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Year Title
2017 Pre-Town Meeting on Spin Physics at an Electron-Ion ColliderEur. Phys. J.. 71.
2016 Gluon TMD in particle production from low to moderatexJHEP. 164.
2016 Rapidity evolution of gluon TMD from low to moderate xEPJ Web Conf.. 02002.
2016 Structure constant of twist-2 light-ray operators in theRegge limitPhys. Rev.. 061701.
2015 Evolution of gluon TMD at low and moderate xInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 1560058.
2015 NLO Hierarchy of Wilson Lines EvolutionInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 1560056.
2015 NLO evolution of 3-quark Wilson-loop operatorJHEP.
2015 Rapidity evolution of gluon TMD from low to moderate xJHEP. 017.
2015 Rapidity factorization and evolution of gluon TMDsPoS. 036.
2015 Three-point correlator of twist-2 light-ray operators inN=4 SYM in BFKL approximation
2015 Transverse Momentum Dependent (TMD) parton distributionfunctions: status and prospectsActa Phys. Polon.. 2501-2534.
2013 Photon impact factor and kT factorization for DIS in the next-to-leading orderPhys. Rev.. 014013.
2013 Rapidity evolution of Wilson lines at the next-to-leading orderPhys.Rev. D.
2013 Two-point correlator of twist-2 light-ray operators inN=4 SYM in BFKL approximation
2012 Photon impact factor and $k_T$ factorization in thenext-to-leading orderInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 187-199.
2012 Photon impact factor in the NLOAIP Conf. Proc.. 276-281.
2011 Evolution of conformal color dipoles and high-energyamplitudes in N = 4 SYMInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 9-19.
2011 Mellin representation of the graviton bulk-to-bulkpropagator in AdSPhys. Rev.. 087901.
2011 Photon Impact Factor in the Next-to-Leading OrderPhys.Rev. D.
2011 Small-x DIS in the NLONucl. Phys.. 490-493.
2010 High-energy amplitudes in N = 4 SYM in thenext-to-leading orderInt. J. Mod. Phys.. 401-410.
2009 Conformal kernel for NLO BFKL equation in N = 4 SYMPhys. Rev..
2009 NLO evolution of color dipoles in W = 4 SYMNucl Phys B. 45.
2008 NLO evolution of color dipoleActa Phys. Polon.
2008 NLO evolution of color dipolesPhys. Rev.
2008 Next-to-leading order evolution of color dipolesPhys. Rev.. 014019.
2007 Quark contribution to the small-x evolution of color dipolePhys. Rev..
2006 Scattering of shock waves in QCDNucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.. 275-278.
2005 High-energy effective action from scattering of QCD shock wavesPhys. Rev..
2004 Scattering of shock waves in QCDPhys. Rev.. 114030.
2003 Scattering of color dipoles: from low to high energiesPhys. Rev..
2002 Nonlinear evolution in high density QCDNucl. Phys..
2001 Effective field theory for the small x evolutionPhys. Lett.. 235-242.
2000 Deeply virtual Compton scattering at small xPhys. Rev.. 074004.
2000 Renormalons as dilatation modes in the functional spacePhys. Rev. Lett..
1999 Factorization and high-energy effective actionPhys. Rev.. 014020.
1998 Factorization for high-energy scatteringPhys. Rev. Lett.. 2024-2027.
1997 How much of the nucleon spin is carried by glue?Phys. Rev. Lett.. 1225-1228.
1997 Light ray evolution equations and leading twist partonhelicity dependent nonforward distributionsPhys. Lett.. 114-121.
1997 Operator expansion for diffractive high-energyscattering
1996 Operator expansion for high-energy scatteringNucl. Phys.. 99-160.
1996 Q**2 evolution of chiral odd twist - three distributionsh(L) (x, Q**2) and e (x, Q**2) in the large N(c) limitPhys. Rev. Lett.. 3078-3081.
1995 Instanton induced production of QCD jetsPhys. Lett.. 143-148.
1995 Instanton induced production of jets with largetransverse momentum in QCDNucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.. 166-168.
1993 Instanton contributions to the tau decay widthsPhys. Lett.. 371-381.
1993 Instanton induced contributions to structure functionsof deep inelastic scatteringPhys. Lett.. 237-245.
1993 Instanton-induced contributions of fractional twist inthe cross-section of hard gluon-gluon scattering in QCDPhys. Rev.. 1879-1888.
1993 The Possibility of experimental observation of the QCDinstantonPhys. Atom. Nucl.. 1106-1109.
1993 Valley method versus instanton induced effectiveLagrangian up to (E / E(sphaleron))**8/3Nucl. Phys.. 639-683.
1992 The Possibility to observe QCD instantonPhys. Lett.. 185-190.
1992 Valleys in Minkowski space and instanton inducedcross-sectionsNucl. Phys.. 51-82.
1991 Instanton induced asymptotics of perturbative series forR (e+ e- —> hadrons) and Lambda (QCD)Phys. Lett.. 282-291.
1991 The Nonlocal operator expansion for inclusive particleproduction in e+ e- annihilationNucl. Phys.. 93-140.
1991 Topological current K(mu) as a string operatorPhys. Lett.. 405-410.
1990 Power corrections 1 / Q**2 to parton sum rules for deepinelastic scattering from polarized targetsPhys. Lett.. 245-250.
1989 Evolution Equations for QCD String OperatorsNucl. Phys.. 541-584.
1989 Nonlocal Operator Expansion for Structure Functions of$e+ e-$ AnnihilationPhys. Lett.. 123-131.
1989 Power law corrections to parton sum rules for deepinelastic scattering by polarized targetJETP Lett.. 61-64.
1989 Radiative Decay Sigma+ —> p gamma in QuantumChromodynamicsNucl. Phys.. 509-550.
1988 On Strange Quark Scalar Condensate in the NucleonZ. Phys.. 225.
1988 QCD Sum rules for the decay sigma+ —> P Gamma. (in russian)Sov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 546-554.
1988 The decay Sigma+ —> p gamma in QCD: Bilocalcorrections in a variable magnetic field and the photonwave functionsSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 348-357.
1986 + P ? Decay in QCD. (In Russian)Sov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 1028.
1986 Collective - Coordinate Method for Quasizero ModesPhys. Lett.. 113-119.
1986 Exotic Mesons With $J$ (Pc) = 1(-+), Strange and NonstrangeZ. Phys.. 265-273.
1986 Instanton molecular vacuum in N = 1 supersymmetric quantum mechanicsNucl. Phys.. 475.
1985 Nucleon charge radius from QCD sum rulesPhys. Lett.. 309-316.
1985 On vector domincance in sum rules for electromagnetichadron characteristics. (in Russian)Sov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 178.
1985 Wilson loop for the stretched contours in vacuum fieldsand the small distance behavios of the interquarkpotentialNucl. Phys.. 166-186.
1984 Baryon magnetic moments from QCD sum rules
1984 Sum rules for the cross-section of annihilation of virtual photons into hadronsYad. Fiz.. 163-179.
1983 Power corrections to the forward scattering amplitude of virtual photons. (in Russian)Yad. Fiz.. 966-983.
1983 Proton and Neutron Magnetic Moments from QCD Sum RulesPhys. Lett.. 328-334.
1983 String operator expansion of the T product of two currents near the light conePhys. Lett.. 230-236.
1982 Exotic Meson J(PC) = 1(-+) from the QCD sum rules. (in Russian)Yad. Fiz.. 1300-1315.
1982 Exotic mesons with J(PC) = (1-+) from QCD sum rulesPhys. Lett.. 71-75.
1982 On the virtual gamma gamma annihilation to hadronsPhys. Lett.. 53-57.
1979 Calculation of meson meson interaction cross-section in quantum chromodynamics. (in Russian)JETP Lett.. 355.
1979 Regge processes in nonabelian gauge theories. (in Russian)
1978 Effective Electric Charge and Asymptotic FreedomYad. Fiz.. 1091-1097.
1978 The Pomeranchuk Singularity in Quantum ChromodynamicsSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 822-829.


