Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Implicit sex guilt predicts sexual behaviors: Evidence for the validity of the Sex Guilt Implicit Association TestJournal of Sex & Marital Therapy. 1-22.
2018 What motivates individuals with sickle cell disease to talk with others about their illness? Reasons for and against sickle cell disease disclosureJournal of Health Psychology. 103-113.
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2010 The Role of rejection in mediating the effects of stigma-consciousness upon the professional lives of foreign-born faculty membersJournal of Diversity in Higher Education. 89-96.
2010 The role of rejection in mediating the effects of stigma consciousness upon foreign-born university professors.Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. 85-96.
2008 Social constraints in talking about diabetes to significant others and diabetes self-care. A social-cognitive processing perspectiveJournal of Social and Clinical Psychology. 949-969.
2006 Association between daily events and mood state among individuals living with HIV: A pilot study based on a daily diary methodologyJournal of Nursing Measurement. 116-128.
1988 The relationship between adult sexual adjustment and childhood experiences regarding exposure to nudity, sleeping in the parental bed, and parental attitudes toward sexuality.Archives of Sexual Behavior. 349-362.
1986 Results of body-image surveyPsychology Today.
1985 Your body, yourselfPsychology Today.


Year Title
1986 Personal adjustment.  Glenview, IL.
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1978 Personal adjustment: The psychology of everyday life.  Morristown, NJ: General Learning Press.


Year Title
2011 Sexual history and adjustment questionnaireHandbook of sexuality-related measures. Abingdon, Oxford: Routledge.