• My primary research interest centers on Information Systems (IS) development processes in dynamic environments. I have investigated different aspects of IS development in dynamic environments characterized by time-to-market pressures, ambiguous user requirements, and rapid changes in competitive threats, stakeholder preferences, and software technologies. Over the course of my professional career, I have established the following three research streams: (1) Agile software development process and methodology; (2) IT investment, governance and system development process; and (3) knowledge and data management in IS development, implementation and operation. Beyond the three major research streams, I have also studied research productivity in the field of IS. I have published more than 40 articles, 21 of which appear in premier journals such as Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the Association of Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality. My work has also appeared in high quality journals such as Group Decision and Negotiation, as well as in premier professional journals such as Communications of the ACM and IEEE Software. In addition, I have presented my research at prestigious conferences and workshops such as the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS). I have also served as the track co-chair at the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) for four years, and as associate editor at ICIS. I have also been awarded three ODU research grants and was one of the winners of the Faculty Preparation Proposal Program by ODU Office of Research. I was selected as the E. V. Williams Research Fellow in 2012 for “outstanding scholarly productivity”. I was also recognized as the 12th most cited researcher during 2001-2012 in the literature on Agile Software Development [see Chuang, S.W., Luor, T., and Lu, H.P, “Assessment of Institutions, Scholars, and Contributions on Agile Software Development (2001 to 2012)”, The Journal of Systems and Software, vol. 93, 2014. pp. 84-101]
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2018 Consider Culture When Implementing Agile PracticesSloan Management Review.
    2017 Conflicts and Complements Between Eastern Cultures and Agile Methods: An Empirical InvestigationEuropean Journal of Information Systems.
    2016 Emotion In IT Investment Decision Making with a Real Options Perspective: The Intertwining Of Cognition and RegretJournal of Management Information Systems. 652-683.
    2016 Emotion in Investment Decision Making with Real Options Perspective: Intertwining of Cognition and RegretJournal of Management Information Systems. 652-683.
    2015 Situated Boundary Spanning: An Empirical Investigation of Requirements Engineering Practices in Product Family DevelopmentACM Transactions on Management Information Systems.
    2014 Anonymity in Computer-Mediated Communication: More Contrarian Ideas with Less InfluenceGroup Decision and Negotiation. 765-786.
    2013 Adapting Funding Processes for Agile IT Projects: An Empirical InvestigationEuropean Journal of Information Systems. 115-205.
    2013 Evolution of Governance: Achieving Ambidexterity in IT OutsourcingJournal of Management Information Systems (JMIS). 115-140.
    2013 Normal Accident: Data Quality Problems in ERP-Enabled ManufacturingACM Journal of Data and Information Quality.
    2012 Ambidexterity in Agile and Distributed Development: An Empirical InvestigationInformation Systems Research. 323-339.
    2012 Dynamic Capability for Trustworthy Software DevelopmentJournal of Software: Evolution and Process.
    2011 Managing Disruptive and Sustaining Innovations in Green ITIEEE IT Professional. 22-23.
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    2010 Modeling Dynamics of Agile Software DevelopmentACM Transactions on Management Information Systems. 26.
    2009 A Framework for Adapting Agile MethodologiesEuropean Journal of Information Systems.
    2009 Are Domain-Specific Models Easier to Maintain Than UML ModelsIEEE Software.
    2009 Community Collaboration for ERP ImplementationsIEEE Software.
    2008 Benefits and Challenges of Agile Requirements Engineering Practices: An Empirical StudyIEEE Software.
    2008 Improving change management in software development: Integrating traceability and software con fi guration managementDecision Support Systems.
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    2006 Can distributed software development be agileCommunications of the ACM.
    2003 Measuring Researcher Production in Information SystemsJournal of the AIS.
    2002 IS Bibliographic Repository (ISBIB): A Central Repository of Research Information for the IS CommunityCommunications of the AIS.

    Conference Papers

    Year Title
    2017 Understanding Goal-Directed Emotions in Agile Software Development Teams
    2013 An Empirical Investigation of a Healthcare IT Initiative for Socio-economically Challenged Populations"
    2013 Boundary Spanning in Ambidextrous Project Teams
    2012 Global Software Development Project
    2008 Estimating Agile Software Project Effort: An Empirical Study
    2006 Coordination in Agile Software Development
    2006 Design in Agile Software Development
    2006 Participation and Persuasion via Computer-Mediated Communication: Anonymous versus Identified Comments
    2005 Activity Patterns of Pair Programming
    2004 Agile Software Development for Large Projects
    2004 An Exploratory Study on the Effects of Pair Programming
    2004 An Ontological Approach to Support Domain Knowledge Learning in Information Systems Development
    2004 Modeling Dynamics of Agile Software Development
    2003 Now the Twain Shall Meet: Combining Social Sciences and Software Engineering to Support Development of Emergent Systems
    2003 Research in ISD: Supporting Co-Evolution of Information Systems and Organizations
    2003 Traceability Support for Software Configuration Management


  • Summer research support  awarded by CBPA - 2008
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  • Business : Information Systems
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  • Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems, Georgia State University
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  • Lan Cao