Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2019 Investigating the Impact of Cybersecurity Policy Awareness on Employees’ Cybersecurity BehaviorInternational Journal of Information Management. 13-24.
2018 Greater Stroop effect predicts better performance on creative insight problems, but not on divergent thinking tasksInternational Journal of Creativity and Problem Solving. 29-37.
2018 The independence of working memory capacity and audiovisual cues when listening in noiseScandinavian Journal of Psychology..
2017 Gender difference and employees' cybersecurity behaviorsComputers in Human Behavior.
2017 Interaction of Emotional Valence and Arousal on Attentional Breadth and Creative Task PerformanceCreativity Research Journal. 313-330.
2017 The effect of emotionally arousing negative images on judgments about news storiesVisual Communication Quarterly. 15-31.
2016 The sea is rising… but not onto the policy agenda: A multiple streams approach to understanding sea level rise policiesEnvironment and Planning C: Government and Policy. 228-243.
2015 The Sea is Rising… But Not onto the Policy Agenda: A Multiple Streams Approach to Understanding Sea Level Rise PoliciesEnvironment and Planning C: Government and Policy.
2014 A state level analysis relationship among educational achievement level, primary seat-belt laws, and seat beat use in the United StatesAccident Analysis and Prevention. 129-136.
2014 Effects of noise and audiovisual cues on speech processing in adults with and without ADHDInternational Journal of Audiology. 145-152.
2014 Impact of noise and working memory on speech processing in adults with and without ADHDInternational Journal of Audiology.
2014 The Role of Politics and Proximity in Sea Level Rise Policy Salience: A Study of Virginia Legislators’ PerceptionsJournal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. 208-217.
2013 Working in pairs vs. working alone: Effect of gender composition on creative problem solving process and performanceCreativity Research Journal. 189-198.
2012 Investigating insight as sudden learningJournal of Problem Solving. 27.
2012 The psychological effects of news imagery: A case for evidence-based decision making and practicesVisual Communication Quarterly. 20-32.
2011 Impact of auditory acuity on listening span in young and old adultsPsychology and Aging. 85-91.
2010 Investigating the role of instructional focus in incidental pattern learningJournal of General Psychology. 84-113.
2009 Obstacles in investigating the role of restructuring in insightful problem solvingJournal of Problem Solving.
2009 Source evaluation, comprehension, and learning in Internet science inquiry tasksAmerican Education Research Journal. 1060-1106.
2009 Surprise, memory, and retrospective judgment making: Testing cognitive reconstruction theories of the hindsight bias effectJournal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. 916-933.
2008 Hindsight bias in insight and mathematical problem-solving: Evidence of different reconstruction mechanisms for metacognitive vs. situational judgmentsMemory & cognition. 822-837.
2006 The nature of restructuring in insight: An individual differences approachPsychonomic bulletin & review. 66-73.


Year Title
2011 Clarifying readers’ goals for learning from expository science textsText Relevance and Learning from Text. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
2005 Multimedia Learning of HistoryCambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2015 A security behavior model of employees in cyberspace.
2014 Does explicit information security policy affect employees’ cyber security behavior? A pilot study.  169-173.
2009 The role of working memory capacity in attentional filtering
2008 The interaction of working memory and reasoning style in predicting syllogistic reasoning performance
2007 The role of expectation and memory in the hindsight bias effect: A test of cognitive reconstruction models
2006 Can exposure to post-outcome information “debias” the hindsight bias?
2004 Ah-Ha! I knew it all along. Hindsight bias evidence of restructuring in problem solving
2004 Making inferences from WebPages
2003 Does attention matter for implicit learning?
2003 Instructional focus does not affect implicit pattern learning
2002 AH-HA! I knew it all along: Differences in hindsight bias between insight and algebra problems
2002 An examination of the role of attentional focus in implicit learning
2002 Assessment of effectiveness of an electronic book to deliver robotics lab experience over the Internet
2002 The role of working memory in insight problem solving
2001 Hindsight bias in problem solving
2001 The impact of images on learning from WebPages on science and history

Research Overview

  • The role of automatic and controlled cognitive processes in judgment and decision making, problem solving, creativity/insight, and learning.
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Psychology : Cognitive Science
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago 2005
  • M.A. in Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago 2003
  • B.S. in Psychology, Central Michigan University 1999
  • Full Name

  • Ivan Ash