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Year Title
2016 Distribution, Sources, and Sinks of Cyanate in the Coastal North Atlantic OceanENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LETTERS.
2016 Measurement of Antioxidant Activity Toward Superoxide in Natural WatersFrontiers in Marine Science.
2016 Mixing effects on light exposure in a large lake epilimnion: a preliminary dual dye studyLimnol. Oceanogr. Methods. 542-554.
2016 Studies on hydroxyl radical formation and correlated photoflocculation process using degraded wood leachate as a CDOM sourceFrontiers in Marine Science. Article # 117.
2015 Characterization and photodegradation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) from a tropical eutrophic reservoir and its dominant primary producer, the cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosaMarine Chemistry.
2015 Competition between photochemical and biological degradation of dissolved organic matter from the cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa (Kützing)Limnol. Oceanogr. 1172-1194.
2015 Insights into the photoproduction sites of hydroxyl radicals by dissolved organic matter in natural watersENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LETTERS. 352-356.
2015 Spectroscopic characterization of marine dissolved organic matter isolated by reverse osmosis and electrodialysis: Implications for oceanic carbon cyclingMarine Chemistry.
2015 Spectroscopic characterization of oceanic dissolved organic matter isolated by reverse osmosis coupled with electrodialysisMarine Chemistry. 278-287.
2015 Supplementary Material to accompany: Spectroscopic characterization of oceanic dissolved organic matter isolated by reverse osmosis coupled with electrodialysis: Implications for oceanic carbon cycling
2014 Estimating hydroxyl radical photochemical formation rates in natural waters during long-term laboratory irradiation experimentsEnvironmental Science: Processes & Impacts. 757-763.
2014 Loss of optical and molecular indicators of terrigenous dissolved organic matter during long-term photobleachingAquatic Sciences. 353-373.
2014 Production of Black Carbon-like and Aliphatic Molecules from Terrestrial Dissolved Organic Matter in the Presence of Sunlight and IronENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LETTERS. 399-404.
2014 Ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometric differentiation of dissolved organic matter isolated by coupled reverse osmosis-electrodialysis from various major oceanic water massesMarine Chemistry. 48-59.
2014 Wavelength and temperature-dependent apparent quantum yields for photochemical formation of hydrogen peroxide in seawaterEnvironmental Science: Processes & Impacts. 777-791.
2013 A preliminary examination of an in situ dual dye approach to measuring light fluxes in lotic systemsLimnol. Oceanogr.: Methods. 631-642.
2013 Chromatographic Determination of Nanomolar Cyanate Concentrations in Estuarine and Sea Waters by Precolumn Fluorescence DerivatizationAnalytical chemistry. 6661-6666.
2013 Photochemical bleaching of oceanic dissolved organic matter and its effect on absorption spectral slope and fluorescenceMarine Chemistry. 81-91.
2013 Photochemical flocculation of terrestrial dissolved organic matter and ironGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 398-413.
2012 Atmospheric sulfur cycle simulated in the global model gocart: comparison with field observations and regional budgetsJournal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.
2010 Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide photoproduction quantum yields in the Delaware EstuaryMar. Chem.. 11-21.
2010 Illuminated darkness: molecular signatures of Congo River dissolved organic matter and its photochemical alteration as revealed by ultrahigh percision mass spectrometryL&O.
2009 Contrasting effects of solar radiation and nitrates on the bioavailability of DOM to marine bacteriaJ. Photochem. Photobiol.: A. Chemistry. 243-247.
2009 Erratum: Absorption spectral slopes and slope ratios as indicators of molecular weight, source, and photobleaching of chromophoric dissolved organic matterLimnol. Oceanogr. 1023.
2009 Photochemical degradation of dissolved organic matter and dissolved lignin phenols from the Congo RiverJournal of Geophysical Research. G03010.
2009 Photodegradation of estuarine dissolved organic matter: A multi-method assessment of DOM transformationsOrganic Geochemistry. 243-257.
2008 Absorption spectral slopes and slope ratios as indicators of molecular weight, source, and photobleaching of chromorphic dissolved organic matterL&O. 955-969.
2008 Geochemistry and Reactivity of Exported Congo Riverine Dissolved Organic MatterGeochemistry. 2.
2008 Relating carbon monoxide photoproduction to dissolved organic matter functionalityEnviron. Sci. Technol.. 3271-3276.
