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Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Taylor-series expansion methods for multivariate hammerstein integral equationsInternational Journal of Applied Mathematics. 77-81.
2012 An Expansion Methods for Multivariate Fredholm Integral EquationsLatest Advances in Information Science and Application. 11-13.
2012 On Taylor Expansion Methods for Multivariate Integral Equations of the Second Kind
2012 Wavelet Collocation Method and Multilevel Augmentation Method for Hammerstein EquationsSIAM Journal of Scientific Computing. A309-A338.
2011 Taylor-expansion methods for Volterra integral equations of the second kindScientiae Mathematicae Japonicae.
2010 On Taylor-series expansion methods for the second kind integral equationsJournal of computational and applied mathematics. 1466-1472.
2009 Discrete Taylor-expansion method for integral equationsInternational Jounral of Numerical Methods and Applications. 139-153.
2008 Numerical experiments using hierarchical finite element method for nonlinear heat conduction in platesJournal of Applied Mathematics and Computation. 414-430.
2007 Error analysis of the p-version discontinuous Galerkin method for heat transfer in built-up structuresCommunications on Pure and Applied Analysis. 719.
2007 Hierarchical modeling for non-linear heat equations over a multilayered planeContributions in Mathematics and Applications II, East-West Journal of Mathematics (Special Volume). 133-148.
2006 A Hierarchical Model for Heat Transfer in Built-up Structures
2006 A construction of waveletsApplicable Analysis. 1245-1253.
2006 A discontinuous Galerkin method for parabolic equationsApplied Mathematics and Computation. 388-402.
2006 Discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for parabolic problemsApplied Mathematics and Computation. 388-402.
2006 Discontinuous Galerkin method for parobolic equations with modified h - p finite element approachApplied Mathematics and Computation. 1405-1417.
2006 On a construction of waveletsApplicable Analysis. 1245-1253.
2005 A construction of waveletsJournal of Computational Analysis and Applications. 373-382.
2004 Error Analysis for Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Parabolic Problems
2003 9. Variational Principle and Fixed PointsSet Valued Mappings With Applications in Nonlinear Analysis. 129.
2003 Wavelet applications to the Petrov–Galerkin method for Hammerstein equationsApplied Numerical Mathematics. 255-273.
2001 A Note on the Use of Residual as an Error Estimator for Hammerstein Equations
2001 Superconvergence of the iterated degenerate kernel methodApplicable Analysis. 331-351.
2000 A comparison of the multigroup and collocation methods for solving the low-energy neutron Boltzmann equationCanadian Journal of Physics. 45-56.
1999 A note on the finite element method with singular basis functionsInternational Journal For Numerical Methods In Engineering. 491-495.
1999 Numerical solutions of Hammerstein equationsBoundary Integral Methods: Numerical and Mathematical Aspects. 257.
1998 On a variational principle of ekelandNarosa Publishing House. 152-157.
1998 Remarks on contractive-type mappingsSci. Math. 125-131.
1998 Singularity preserving Galerkin method for Hammerstein equations with logarithmic kernelAdvances in Computational Mathematics. 363-376.
1997 Superconvergence of the iterated collocation methods for Hammerstein equationsJournal of computational and applied mathematics. 335-349.
1996 Characterization of Fixed Points of Multi-Valued Maps by Metric ProjectionsBollettino della Unione Matematica Italiana-A. 399-408.
1996 On a conjecture of S. ReichProceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 3159-3162.
1996 Singularity Preserving Numerical Methods for Boundary Integral Equations(Final Report, Period ended 7 May 1996)
1996 Superconvergence of the iterated Galerkin methods for Hammerstein equationsSIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis. 1048-1064.
1995 Fixed points of generalized contractive multi-valued mappingsJournal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 655-666.
1994 Applications of f-contraction mappings to nonlinear integral equationsBull. Inst. Math. Acad. Sinica. 69-74.
1994 Gauss-type quadratures for weakly singular integrals and their application to Fredholm integral equations of the second kindMathematics of Computation. 739-753.
1994 Multi-valued f-contractive mappingsBollettino della Unione Matematica Italiana-A. 233-242.
1992 Degenerate kernel method for multi-variable Hammerstein equationsApplied Numerical Mathematics. 473-479.
1992 Numerical solutions for weakly singular Hammerstein equations and their superconvergenceJ. Integral Equations Appl. 391-407.
1992 On expansive mappingsMath. Japonica. 733-735.
1991 An Application of Approximation Theory to Numerical Solutions forNumerical functional analysis and optimization. 517-523.
1991 Degenerate kernel method for Hammerstein equationsMathematics of Computation. 141-148.
1991 Numerical solutions for weakly singular Fredholm integral equations of the second kindApplied Numerical Mathematics. 167-177.
1990 A characterization of the solution of a Fredholm integral equation with L? forcing termJ. Integral Equations Appl. 581-594.
1990 An application of approximation theory to the numerical solution of a Fredholm equation with a mild singularityApplied Mathematics and Computation. 57-66.
1990 Regularity of the solution of Hammerstein equations with weakly singular kernelIntegral Equations and Operator Theory. 660-670.
1989 A projection method for solving Fredholm integral equations of the second kindApplied Numerical Mathematics. 333-344.
1989 Fixed point theorems for compatible multi-valued and single-valued mappingsInternational Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. 257-262.
1989 Stress intensity factor analyses of interacting elliptical cracks using line-spring boundary element methodInternational Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping. 1-14.
1988 A common fixed point of weakly commuting multi-valued mappingsMath. Japon. 741-744.
1988 Generalized contractive multi-valued mappings and their fixed pointsMath. Japon. 57-64.
1986 A comparison of contractive conditions for multi-valued mappingsKobe journal of mathematics. 37-45.
1986 A general principle for fixed points of contractive multi-valued mappingsMath. Japon. 407-411.
1986 A note on the rate of convergence of Schauder decompositionJournal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 521-527.
1986 On the combination of the boundary element method and the line-spring modelInternational Journal of Fracture. R3-R10.
1985 Remarks on a fixed point theorem of MassaAnn. Soc. Sci. Bruxelles Ser. I. 19-23.
1985 Single-valued and multi-valued f-contractionsBollettino della Unione Matematica Italiana. 29-33.
1984 A Banach type fixed point theorem for multi-valued mappingKobe journal of mathematics. 163-165.
1984 Applications on approximately compact-setsAnnales de la Societe Scientifique de Bruxelles Series 1-Sciences Mathematiques Astronomiques et Physiques. 109-115.
1984 Schauder decomposition and its application to integral equations of the second kindJournal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 203-210.
1982 Best approximation in metric spacesAnn. Soc. Sci. Bruxelles Ser. I. 17-27.
1982 On Approximately Compact SetsAnnales de la Société scientifique de Bruxelles: Sciences mathématiques, astronomiques et physiques. 108.
1981 A schauder decomposition in sobolev space and its applicationsNumerical functional analysis and optimization. 45-59.
1980 Schauder Decompositions, Approximations and Control ProblemsSIAM Journal on Control and Optimization. 381-390.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2011 A Modified Taylor Series Method to the Classical Love’s Equation.  68-72.
2005 Hierarchical finite element method for nonlinear heat conduction in plates.  37-64.

Research Overview

  • Numerical Analysis of Integral EquationsFixed Point TheoryWavelets Theory and its Applications to Integral EquationsFinite Element Methods
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Applied Functional Analysis, Clemson University 1979
  • M.S. in Functional Analysis, Clemson University 1976
  • B.S. in Mathematics, College of Charleston 1974
  • Full Name

  • Hideaki Kaneko