Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 I'd rather teach peace: An autoethnographic account of the Nonviolent Communication and Peace coursePeace Studies Journal. 71-75.
2017 Searching for the divine: An autoethnographic account of religious/spiritual and academic influences on the journey of the professorJournal of Communication and Religion. 92-112.
2017 Teaching Students How to Make Their Dreams Come True: An Autoethnography of Developing and Teaching the Dream Reseach Methods CourseThe Qualitative Report. 3186.
2015 Meditating in the Classroom: Cultivating Attention and InsightListening Education. 8-15.
2013 Mappling the landscape of digital petitionary prayer as spiritual/social support in mobile, facebook, and e-mailJournal of Media and Religion. 1-15.
2013 Reaching peace by teaching peace: Assessing instruction of the nonviolent communication and peace courseJournal of Peace Education. 1-18.
2012 An introduction to prayer research in communication: Functions, contexts, and possibilitiesJournal of Communication and Religion. 202-208.
2012 Prayer researchReview of Communicaton. 143-158.
2011 Assessing predictions of relational prayer theory II: Media and interpersonal inputs, public and private prayer processes, and spiritual healthSouthern Journal of Communication. 191-209.
2009 Exploring prayer contexts and health outcomes: From the chair to the pewJournal of Communication and Religion. 347-374.
2009 Prayer life of a professorNew Directions for Teaching and Learning. 9-16.
2005 The role of prayer in the process of providing spiritual directionPresence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction. 40-45.
2003 Prayer as interpersonal coping in the lives of mothers with HIVWomen and Therapy. 283-295.
2002 Prayer and relationship with God II: Replication and extension of the relational prayer modelReview of Religious Research. 58-67.
2002 Stirring the soul: The influence of prayer on mind and body.Quest. 8-11.
2001 The prayer of the Holy Name in eastern and western spiritual traditions: A theoretical, cross-cultural, and intercultural prayer dialogueJournal of Ecumenical Studies. 196-216.
1999 A model of interpersonal Christian prayerJournal of Communication and Religion. 40-64.
1997 Interpersonal Christian prayer and communicationJournal of Communication and Religion. 5-13.
1997 Persuasive effects of story and statistical evidenceJournal of Argumentation and Advocacy. 170-175.
1995 Construction and test of an empirical measure for narrative coherence and fidelityCommunication Reports. 1-5.
1995 Persuasive effects of an involving disability role playJournal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling. 29-35.
1994 Religious orientation, persuasion, and communicator styleJournal of Communication and Religion. 61-72.
1994 The temporal effects of story and statistical evidence on belief changeCommunication Research. 582-602.
1992 Interpretations, evaluations, and consequences of interpersonal touchHuman Communication Research. 237-263.
1991 Choosing between micro and macro nonverbal measurement: Application to selected vocalic and kinesic indicesJournal of Nonverbal Behavior. 57-78.
1989 Nonverbal expectancy violations and conversational involvementJournal of Nonverbal Behavior. 97-120.
1987 Measurement and reliability of nonverbal behaviorJournal of Nonverbal Behavior. 205-233.


Year Title
2003 Theoretical Explorations and Empirical Investigations of Communication and Prayer.  Ed. 64.  Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press.


Year Title
2012 Positive religious/spiritual coping among African-American men with HIV in jails and/or prisonsThe positive side of interpersonal communication. Peter Lang Press.

Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Communication, The University of Arizona 1991
  • M.A. in Speech Communication, San Jose State University 1985
  • B.A. in Human Relations and Communications, San Jose State University 1983
  • Full Name

  • Erland Baesler