2008 Semi-automated method for determination of photochemically produced carbon dioxide in seawaterLimnol. Oceanog. - Methods. 441-453.
2007 Advanced Instrumental Approaches for Characterization of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter: Mass Spectroscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyChemical Reviews. 419-442.
2007 Evaluating the photoalteration of estuarine dissolved organic matter using direct temperature-resolved mass spectroscopy and UV-visible spectroscopyAquatic Sciences. 440-455.
2006 Carbon monoxide photoproduction in open ocean watersGeophysical Research Abstracts. 07042.
2006 Corrigendum to “Photochemical production of the OH radical in Antarctic waters”Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers. 747-748.
2006 DOM Photodegradation in a Temperate EstuaryEOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union.
2006 Effect of pH and ionic strength on terrestrial DOM photoreactivity: Implications in estuarine DOM transformationsEOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union.
2006 Effects of salinity changes on the photodegradation and ultraviolet-visible absorbance of terrestrial dissolved organic matterLimnology and Oceanography. 2181.
2006 Fluorescence Intercalibration Experiment: a Multi-laboratory Comparison of Correction Procedures for Fluorescence Analysis of Dissolved Organic MatterAGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. 1040.
2006 Open ocean carbon monoxide photoproductionDeep-Sea Research II. 1685-1694.
2006 Photochemical Production of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Delaware Estuary and Northwest Atlantic OceanEOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union.
2006 Photochemical production the OH radical in Antarctic watersDeep-Sea Research Part I-Oceanographic Research Papers. 747-748.
2006 Using 18O as a Tracer of Oxygen in the Photochemical Alteration of Dissolved Organic MatterAGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. 02.
2005 Effect of humic substance photodegradation on bacterial growth and respiration in lake waterAppl. Environ. Microbiol.. 6267-6275.
2005 Hydrogen peroxide method intercomparison study in seawaterMarine Chemistry. 4-13.
2005 Isolation and characterization of estuarine dissolved organic matter: Comparison of ultrafiltration and C_18 solid-phase extraction techniquesMarine Chemistry. 219-235.
2005 Special Issue: In Honor of Dana R. KesterMarine Chemistry. 362-363.
2001 Photochemical production of the hydroxyl radical in Antarctic watersDeep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers. 741-759.
2001 Water Analysis: Organic Carbon DeterminationsEncyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry.
2000 Determination of the tropospheric hydroxyl radical by liquidphase scrubbing and HPLC: Preliminary resultsJournal of atmospheric chemistry. 81-105.
2000 Marine photochemistry and its impact on carbon cyclingThe effects of UV radiation in the marine environment. 101-129.
1999 Nitrate and nitrite ultraviolet actinometersPhotochemistry and photobiology. 319-328.
1996 Automated high-performance, high-temperature combustion total organic carbon analyzerAnalytical chemistry. 3090-3097.
1996 Effects of cross-flow filtration on the absorption and fluorescence properties of seawaterMarine Chemistry. 53-74.
1996 Formaldehyde methods comparison in the remote lower troposphere during the Mauna Loa Photochemistry Experiment 2Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984?2012). 14741-14755.
1996 Special Issue: The Use of Cross-Flow Filtration (CFF) for the Isolation of Marine ColloidsMarine Chemistry. 409-410.
1996 Tropospheric formaldehyde concentration at the Mauna Loa observatory during the Mauna Loa observatory photochemistry experiment 2Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984?2012). 14711-14719.
1995 Absorbance properties of dissolved organic matter in Antarctic sea waterAntarctic Journal of the United States. 139-140.
1995 Dissolved flavins in the Weddell-Scotia Confluence during the 1983 austral springAntarctic Journal of the United States. 148-149.
1995 Group Report: What Are the Physical, Chemical, and Biological Processes that Control the Formation and Degradation of Nonliving Organic Matter?The Role of Nonliving Organic Matter in the Earth's Carbon Cycle. 305.
1995 Photochemical production of the OH radical and formaldehyde in antarctic watersAntarctic Journal of the United States. 141-142.
1995 Photochemistry of Antarctic waters during the 1994 austral summerAntarctic Journal of the United States. 150-151.
1995 Protein and humic substance fluorescence of dissolved organic matter in Antarctic sea waterAntarctic Journal of the United States. 137-139.
1995 Role of surface-active carbohydrates in the flocculation of a diatom bloom in a mesocosmDeep-Sea Res. I. 47-73.
1995 Wavelength dependence of hydrogen peroxide photochemical production in antarctic watersAntarctic Journal of the United States. 146-147.
