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Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2019 Investigating the Impact of Cybersecurity Policy Awareness on Employees’ Cybersecurity BehaviorInternational Journal of Information Management. 13-24.
2017 A method toward dynamic e-learning services modeling and the cooperative learning mechanismInformation Technology and Management. 119.
2017 China's manufacturing locus in 2025: With a comparison of “Made-in-China 2025” and “Industry 4.0”Technological Forecasting & Social Change.
2017 Gender difference and employees' cybersecurity behaviorsComputers in Human Behavior.
2017 Key factors to annual investment in public transportation sector: The case of ChinaTransportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice. 1-19.
2017 Measuring the expected locational accessibility of urban transit network for commuting tripsTransportation Research Part D. 62-81.
2016 A Clustering-Based Approach to Enriching Code Foraging Environment.IEEE Transactions on Cybernetic. 1962-1973.
2016 A new method to identify collaborative partners in social service provider networksInformation Systems Frontier. 565-578.
2016 Big data analysis and big data science: a surveyJournal of Management Analytics. 1-41.
2016 Healthcare data analytics: using a metadata annotation approach for integrating electronic hospital recordsJournal of Management Analytics. 136-151.
2016 Optimal Group Size for Software Change Tasks: A Social Information Foraging PerspectiveIEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 1784-1795.
2016 Toward Risk Reduction for Mobile Service Composition.IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 1807-1816.
2015 Introduction: Advances in IoT research and applicationsInformation Systems Frontier. 239-241.
2015 Toward Risk Reduction for Mobile Service CompositionIEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 1807-1816.
2014 A Trust Evaluation Model for E-Learning SystemsSystems Research and Behavioral Science. 353-365.
2014 A linked data-based approach for clinical treatment selecting supportJournal of Management Analytics. 301-316.
2014 A randomized pricing decision support system in electronic commerceDecision Support Systems. 43-52.
2014 Adaptive and Secure Load-Balancing Routing Protocol for Service-Oriented Wireless Sensor NetworksIEEE Systems Journal. 858-867.
2014 An emergency resource allocation model for the leakage of dangerous chemical at the seaJournal of Management Analytics.
2014 BSP-GA: A new Genetic Algorithm for System Optimization and Excellent Schema SelectionSystems Research and Behavioral Science. 337-352.
2014 Channel coordination with a loss-averse retailer and option contractsInternational Journal of Production Economics. 52-57.
2014 Channel coordination with a loss-verse retailer and option contractsInternational Journal of Production Economics. 52-57.
2014 Determination of Weights for Multiobjective Decision Making or Machine LearningIEEE Systems Journal. 63-72.
2014 Enhancing green supply chain initiatives via empty container reuse.Transportation Research Part E. 190-204.
2014 Local Semidefinite Programming-Based Node Localization System for Wireless Sensor Network ApplicationsIEEE Systems Journal. 879-888.
2014 QoS-aware scheduling of services-Oriented Internet of ThingsIEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. 1497-1505.
2014 Risk hedging in a supply chain: Option vs. price discountInternational Journal of Production Economics. 1497-1505.
2014 Supply chain practice and information quality: A supply chain strategy studyInternational Journal of Production Economics. 624-633.
2014 Systemic thinking on services science, management and engineering: Applications and challenges in services systems researchIEEE Systems Journal. 803-820.
2013 Manufacturing Practices in ChinaInternational Journal of Production Economics. 1-3.
2013 Operations Research (OR) in Service Industries: A Comprehensive ReviewSystems Research and Behavioral Science. 300-353.
2013 Social Media Competitive Analysis and Text Mining: A Case Study in the Pizza IndustryInternational Journal of Information Management. 464-472.
2013 Technology designed to combat fakes in the global supply chainBusiness Horizon. 167-177.
2013 The path to made-in-China; How it was done and future prospectsInternational Journal of Production Economics. 4-13.
2012 An emergency response decision support system framework for application in e-governmentInformation Technology and Management. 411-427.
2012 Business intelligence in enterprise computing environmentInformation Technology and Management. 297-310.
2012 CARR: a scalable solution for network packet classificationExpert Systems. 70-83.
2012 Distributed data mining: a surveyInformation Technology and Management. 403-409.
2012 Effects of enterprise technology on supply chain collaboration: analysis of China-linked supply chainEnterprise Information Systems. 55-77.
2012 Information flow in reverse logistics: an industrial information integration studyInformation Technology and Management. 217-232.
