Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Managerial Ability and firm risk-taking behaviorReview of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. 1005-1032.
2017 Effects of the shareholder base on firm behavior and firm value in ChinaInternational Review of Economics and Finance. 370-385.
2017 Investor attention and the expected returns of reitsInternational Review of Economics and Finance. 423-439.
2017 Managerial Decision Horizon and REITsReview of Behavioral Finance. 63-78.
2016 The Interaction of Short-term Reversal and Momentum StrategiesJOURNAL OF PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT. 96-107.
2015 CEO Overconfidence and Financial Policies of Real Estate Investment TrustsJournal of Property Research. 384-406.
2015 Idiosyncratic Risk and Earnings NoncommonaltyInternational Journal of Business and Finance Research. 1-17.
2015 The value of financial flexibility in emerging countriesJournal of Multinational Financial Management. 25-41.
2014 Aborted Share Repurchases and Earnings QualityMANAGERIAL FINANCE. 846-863.
2014 Creditor Rights and Corporate Cash Holdings: International EvidenceInternational Review of Economics and Finance. 117-127.
2014 Earnings Management and Corporate SpinoffsReview of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. 275-300.
2013 Acquirer's Earnings Quality and the Choice of Payment Method in Mergers and AcquisitionsMANAGERIAL FINANCE. 979-1000.
2013 Do Neglected Frims Suffer from Information Deficit?International Journal of Business and Finance Research. 31-44.
2012 Earnings Quality and Corporate Cash HoldingsAccounting and Finance/Blackwell. 543-571.
2012 Motives for mergers and acquisitions: ex post market evidence from the USJournal of Business Finance and Accounting. 1353-1375.
2012 Trading Volume and Overconfidence with Differential Information and Heterogeneous InvestorsJournal of Behavioral Studies in Business. 77-106.
2011 Do State Enterprises manage earnings more than privately owned firms? The case of China.Journal of Business Finance and Accounting. 794-812.
2010 Investor Overconfidence in REIT Stock TradingJournal of Real Estate Portfolio Management. 39-57.
2010 Investor Recognition and REIT ReturnsJournal of Real Estate Portfolio Management. 141-157.
2009 Idiosyncratic Risk and Expected REIT ReturnsJournal of Real Estat Portfolio Management. 45-57.
2009 Implications of Futures Volume: Speculators versus HedgersJournal of Asset Management. 318-337.
2009 Investor Sentiment and REIT ReturnsJournal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. 450-471.
2007 REIT Return Volatility: Between the Atlantic and the PacificReview of Accounting and Finance. 25-37.
2007 Real Estate Mutual Funds: A style AnalysisReview of Financial Services. 138-151.
2006 Equity Capital Flows and Demand for REITsJournal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. 275-291.
2006 Stock return Autocorrelation and Institutional Investors: The Case of ADRsReview of Accounting and Finance. 54-70.
2004 Institutional Herding in the ADRs MarketReview of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. 5-17.
2004 Real Estate Mutual Funds: Performance and PersistenceJournal of real Estate Research. 69-93.
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2002 Value of Multinationality, managerial compensation, and managerial discretionJournal of Business Finance and Accounting. 55-73.
2001 Foreign Acquisitions and Managerial DiscretionReview of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. 53-64.
2001 Withdrawn Spinoffs: An Empirical AnalysisJournal of Financial Research. 603-616.
2000 Firm Reputation and Insider Trading: The Investment Banking IndustryQuarterly Journal of Business and Economics. 49-67.
2000 Is There News in the Club?Journal of Financial Research. 311-330.
1999 Insurance IPOs: A test of the Underpricing TheoriesJournal of Insurance Issuances. 35-48.
1997 Price Dynamics among Exchange Rates, Stock Index, and Treasury Bonds in Futures MarketsAdvances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. 65-76.
1997 Reverse LBO and Underpricing: Information Asymmetry or Price Support?Journal of Applied Business Research. 67-77.
1996 Employers' Accounting for Post-Retirement Benefits Other than Pensions and Shareholders Wealth: Evidence from Regulated IndustriesJournal of Business and Economic Perspectives. 156-163.
1994 Atlantic and Pacific Capital Markets - Correlation and Volatility TransmissionGlobal Finance Journal. 103-119.
1994 Conditional Heteroskedasticity and the Weekend Effect in S&P 500 Index FuturesJournal of Business Finance and Accounting. 603-612.
1994 Curreny Futures Hedging: GARCH vs OLSJournal of Multinational Financial Management. 45-67.
1994 Intra and Inter-Industry Contagion Effects: Oil and Oil-related IndustriesJournal of Business Finance and Accounting. 1059-1070.
1993 Benefits of International Diversification: The Case of ADRsInternational Review of Economics and Business. 865-880.
1993 Investor's Information and IPO Underpricing: The Case of ADRsJournal of International Securities. 341-348.
1993 Weekly Pattern in Treasury Bond Futures and Garch EffectsReview of Futures Markets.
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1992 Inter-Currency Transmission of Volatility in Foreign Exchange FuturesJournal of Futures Markets. 609-620.
1992 Investor's Information and IPO Underpricing: The Case of ADRsJournal of International Securities. 341-348.
1992 Pure Interest Arbitrage, Debt Denomination, and Currency FuturesJournal of Multinational Financial Management. 95-112.
1991 A GARCH Examination of the Relationship between Volume and Price Variability in Futures MarketsJournal of Futures Markets. 613-621.
1991 Bank failure and Contagion Effects: Evidence from Hong KongJournal of Financial Research. 153-165.
1991 Corporate Headquarters Relocation: Evidence from the Capital MarketsJournal of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA Journal). 583-599.
1989 Trader Rationality in the Exercise of Futures OptionsJournal of Financial Economics. 339-361.

Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Finance, Georgia State University 1989
  • M.B.A. in Finance, State University of New York at Buffalo 1985
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics and Sociology, University of Hong Kong 1980
  • Full Name

  • Kenneth Yung