1995 What are the physical, chemical, and biological processes that control the formation and degradation of nonliving organic matter?
1993 Carbonyl compounds in the lower marine troposphere over the Caribbean Sea and BahamasJournal of Geophysical Research: Oceans (1978?2012). 2385-2392.
1992 Occurrence of particle?bound polysulfides and significance of their reaction with organic matters in marine sedimentsGeophysical Research Letters. 2043-2046.
1991 Distribution and biological turnover of dissolved organic compounds in the water column of the Black SeaDeep Sea Research Part A. Oceanographic Research Papers. S1021-S1047.
1991 Extraction and Analysis of Polysaccharides, Chiral Amino Acids, and Sfe?Extractable Lipids from Marine POMMarine particles: analysis and characterization. 151-161.
1990 Determination of Photochemically Produced Hydroxyl Radicals in Seawater and FreshwaterMarine Chemistry MRCHBD.
1990 Determination of low-molecular-weight carboxylic acids in aqueous samples by gas chromatography and nitrogen-selective detection of 2-nitrophenylhydrazidesAnalytica Chimica Acta. 215-221.
1990 Determination of sulfite and thiosulfate in aqueous samples including anoxic seawater by liquid chromatography after derivatization with 2, 2’-dithiobis (5-nitropyridine)Environmental Science & Technology. 333-337.
1990 Field Method for Determination of Traces of Thiols in Natural WatersAnalytica Chimica Acta ACACAM.
1990 Measurement of sub-parts-per-billion levels of carbonyl compounds in marine air by a simple cartridge trapping procedure followed by liquid chromatographyEnvironmental Science & Technology. 1482-1485.
1990 UV-B induced production of OH radicals at the sea surfaceEOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union;(United States).
1989 Mechanistic studies of organosulfur (thiol) formation in coastal marine sedimentsBiogenic sulfur in the environment. 231-242.
1988 Determination of formate in natural waters by a coupled enzymatic/high-performance liquid chromatographic techniqueAnalytical chemistry. 1654-1659.
1987 Determination of picomolar levels of flavins in natural waters by solid-phase ion-pair extraction and liquid chromatographyAnalytica Chimica Acta. 127-133.
1987 Geochemical formation of organosulphur compounds (thiols) by addition of H2S to sedimentary organic matterNature. 623-625.
1987 Natural photosensitizers in sea water: Riboflavin and its breakdownACS Symposium Series[ACS SYMP. SER.]. 1987..
1986 Biogeochemical cycling of sulfur: thiols in coastal marine sedimentsACS symposium series. 324-339.
1986 Determination of amino acids in sea water—recent chromatographic developments and future directionsScience of The Total Environment. 115-131.
1986 Trace determination of ?-keto acid in natural watersAnalytica Chimica Acta. 129-140.
1984 Trace analysis of aldehydes by pre-column fluorigenic labeling with 1, 3-cyclohexanedione and reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographyJournal of Chromatography A. 399-406.
1984 Trace determination of biological thiols by liquid chromatography and precolumn fluorometric labeling with o-phthalaldehydeAnalytical chemistry. 2557-2560.
1983 Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic analysis of ?-keto acid quinoxalinol derivatives: Optimization of technique and application to natural samplesJournal of Chromatography A. 135-149.
1983 Reversed-phase liquid chromatographic analysis of dns-sugars: Optimization of derivatization and chromatographic procedures and applications to natural samplesJournal of Chromatography A. 27-38.
1983 Trace analysis of aldehydes by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography and precolumn fluorigenic labeling with 5, 5-dimethyl-1, 3-cyclohexanedioneJournal of Chromatography A. 243-252.
1981 Extraction and distribution of free amino-acids and ammonium in sediment interstitial waters from the limfjord, DenmarkOceanologica Acta. 465-474.
1980 Borate complex ion exchange chromatography with fluorimetric detection for determination of saccharide ethylenediamineAnalytical chemistry. 2018-2022.
1980 Carbohydrates in the marine environment: recent developmentsBiogeochemie de la Matiere Organique a l'Interface Eau-Sediment Marin, CNRS, Paris. 34-45.
1980 Neuron-glia interactions in the biosynthesis and release of transmitter amino acidsAdvances in biochemical psychopharmacology. 509-518.
