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2017 Coincidence charged-current neutrino-induced deuteron disintegration for $^{2}{\mathrm{H}}_{2}^{16}\mathrm{O}$Phys. Rev. D. 113008.
2016 Electromagnetic structure of few-nucleon ground statesJournal of Physics G-Nuclear and Particle Physics.
2015 Coincidence charged-current neutrino-induced deuterondisintegrationPhys. Rev.. 053006.
2014 Semi-inclusive charged-current neutrino-nucleusreactionsPhys. Rev.. 013014.
2014 The ³He(e,e'p) ²H and ?He(e,e'p)³H reactions at high momentum transferPhys. Rev. C.
2013 A Regge Model for Nucleon-Nucleon Spin Dependent AmplitudesPhys Rev C.
2013 Off-shell extrapolation of Regge-model NN-scattering amplitudes describing final-state interactions in 2H(e, e' p)Phys Rev C.
2013 Regge model for nucleon-nucleon spin-dependentamplitudesPhys. Rev.. 014004.
2013 ²H(e,e'p) observables using a Regge model parameterization of final state interactionsPhys Rev C.
2011 Exclusive Scattering from Unpolarized and Polarized DeuteronFew Body Syst. 6.
2011 Polarization observables in H-2(e,e’p) at GeV energiesAIP Conf. Proc.. 163-166.
2010 Ejectile Polarization for H-2(e,e’ p-arrow)n at GeVenergiesPhys. Rev.. 014008.
2009 Target polarization for ²H(e,e'p)n at GeV energiesPhys. Rev.. 054001.
2008 A New calculation for D(e, e-prime p)n at GeV energiesPhys. Rev.. 014007.
2006 Conserved electromagnetic currents in a relativistic optical model, nucl-th/0605031Phys. Rev. C. 345007.
2006 Conserved electromagnetic currents in a relativisticoptical modelPhys. Rev.. 034607.
2005 A comprehensive treatment of electromagnetic interactions and the three-body spectator equationsPhys. Rev. C. 034003.
2005 Modeling quark-hadron duality in polarization observablesPhys. Rev. D. 054019.
2005 Scaling of Dirac fermions and the WKB approximationPhys. Rev.. 054020.
2004 Modeling quark-hadron duality for relativistic, confined fermionsPhys. Rev. D. 054006.
2003 Energy-weighted sum rules, y-scaling and dualityEur. Phys. J. 391.
2002 Covariant description of inelastic electron-deuteron scattering: predictions of the relativistic impulse approximationPhys. Rev. C. 044003.
2002 Quark-hadron duality in a relativistic, confining modelPhys. Rev. D. 094038.
2001 Quark-hadron duality in structure functionsPhys. Rev. D. 054005.
2001 The deuteron: structure and form factorsAdv. Nucl. Phys.. 293.
2000 Origin of relativistic effects in the reaction D (e,e-prime p) n at GeV energiesPhys. Rev.. 044613.
1998 Electromagnetic interactions for the two-body spectatorequationsNucl. Phys.. 391-434.
1998 Lagrangian with off-shell vertices and field redefinitionsFew Body Syst.. 73-88.
1997 Normalization of the covariant three-body bound state vertex functionPhys. Rev.. 641.
1997 Strange vector currents and the OZI-rulePhys. Lett.. 381.
1995 A Covariant description of the deuteronCzech. J. Phys.. 181-207.
1995 Elastic electron scattering from the deuteron using thegross equationPhys. Rev. Lett.. 4369-4372.
1995 Electron scattering from the deuteron using the GrossequationFew Body Syst. Suppl.. 415-428.
1995 Heavy mesons in a relativistic modelPhys. Rev.. 5229.
1995 Relativistic calculations of the deuteron form-factorsand triton binding energyFew Body Syst. Suppl.. 269-274.
1992 An introduction to out?of?plane physicsAIP Conf. Proc.. 432-437.
1992 Relativistic one boson exchange model for the nucleon nucleon interactionPhys. Rev.. 2094.
1991 Many-body correlation effects on the longitudinalresponse in the quasielastic (e, e’) reactionPhys. Rev.. 582-595.
1990 Relativistic effects in low energy nucleon nucleon scatteringPhys. Rev.. R1909.
1989 Final-state interactions and relativistic effects in the quasielastic (e,e') reactionPhys. Rev.. 790-812.
1989 Models for relativistic coulomb sum rules: expansions in moments of the nuclear momentum densityNucl. Phys.. 365.
1989 Polarization response functions and the (e?,e?p?) reactionPhys. Rev.. 290-303.
1989 Quasielastic (e,e?) sum rule saturationPhys. Rev.. 1159.
1988 Reply to comment on medium modified form factors, relativistic dynamics, and the (e,e?p) reactionPhys. Rev. Letters. 1428.
1988 Scaling in electron scattering from a relativistic FermigasPhys. Rev.. 1801-1810.
1987 A Formal Framework for the Electroproduction ofPolarized Nucleons From NucleiPhys. Rev.. 266-279.
1987 Coulomb sum rules in the relativistic fermi gas modelPhys. Rev.. 1637.
1987 Crossing symmetric selfconsistent pi N t - matrixPhys. Rev.. 1403.
1987 Formal framework for the electroproduction of polarized nucleons from nucleiPhys. Rev.. 266.
1987 Medium modified form factors, relativistic dynamics, and the (e,e?p) reactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 1267.
1987 Non-static self-consistent ?N t-matrix with crossing symmetryPhys. Rev.. 1403.
1985 Final state interactions and relativistic effects in the (e?,e’p) reactionPhys. Rev.. 1312-1326.
1984 The nonstatic self-consistent ?N t-matrix in nuclear matterPhys. Rev.. 633.
1982 Recoil and correlations in pion double scatteringPhys. Rev.. 979.
1981 Mesonic processes in deep-inelastic electron scattering from nucleiAnn. Phys.. 451.
1981 Multiple scattering theory and local field effectsPhys. Rev.. 799-801.
1981 The self-consistent ?N t-matrixPhys. Rev.. 2157.
1980 Do Quasifree Reaction Mechanisms Explain ReactionCross-sections in Intermediate-energy Proton - NucleusScattering?Phys. Rev. Lett.. 1579.
1980 Short range correlations and the nuclear momentum density distribution for ^16OPhys. Rev.. 2628-2631.
1978 Meson exchange currents in deep inelastic electron scattering from nucleiPhys. Lett.. 393.


Year Title
1986 Relativistic and non-relativistic dynamics in the (e?,e’p) reactionRelativistic Dynamics and Quark-Nuclear Physics. New York: John Wiley and Sons.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2011 Polarization Observables in D(e; e0p) at GeV Energies.  163.
1985 Relativistic effects in electromagnetic interactions

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