2012 Manufacturer’s pricing strategy for supply chain with warranty period-dependent demandOmega, International Journal of Management Science. 807-816.
2012 Optimal cyclic single crane scheduling for two parallel train oilcan repairing linesComputers & Operations Research. 1850-1856.
2012 Relational benefits and manufacturer satisfaction: an empirical study of logistics service in supply chainInternational Journal of Production Research. 5445-5459.
2012 e-Business systems integration: a systems perspectiveInformation Technology and Management. 233-249.
2009 A mathematical model of infectious diseasesAnnals of Operations Research. 41-80.
2009 A system dynamics approach to competitive strategy in mobile telecommunication industrySystems Research and Behavioral Science. 155-168.
2009 An extension of technology acceptance model: Analysis of the adoption of mobile data services in ChinaSystems Research and Behavioral Science. 391-407.
2009 Analysing relational benefits in e-business environment from behavioural perspectiveSystems Research and Behavioral Science. 129-142.
2008 A Business Process Intelligence System for Enterprise Process Performance ManagementIEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C (Applications and Reviews). 745-756.
2008 A process model for concurrent design in manufacturing enterprise information systemsEnterprise Information Systems. 33-46.
2008 ADTreesLogit model for customer churn predictionAnnals of Operations Research. 247.
2008 Assessing the Effects of Manufacturing Infrastructure Preparation prior to Enterprise Information Systems ImplementationInternational Journal of Production Research. 1645-1665.
2008 Role-oriented process-driven enterprise cooperative work using the combined rule scheduling strategiesInformation Systems Frontiers. 519-529.
2008 TQM-A Predecessor of ERP ImplementationInternational Journal of Production Economics. 569-580.
2007 Assessing the impacts of South-to-North Water Transfer Project with decision support systemsDecision Support Systems. 1989-2003.
2007 DSS development and applications in ChinaDecision Support Systems. 2060-2077.
2006 A case of rule-based heuristics for scheduling hot rolling seamless steel tube productionExpert Systems. 145-158.
2006 An analysis of hospital capacity management patterns using Miles and Snow’s typologyInternational Journal of Management and Enterprise Development. 312-338.
2006 Deriving information from CRM for knowledge management—a note on a commercial bankSystems Research and Behavioral Science. 141-146.
2006 Enhancing competitive edge through knowledge management in implementing ERP systemsSystems Research and Behavioral Science. 129-140.
2006 Fuzzy modeling of the medical treatment effects of superoxide dismutaseExpert Systems. 323-329.
2006 Modeling uncertainties involved with software development with a stochastic Petri netExpert Systems. 302-312.
2006 The effects of information technology implementation on supply chain collaborationInternational Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management. 118-134.
2005 Assessing intermediate infrastructural manufacturing decisions that affect a firm’s market performanceInternational Journal of Production Research. 2537-2551.
2005 Linking management control system with product development and process decisions to cope with environment complexityInternational Journal of Production Research. 2577-2591.
2005 Network-integrated manufacturing systemInternational Journal of Production Research. 2631-2647.
2005 Production research in ChinaInternational Journal of Production Research.
2005 The influence of management decisions on hospital efficiency: A two-period studyInternational Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management. 15-34.
2004 Mapping the relationships among product complexity, information technology, and transaction governance structure: A case studyJournal of Management Systems. 41-55.
2004 Technology investment in Hospitals: An empirical studyInternational Journal of Management and Enterprise Development. 390-410.
2004 Technology investment in hospital: an empirical studyInternational Journal of Management and Enterprise Development. 390-410.
2003 A decision model for reducing active power losses during electric power dispatchingComputers & Operations Research. 833-849.
2003 Hospital capacity management decisions – emphasis on cost control and quality enhancementEuropean Journal of Operational Research. 596-614.
2003 Interpolation representation of feedforward neural networksMathematical and Computer Modelling. 829-847.
2003 Mapping the relationships among product complexity, information technology, and transaction governance structure: A case studyJournal of Academy of Business and Economics. 162-173.
2003 Single hoist cyclic scheduling with multi-tank: a material handling solutionComputers & Operations Research. 811-819.
2003 Using MLP networks to design a production scheduling systemComputers & Operations Research. 821-832.
2002 The impact of strategic operations management decisions on community hospital performanceJournal of Operations Management. 389-408.
2001 An early warning system for loan risk assessment using artificial neural networksKnowledge-Based Systems. 303-306.
2001 An evaluation of acquiring and implementing a manufacturing resource planning systemProduction and Inventory Management Journal. 1-8.
