Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 A Semantic Similarity Measure Integrating Multiple Conceptual Relationships for Web Service DiscoveryExpert Systems with Applications. 19-31.
2017 GACRM: A dynamic multi-attribute decision making approach to large-scale Web service compositionApplied Soft Computing Journal. 947-958.
2017 Web service discovery among large service pools utilising semantic similarity and clusteringEnterprise Information Systems. 452-469.
2016 A Flexible QoS-aware Web Service Composition Method by Multi-objective Optimization in Cloud ManufacturingComputers & Industrial Engineering. 423-431.
2016 Managing security risks for inter-organisational information systems: a multiagent collaborative modelEnterprise Information Systems. 751-770.
2014 Assessing quality of large-scale data standards: A case of XBRL GAAP TaxonomyDecision Support Systems. 351-360.
2014 Data Standards Quality Measured for Achieving Enterprise Interoperability: The Case of the SETU Standard for Flexible StaffingInformation Systems and e-Business Management. 517-541.
2014 Principal Association Mining: An Efficient Classification ApproachKnowledge-Based Systems. 16-25.
2012 A Knowledge Management Framework of Using a Learning Management System, Web 2.0 and Case-based Reasoning in Requirement Engineering EducationIEEE Technology and Engineering Education. 1-12.
2012 Leveraging Cloud Computing to Support Experiential Learning in Distance EducationIEEE Technology and Engineering Education. 17-19.
2012 Risk identification and conduction model for financial institution IT outsourcing in ChinaInformation Technology and Management. 429-443.
2011 Interoperability of XBRL Financial Statements in the U.S.International Journal of E-Business Research. 18-33.
2011 Quality of Data Standards: Framework and Illustration using XBRL Taxonomy and InstancesElectronic Markets. 129-139.
2011 Supporting Process Design for e-Business via an Integrated Process RepositoryInformation Technology and Management. 97-109.
2011 Using an Automated Web Harvesting System to Track Obesity-Related Policies
2010 Collaborative Taxonomizing of a Decentralized Document RepositoryDecision Support Systems. 292-303.
2010 Research on E-Commerce Transaction Networks Using Multi-Agent Modeling and Open APIEnterprise Information Systems. 329-353.
2009 Community Collaboration for ERP ImplementationsIEEE Software.
2009 From Social Tagging to Social Hierarchies: Sharing Deeper Structural Knowledge in Web 2.0Communications of the Association for Information Systems.
2007 Collaborative Structuring: Organizing Document Repositories Effectively and EfficientlyCommunications of the ACM. 86-91.
2006 Mining Web Navigations for IntelligenceDecision Support Systems. 574-591.
2005 Probabilistic question answering on the webJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 571-583.
2004 The Effects of Fitness Functions on Genetic Programming-Based Ranking Discovery For Web SearchJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 628-636.
2003 The architecture of commKnowledge: combining link structure and user actions to support an online communityInternational Journal of Electronic Business. 69-82.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2015 Dynamic Tagging for Enterprise Knowledge Sharing and Representation
2015 Using a scaffolding-based blogging approach to improve IT and CS undergraduate students’ disciplinary writing skills
2013 Semantic standards quality measured for achieving enterprise interoperability
2012 Semantic Standards Quality Measured in Practice: The Case of the SETU Standard for Flexible Staffing
2012 Social Curation of large multimedia collections on the cloud
2011 Interoperability of Data Created using Extensible Data Standards
2011 User Experiments of a Social, Faceted Multimedia Classification System
2009 Automated support for a collaborative system to organize a collection using facets.  187-203.
2009 Sloppy Tags and Metacrap? Quality of User Contributed Tags in Collaborative Social Tagging Systems
2009 Supporting multi-criteria decision making through collaborative faceted classification
2008 Exploring Historical Image Collections with Collaborative Faceted
2008 Exploring historical image collections with collaborative faceted classification.  44-47.
2008 Maintaining and evolving a taxonomy with social tagging
2007 Collaborative faceted classification system.  223.
2006 Design in Agile Software Development

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