior: A Study of AutosalespeopleJournal of Business Ethics. 69-79.
2001 Investigation of Factors Affecting How Engineers and Scientists Seek InformationJournal of Engineering and Technology Management. 131-155.
2001 Using Web sites to communicate a firm's missionQuarterly Journal of Electronic Commerce. 115-121.
2000 A Comparison of Communications Practices AmongJournal of East-West Business. 81-108.
2000 Mission Statements: Are they Smoke and MirrorsBusiness Horizons. 23-38.
1998 How Screening Questions Can Cause Self-Selection BiasMarketing Research.
1997 Customers for Life: Does it Fit Your Culture?Business Horizons.
1992 Integrating the Personnel and Marketing FunctionsBusiness Horizons.
1992 Shoulds and Oughts in the WorkplaceSAM Advanced Management Journal. 39-41.
1992 Situational Occurrence Theory of Job SatisfactionHuman Relations. 859-873.
1991 A Normative Model for Dealing with Problem SalespeopleProfessional Selling Power.
1991 How To Counter Your Customer's Perceived RiskProfessional Selling Power.
1991 Technical Communication in the International WorkplaceTechnical Communication. 324-335.
1990 A Win-Win Approach to Dealing with Problem EmployeesFocus on Management.
1990 Emotionally Charged Issues in the WorkplaceSupervisory Management.
1990 Enthusiasm: The Missing Link in LeadershipSAM Advanced Management Journal.
1989 A Consumption Systems Approach to the Promotion of ExportingJournal of the Midwest Marketing Association. 77-80.
1988 An Empirical Investigation of Bogus RecallJournal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
1988 What Makes Employees Happy: It's The Little Things That CountManagement Solutions. 32-37.
1987 Recall Versus Persuasion: A Test of the Hierarchy of Effects Model of Advertising EffectivenessJournal of the Midwest Marketing Association.
1985 Scientific Inquiry and Technical CommunicationJournal of Technical Communication. 8-13.
1984 A Marketing Analysis of Physician Selection and SatisfactionJournal of Health Care Marketing. 25-32.
1984 Handling Screening Questions: Opinions and FindingsJournal of Data Collection. 32-36.
1984 Report Format Preferences of Technical Managers and Non-ManagersJournal of Technical Communication. 4-9.
1984 The Report Reading Patterns of Managers and Non-ManagersJournal of Technical Communication. 20-25.
1980 Processing Advertising Information: Deception, Salience and Inferential Belief FormationJournal of Advertising. 3-11.
1979 AACSB Accredited Schools Approach to Business CommunicationsJournal of Business Communications. 41-49.
1978 Business Communication Courses: Are They Filling the Need?Journal of Organizational Communication. 21-26.
1976 Fishbein's Subjective Norm: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical EvidenceAdvances in Consumer Research. 447-480.


Year Title
2003 Introduction to Organization Mission StatementsHR Architect: Tools to Design the HR Organization. HR Architect: Tools to Design the HR Organization/ Washington, D.C., Bureau of National Affairs.
1998 How Early Career Stage U.S. Engineers and Scientists Produce and Use Information Aerospace IndustryKnowledge Diffusion in the U.S. Aerospace Industry: Implications for Federal Scientific and Technical Information Policy. Norwood, N.J: Abelex Publishing Corp.
1998 Uncertainty and Information Use in the U.S. Aerospace IndustryKnowledge Diffusion in the U.S. Aerospace Industry: Implications for Federal Scientific and Technical Information Policy. Norwood, N.J: Abelex Publishing Corp.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2006 Effect of Multiple Language Product Descriptions on Product Evaluations.  233.
2001 Do large U.S. and Japanese firms use their websites to communicate their mission?
1990 Technical Communications in Aerospace: An Analysis of the Practices Reported by U.S. and European Engineers and Scientists.  186-192.

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  • M.S. in Advertising, University of Illinois 1974
  • Ph.D. in Communications, University of Illinois 1974
  • B.S. in Marketing & Psychology, University of Illinois 1970
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  • Myron Glassman