• Dr. Zhang joined the faculty at ODU in 2012. She has worked for Iowa State University, City University London and Lancaster University in England and Legend Co. in Beijing, China.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2018 Facilitating dynamic marketing capabilities development for domestic and foreign firms in an emerging economyJournal of Business Research. 141-152.
    2017 Institutional environment and IPO strategy: A study of ChiNext in ChinaManagement and Organization Review. 399-430.
    2017 Knowledge development approaches and breakthrough innovations in technology-based new firmsJournal of Product Innovation Management. 492-508.
    2017 Venture capital investors’ experiences and foreign IPO success: Evidence from chinaEntrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 677-707.
    2016 Ethnic enclave and entrepreneurial financing: Asian venture capitalists in silicon valleyStrategic Entrepreneurship Journal. 318-335.
    2016 Facilitating exploration alliances in multiple dimensions: the influences of firm technological knowledge breadthR&D Management. 159-173.
    2016 Host country network, industry experience, and international alliance formation: Evidence from the venture capital industryJournal of World Business. 264-277.
    2015 Social Networks, Cognition and Risk Recognition in New Ventures: Evidence from ChinaJournal of Developmental Entrepreneurship. 27.
    2015 When does investment in political ties improve firm performance? The contingent effect of innovation activitiesAsia Pacific Journal of Management. 363-387.
    2012 Synergistic effects of nanosecond pulsed electric fields combined with low concentration of gemcitabine on human oral squamous cell carcinoma in vitro.PLOS ONE. e43213.
    2011 Acquisition of institutional capital by niche agricultural producersJournal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. 361-379.
    2011 Direct ties, prior knowledge and entrepreneurial resource acquisitions in China and SingaporeInternational Small Business Journal. 170-189.
    2010 Entrepreneurial resource acquisition through indirect ties: Compensatory effects of prior knowledgeJournal of Management. 511-536.
    2010 Entrepreneurship education for owner-managers: The process of trust building for an effective learning communityJournal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. 249-270.
    2010 The Influence of knowledge base and organizational structures on technology collaborationJournal of Management Studies. 679-704.
    2010 The problems of using social networks in entrepreneurial resource acquisitionInternational Small Business Journal. 338-361.
    2009 A process model of small business owner-managers’ learning in peer networksEducation + Training. 607-623.
    2009 Niche agricultural producers’ acquisition of capitalJournal of Developmental Entrepreneurship. 73-87.
    2008 A contingent model of network utilization in early financing of technology venturesEntrepreneurship Theory & Practice. 593-613.
    2008 Learning through engaging with higher education institutions: A small business perspectiveInternational Small Business Journal. 651-660.
    2008 Networks vs. market methods in high-tech venture fundraising: The impacts of institutional environmentEntrepreneurship & Regional Development. 409-430.
    2007 Technological knowledge base, R&D organization structure and alliance formation: Evidence from the biopharmaceutical industryResearch Policy. 515-528.
    2006 The use of networks in human resource acquisition for entrepreneurial firms: Multiple “fit” considerationsJournal of Business Venturing. 664-686.
    2005 Changing structures of SME networks: Lessons from the publishing industry in TaiwanLong Range Planning. 145-162.

    Research Overview

  • Dr. Zhang's primary research interests deal with technological innovation, knowledge management and entrepreneurship. She has more than twenty refereed publications in journals such as "Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice", "Journal of Business Venturing", "Journal of Management", "Journal of Management Studies", and "Research Policy" to name a few. Her current research projects focus on venture capital investment in China and worldwide.
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Business Policy, National University of Singapore 2004
  • Full Name

  • Jing Zhang