1980 Occurrence, origin, and assimilation of free amino acids in an estuarine environmentProceedings... Symposium of the Baltic Marine Biologists: relationship and exchange between the pelagic and benthic biota.
1980 The monosaccharide spectra of natural watersMarine Chemistry. 55-66.
1980 Warven-Chronologie und frühdiagenetische Umsetzungen organischer Substanzen holozäner Sedimente des Schwarzen MeeresNeues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie Monatshefte. 65-86.
1979 Early diagenesis of sugars and amino acids in sedimentsDiagenesis in Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks, Elsevier, Amsterdam. 143-205.
1979 High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Subpicomoie Amounts of Amino Acids by Precoiumn Fluorescence Derivatization with 0-PhthaidiaidehydeAnalytical chemistry.
1979 Organic carbon in the ocean: nature and cyclingThe global carbon cycle. 293-316.
1979 The free amino acid composition of seawater obtained without desalting and preconcentrationMarine Chemistry. 71-85.
1978 A note on the losses of monosaccharides, amino sugars, and amino acids from extracts during concentration proceduresAnalytical biochemistry. 186-190.
1978 An automatic analyzer for the specific determination of amino sugarsAnalytical biochemistry. 191-195.
1978 Improved chromatographic separations on anion exchange resins: III. Sugars in borate mediumAnalytical biochemistry. 162-168.
1978 Improved chromatographic separations on anion-exchange resins: I. Partition chromatography of sugars in ethanolAnalytical biochemistry. 528-532.
1978 Improved chromatographic separations on anion-exchange resins: II. Separation of uronic acids in acetate medium and detection with a noncorrosive reagentAnalytical biochemistry. 597-601.
1978 Sugars, amino acids, and hydrocarbons in Black Sea sediment from DSDP Leg 42B coresInitial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 697-705.
1978 Uronic and other organic acids in Baltic Sea and Black Sea sedimentsGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 153-163.
1977 Man and the global nitrogen cycle group reportGlobal chemical cycles and their alterations by man. Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Global Chemical Cycles and their Alterations by Man (Berlin 15?19 November 1976). Physical and Chemical Sciences Research Reports. 253-274.
1977 SCOPE 13-The Global Carbon Cycle
1977 Sugars and uronic acids in sediment and water from the Black Sea and North Sea with emphasis on analytical techniquesMarine Chemistry. 585-603.
1976 Organische Substanzen im Sediment und Wasser der Hamburger AlsterDie Hamburger Alster. 173-188.
1975 Early diagenesis of organic matter in marine soilsSoil Science. 65-72.
1974 High performance liquid chromatographic determination in picomole amounts of amino acids by precolumn fluorescence derivatization with 0-phthaldialdehydeAnal Chem. 1667-1674.
1973 A new noncorrosive dye reagent for automatic sugar chromatographyAnalytical biochemistry. 440-442.
1973 The amino acid and sugar composition of diatom cell wallsMar. Biol. 323-331.
1972 A new chromatographic sugar autoanalyzer with a sensitivity of 10< sup>? 10 molesAnalytical biochemistry. 147-153.
1972 Aspects of the biogeochemistry of carbohydrates and proteins in aquatic environments
1972 Synthesis of carbohydrates and lipids on kaoliniteChemical Geology. 79-87.
1971 Oxygen isotope fractionation between biogenic silica and ocean waterGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 1185-1187.
1971 Synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles on kaolinite from CO2 and NH 3Naturwissenschaften. 624-625.


Year Title
2010 Addressing the Unknown Composition of Marine DOM: Is There a Need for Representative Standards of DOM for the Marine Biogeochemical Community?.  American Geophysical Union, 2000 Florida Ave., N. W. Washington DC 20009 USA.
1976 Chemical Oceanography.  Ed. 6.  Academic Press, New York London.


Year Title
1986 Organic chemical dynamics of the mixed layer: measurement of dissolved hydrophilic organics at seaDynamic Processes in the Chemistry of the Upper Ocean. Springer US.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2016 The effects of turbulence on light exposure in a large-lake surface mixed-layer: a preliminary in-situ dual-dye study
2013 Photochemical Flocculation of Terrestrial Dissolved Organic Matter (tDOM) and Iron: Mechanisms and Geochemical Implications
2010 Chemical and spectroscopic characterization of marine dissolved organic matter isolated using the coupled reverse osmosis-electrodialysis (RO/ED) method
2005 Effect of pH on the photoreactivity and absorbance properties of terrestrial dissolved organic matter during estuarine transport
2005 Photodegradation of dissolved organic matter from a temperate estuary.  U886-U887.
2003 DOC photodegradation and the enhancement of microbial respiration in estuarine and coastal waters.  U804-U804.
2003 Effects of photobleaching on CDOM absorbance in three mid-latitude estuaries.  319-321.
2003 Photochemical formation of dissolved inorganic carbon in seawater: Analytical aspects and recent cruise results.  U808-U808.