Year Title
2010 High-energy amplitudes in the next-to-leading orderSubtleties in Quantum Field Theories. Gatchina: Lev Lipatov Festschrift.
2001 Chapter 22: High-Energy QCD and Wilson LinesBoris Ioffe Festschrift. World Scientific Singapore.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2014 NLO BFKL and anomalous dimensions of light-ray operators
2014 Pre-Town Meeting on Spin Physics at an Electron-IonCollider
2006 High-energy effective action from scattering of QCD shock waves.  315-320.
2003 Small-x evolution of Wilson lines
2002 Renormalons as dilatation modes in the functionalspace.  177-185.
1999 High-energy effective action from scattering of shockwaves in QCD.  261-268.
1998 Factorization and effective action for high-energyscattering in QCD.  111-124.
1994 Instanton induced production of gluon jets in QCD.  1705-1708.
1994 Instanton interactions and nonperturbative particleproduction in QCD.  167-194.
1993 Instanton induced particle production in deep inelasticscattering.  0140-150.
1992 Instanton-induced effects in QCD cross-sections.  1077-1081.

Research Overview

  • Deep inelastic scattering from nucleons and nuclei at small x. Small-x evolution in the next-to-leading order in QCD and in N = 4 SYM. Scattering of shock waves in QCD.High-energy effective action for the heavy-ion collisions.
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (Russia) 1984
  • M.S. in Theoretical Physics, St. Petersburg State University 1977
  • Full Name

  • Ian Balitsky