2001 An object-oriented intelligent design tool to aid the design of manufacturing systemsKnowledge-Based Systems. 225-232.
2001 Development of a KBS for managing bank loan riskKnowledge-Based Systems. 299-302.
2001 Information visualization for intelligent decision support systemsKnowledge-Based Systems. 259-262.
2001 Scheduling railway freight carsKnowledge-Based Systems. 289-297.
2000 A hybrid system applied to epidemic screeningExpert Systems. 81-89.
2000 A production rescheduling expert simulation systemEuropean Journal of Operational Research. 64-74.
2000 An analysis of sources of competitiveness and performance of Chinese manufacturersInternational Journal of Operations & Production Management. 299-315.
2000 Integrating systems concepts into manufacturing information systemsSystems Research and Behavioral Sciences. 135-147.
2000 Modeling staffing flexibility: A case of ChinaEuropean Journal of Operational Research. 35-47.
2000 The effects of manufacturing capability on performance in a changing business environment: An empirical analysis of Chinese manufacturing firmsIndustrial Management and Data Systems. 261-270.
2000 The role of technology and quality on hospital financial performance: An exploratory analysisInternational Journal of Service Industry. 202-224.
1999 A healthcare staff decision model considering the effects of staff cross?trainingHealth Care Management Science. 53-61.
1999 Knowledge-based problem solving: an approach to health assessment1This research was partially sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and China Bridge International Foundation. Dr Li is a professor at China Textile University.1Expert Systems with Applications. 33-42.
1999 Proposing an architectural framework of a hybrid knowledge-based system for production reschedulingExpert Systems. 273-279.
1999 Representing diverse mathematical problems using neural networks in hybrid intelligent systemsExpert Systems. 262-272.
1997 Relationships between determinants of hospital quality management and service quality performance—a path analytic modelOmega: The International Journal of Management Science. 535-545.
1996 Performance measurement criteria in health care organizations: Review and future research directionsEuropean Journal of Operational Research. 449-468.
1993 An expert system approach to AIDS intervention and preventionExpert Systems with Applications. 119-127.
1992 A microcomputer approach for analyzing food productsComputers in Industry. 53-57.
1992 An information systems approach to the intervention and prevention of AIDSInformation Processing & Management. 269-280.
1992 Application of information systems to AIDS risk reductionMedical Informatics. 199-214.
1992 Dynamic simulation of demographic-economic systems in developing countriesInformation and Decision Technology. 363-374.
1992 High-risk behaviors for transmission of syphilis and HIV among crack cocaine using women: A case study from the MidwestSexually Transmitted Diseases. 266-271.
1991 An integrated information system for the intervention and prevention of AIDSInternational Journal of Bio-Medical Computing. 191-206.
1991 Changes in needle risk behaviors: A preliminary comparative analysis of the Dayton-Columbus NADR program's standard and enhanced intervention tracks at six monthsResearch in Progress. 12-16.
1991 HIV infection and risk behaviors among intravenous drug users in low seroprevalence areas in the Midwest.American Journal of Public Health. 1642-1644.
1989 Complementary opposition as a systems conceptSystems Research. 91-101.


Year Title
2014 Managing Supply Chain and Logistics: Competitive Strategy for a Sustainable Future.  Minneapolis, Minnesota: World Scientific Publishing Co..
2010 Supply Chain Management (in Chinese).  China Financial and Economic Publishing House: Beijing.
2007 Supply Chain Management: Concepts, Techniques, and Practices – Enhancing Value through Collaboration.  Minneapolis, Minnesota: World Scientific Publishing Co..


Year Title
2016 Cyber Security Awareness and Its Impact on Employee’s BehaviorResearch and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems: 10th IFIP WG 8.9 Working Conference, CONFENIS 2016.. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.
2013 Perdue Farms: A Vertically Integrated Supply ChainThe Supply Chain Management Casebook. Pearson Education, Inc.
2013 Supplier Selection at Kerneos, IncThe Supply Chain Management Casebook.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2016 A Smart Decision Making System for Managing Patient Database.  46-50.
2015 A security behavior model of employees in cyberspace.
2014 Allocating emergency resource for leakage of dangerous chemicals at sea
2014 Develop a yard truck schedule using integrated information of inbound and outbound containers at a transshipment port.  81-84.