2003 Photochemical formation of dissolved inorganic carbon in the Delaware Estuary.  U808-U808.
2003 Quantum yields for nitrite formation and decay in seawater.  U809-U809.
1995 Mechanisms of formation of low molecular-weight carbonyl-compounds and OH radicals from phenolic model compounds of humic substance.  208-ENVR.
1995 Photochemical production of hydrogen-peroxide in Antarctic waters.  227-ENVR.
1992 Photochemical production of OH and formaldehyde in surface waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  1-ENVR.
1992 Photodegradation and geochemical fate of river carbon in the sea.  62-GEOC.
1991 Potential impact of dissolved organic-carbon (doc) flux out of margin sediments on oceanic doc.  17-GEOC.
1989 Forfmation of carbonyl-compounds from the photodegradation of humic subtances in natural-waters.  95-GEOC.
1987 3-Mercaptopropionic acid formation from dimethylsulfoniopropionate in anoxic coastal marine-sediments.  94-GEOC.
1987 Abiotic formation of 3-mercaptopropionate and other thiols in coastal marine-sediments =.  180-ENVR.
1987 Enzymatic determination of formic acid in natural-waters.  33-GEOC.
1986 Potential impact of photooxidative cleavage of humic substances on the cycling of carbon in the sea.  18-GEOCHEM.
1984 The use of pre-column and post-column derivatization methods for liquid-chromatographic analysis CARBOHYDRATES FROM ENVIRONMENTAL-SAMPLES.  12-CARB.
1968 Oxygen isotope fractionation between biogenic silica and ocean water.  336.

Research Overview

  • Impact of sunlight and photochemistry on oceanic & global carbon cycling and greenhouse gas production (e.g., CO2). Studies of dissolved organic matter and light-absorbing chemical species in natural waters using advanced analytical and spectroscopic techniques. Impact of enhanced UV-B radiation during the ozone hole on photochemical processes and microbial activity in Antarctic surface waters. Development of new analytical methods for trace analysis of organic and reactive oxygen species..
  • Grants

  • REU Supplement to: Cyanate in the Sea: Sources, Sinks, and Quantitative Significance  awarded by NSF 2015 - 2018
  • Cyanate in the Sea: Sources, Sinks, and Quantitative Significance  awarded by The National Science Foundation 2015 - 2017
  • Collaborative Research: A Dual-Dye Approach to Measuring In Situ Light Fields: Development and Preliminary Field Testing  awarded by NSF 2012 - 2015
  • REU supplement to Collaborative research: Comprehensive chemical characterization of marine dissolved organic matter using efficient isolation coupled to advanced analytical techniques  awarded by NSF 2010 - 2012
  • Development of a high-precision TOC analyzer with a nM detection limit  awarded by NSF (OCE-0850635) 2009 - 2011
  • Collaborative Research: Comprehensive Chemical Characterization of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter using Efficient Isolation Coupled to Advanced Analytical Tehcniques  awarded by NSF (OCE-0728634) 2007 - 2010
  • REU supplement to Collaborative research: Impact of DOM source and photooxidation on carbon cycling in estuaries  awarded by NSF 2006 - 2008
  • Collaborative research: Impact of DOM source and photooxidation on carbon cycling in estuaries  awarded by NSF 2004 - 2007
  • Effects of photodegradation on the composition, optical properties and bioavailability of DOM in estuaries  awarded by NSF 2003 - 2006
  • Collaborative Research: The production and fate of algal extracellular polysaccharides in a eutrophic reservoir near Sao Paulo, Brazil  awarded by NSF 2001 - 2006
  • Impact of photochemistry on carbon cycling in the sea  awarded by NSF 2001 - 2005
  • REU supplement to “Impact of photochemistry on carbon cycling in the sea.”  awarded by NSF 2003 - 2004
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  • Chemical Oceanography : Analytical and photochemical
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  • Kenneth Mopper