Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2016 Dynamics of plume - triple junction interaction: Results from a series of three-dimensional numerical models and implications for the formation of oceanic plateausJournal of Geophysical Research. 1316-1342.
2014 Interaction of a mantle plume and a segmented mid-ocean ridge: Results from numerical modelingEarth and Planetary Science Letters. 113-120.
2013 Controls on crustal accretion along the back-arc East Scotia Ridge: Constraints from gravity and bathymetry dataMarine Geophysical Research. 45-58.
2011 Lithospheric control on the spatial pattern of Azores hotspot seafloor anomalies: Constraints from a model of plume-triple junction interactionGeophysical Research Letters.
2010 Effects of ridge geometry on mantle dynamics in an oceanic triple junction region: Implications for the Azores PlateauEarth and Planetary Science Letters.
2008 Mantle flow and melting beneath oceanic ridge-ridge-ridge triple junctionsEarth and Planetary Science Letters. 231-240.
2003 Low 3He/4He ratios in basalt glasses from the western Southwest Indian RidgeEarth and Planetary Science Letters. 509-528.
2003 Plume-transform interactions at ultra-slow spreading ridges: Implications for the Southwest Indian RidgeGeochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.
2002 Three-dimensional passive flow and temperature structure beneath oceanic ridge-ridge-ridge triple junctionsEarth and Planetary Science Letters. 115-132.
2001 Evidence from gravity anomalies for interactions of the Marion and Bouvet hotspots with the Southwest Indian Ridge: Effects of transform offsetsEarth and Planetary Science Letters. 283-300.
2000 Submarine hydrogeology of the Hawaiian archipelagic apron: 2. Numerical simulations of coupled heat transport and fluid flowJournal of Geophysical Research. 21371-21385.
1999 Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Azores hotspot interactions: along-axis migration of a hotspot-derived event of enhanced magmatism 10 to 4 MaEarth and Planetary Science Letters. 257-269.

Research Overview

  • Numerical modeling of marine geological and geophysical fluid flow processes. Marine geophysics and geodynamics of ocean ridges, hotspots, and large igneous provinces. Continental shelf geology and geophysics. Geoscience data visualization and education.
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Geology : Plate tectonics, magmatism, volcanism, and geological processes at tectonic plate margins
  • Numerical Modeling : Fluid flow processes in geophysics and Earth sciences; geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Oceanography : Marine geophysics, marine geodynamics, and marine geology
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Oceanography (Marine Geology and Geophysics), Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Oceanography 2001
  • B.A. in Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia 1995
  • Full Name

  • Jennifer Georgen