2014 Does explicit information security policy affect employees’ cyber security behavior? A pilot study.  169-173.
2014 The value of integrated information system: A case of out-patient clinic.  57-60.
2013 TQM and Enterprise Systems
2013 Use of information technology in collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment: Trends, gaps in the literature and theoretical directions
2010 The role of TQM in ERP implementation
2009 Shipper’s voice: Assessing the perceived benefits of logistics service in global supply chain
2008 Impact of information technology on supply chain collaboration activities
2007 Supply chain collaboration through IT implementation
2006 The impact of IT on collaboration in supply chain
2005 The role of infrastructural manufacturing decisions and firm market performance
2004 ERM and company performance?
2004 Hospital technology and nurse staff decisions: Emphasis on cost control and quality enhancement
2004 Linking management control system with product development and process decisions to cope with environment complexity
2003 Promotion strategy and production planning in supply chain
2003 Rail freight service in supply chain management
2002 Mapping the relationships among product complexity, information technology, and transaction governance structure: A case study
2001 Manufacturing information systems and its conceptual foundation
2001 The influence of management decisions on hospital efficiency: A longitudinal study
1999 Capacity choices in current health care environment
1998 Competitive operations strategies adopted by Chinese manufacturers
1998 Empirical research methods and applications in business management
1997 A hybrid intelligent system for AIDS intervention and prevention.  371-376.
1997 A staff decision model for AIDS prevention program.  1458-1460.
1997 An integrated knowledge-based system for urban planning decision support.  377-382.
1997 Hospital factors, technology investment and applications.  181-183.
1997 Hospital radiology purchasing decisions.  28.
1997 Systems approach and information systems development.  130-132.
1996 A brief look of manufacturing strategies in China
1996 Capacity resource management in hospitals.  1605-1607.
1996 Quality measurement in the health care industry.  172-175.
1996 The influence of management decisions on hospital efficiency: A longitudinal study.  1605-1607.
1995 The effects of competitive priorities, structure and infrastructure on performance in hospitals.  1518-1520.
1991 Methodological issues in AIDS prevention


  • Developing Measurements for a General Education Course to Improve Student Learning  awarded by Center for Learning and Teaching - 2017
  • NSF SBE Small Collaborative: Improving Security Behavior of Employees in Cyberspace through Evidence-based Malware Reports and E-learning Materials  awarded by National Science Foundation 2015 - 2016
  • Improving Security Behavior of Employees in Cyberspace through Evidence-based Malware Reports and E-Learning Materials  awarded by National Science Foundation 2013 - 2016
  • Improving Security Behavior of Employees in Cyberspace through Evidence-based Malware Reports and E-learning Materials (grant)  awarded by National Science Foundation 2013 - 2016
  • SBE Small Collaborative: Improving Security Behavior of Employees in Cyberspace  awarded by National Science Foundation 2013 - 2016
  • SBE: Small: Collaborative: Improving Security Behavior of Employees in Cyberspace through Evidence-based Malware Reports and E-Learning Materials.  awarded by NSF 2013 - 2016
  • Assessing the Effects of Logistics Services on Supply Chain Relationships. 2011 - 2012
  • Research on quality control methods in new product development  awarded by National Natural Science Foundation of China 2009 - 2011
  • Quality Coordination in Multi-Layered Supply Chain: A Response to 2007 Product Recalls 2008 - 2009
  • Establishment of Environmental Public Health Tracking System in Virginia 2006 - 2007
  • Small Research Grant  awarded by ODU 2005
  • Summer Research Grant  awarded by ODU 2005
  • Summer research grant - 2005
  • Small Research Grant  awarded by ODU 2003
  • Summer Research Fellowship  awarded by ODU 2002
  • ERP techniques for integrating supply chain  awarded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education of China, joint research with Xian Jiao Tong University 2000 - 2001
  • ERP software grant 2000
  • Alumni Research Grant  awarded by Center for Manufacturing Excellence, The Ohio State University 1995
  • An Online Tacit Knowledge-Transferring Tool for Novice Science Teachers Who Teach Students with Disabilities  awarded by National Science Foundation 2000 -
  • An Online Tacit Knowledge-Transferring Tool for Novice Science Teachers Who Teach Students with Disabilities  awarded by National Science Foundation 1990 -
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Operations Management/Logistics, The Ohio State University 1996
  • M.A. in Operations Management / Logistics, The Ohio State University 1994
  • M.B.A., University of Alaska Anchorage 1988
  • B.A., Shanghai Normal University 1982
  • Full Name

  • Ling Li