• Dr. Baumgart received his B.S. degree in physics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, his M.S. degree in physics from Purdue University in Indiana, where he attended graduate school as a Fulbright Scholar, and his Ph.D. degree in semiconductor physics from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, while performing his Ph.D. research at the Max-Planck Institute of Solid State Research in Stuttgart. Following graduation he has held numerous R&D positions in the microelectronics industry.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2018 Analysis and Control of RRAM Overshoot CurrentIEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. 108-114.
    2018 Complete thermoelectric characterization of PEDOT:PSS thin films with a novel ZT test chip platformPhysical Status Solidi. A, Applications and Materials Science.
    2017 Seebeck Coefficient Measurements of Polycrystalline and Highly Ordered Metal-Organic Framework Thin FilmsECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology. P150.
    2017 Toward reliable RRAM performance: Macro- and micro-analysis of operation processesJournal of Computational Electronics. 1085-1094.
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    2009 Synthesis of Tube-in-Tube Nanostructures of Metal Oxides by Template ReplicationNano Letters.
    2008 Experimental Study of ALD HfO2 Deposited on Strained Silicon-on-Insulator and Standard SOIJ. Electrochem. Soc.. G129-G133.
    2008 Nanoindentation Investigation of HfO2 and Al2O3 Films Grown by Atomic Layer DepositionJ. Electrochem. Soc.. H545-H551.
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    2007 Nanomechanical Properties of High-k Dielectrics Grown by Atomic Layer DepositionECS Transactions. 123-130.
    2007 Nanomechanical Properties of Strained Silicon-on-Insulator (sSOI) Films Epitaxially grown on Si1-xGex and Layer Transferred by Wafer BondingMater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc..
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    1980 Luminescence in Slipped and Dislocation-Free Laser Annealed SiliconAppl. Phys. Letters. 1078.
    1980 Time Dependence of the Nucleation of Slip Dislocations During Laser Annealing of SiliconJournal de Physique, Suppl. 5. 85.


    Year Title
    2010 Semiconductor Wafer Bonding XI: Science, Technology and Applications.  ECS Transactions, The Electrochemical Society.
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    Conference Papers

    Year Title
    2010 Electrical Characterization of ALD ZnO and HfO2 Thin Films.  281.
    2010 Electrophoretic Light Scattering for Surface Zeta Potential Measurement of ALD Metal Oxide Films.  37.
    2010 Finite Element Modeling and Raman Study of Strain Distribution in Patterned Device Islands on Strained Silicon-on-Insulator (sSOI) Substrates.  529.
    2010 Growth Mechanism of ALD ZnO Films Investigated by Physical Characterization.  355.
    2010 Hydrogen Ion-Induced AlN Thin Layer Transfer: An Elastomechanical Study.  37.
    2010 Investigation of Thermal Evolution of Implanted Hydrogen in GaN by Nanoindentation.  241.
    2010 RF and Structural Characterization of SRF thin Films
    2010 Raman Spectroscopy of ZnO Thin Films by Atomic Layer Deposition.  117.
    2010 Synthesis of NbN Thin Films for Superconducting Radiofrequency (SRF) Applications by Atomic Layer Deposition to Fabricate Superconductor-Insulator-Superconductor (S-I-S) Multilayer Structures.  203.
    2009 ALD Synthesis of Tube-in-Tube Nanostructures of Transition Metal Oxides by Template Replication.  191-198.
    2009 Application of ALD high-k Dielectric Films as Charge Storage Layer and Blocking Oxide in Nonvolatile Memories.  473.
    2009 C-V and Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) of ALD HfO2 on s-Si/SiGe/Si: Effects of strained-Si Thickness and Surface Nitridation.  379.
    2009 Experimental Raman Study and Finite Element Modeling of Strain Distribution in
    2009 Low Temperature ZnO Growth for Nanotube Fabrication by Atomic Layer Deposition
    2009 Modeling and Characterization of ALD grown ZnO Nanotubes and their Integration into Sub-Micron Devices.  93.
    2009 Nanowire Non-Volatile Memory with HfO2 Trapping Layers
    2009 Optimizing the Release of ALD Grown ZnO Nanotubes from Anodic Aluminum Oxide Templates.  191-198.
    2009 Physical Characterization of Thin Films Zinc Oxide Grown by ALD.  85-92.
    2009 Physical Characterization of Zinc Oxide Thin Films Grown by ALD.  85.
    2009 RF and Structural Characterization of SRF Films.  431.
    2009 Self-organized Crystal Growth of Nanostructured ZnO Morphologies by Hydrothermal Synthesis.  3.
    2009 TEM Study of Niobium Surfaces Treated by Different Polishing Techniques.  300.
    2008 Comparison of Nanomechanical Behavior of the Amorphous and Crystalline Phases of ALD HfO2.  269.
    2008 Effect of Wafer Bonding and Layer Splitting on Nanomechanical Properties of standard and strained SOI Films.  337.
    2008 Electrical Properties of high-k ALD HfO2 deposited on strained Si Layers Epitaxially Grown on Si0.8Ge0.2/ Si Substrates.  159.
    2008 Strain Relaxation in Patterned Strained Silicon-on-Insulator (sSOI) by Raman Spectroscopy.  329.
    2008 Weakening of Hardness and Modulus of the Si Lattice by Hydrogen Implantation for Layer Transfer in Wafer Bonding Technology.  385.
    1993 Dependence of Breakdown Voltage on Drift Length and Buried Oxide Thickness in SOI RESURF LDMOS Transistors.  144-128.
    1993 Measurement of Minority Carrier Diffusion Length and Lifetime in SOI Devices by Flying Spot Laser Scanner as a Function of Residual Misfit.  44.
    1992 Light Scattering Topography Characterization of Bonded SOI Wafers.  375-385.
    1992 SOI High Voltage LDMOS and LIGBT Transistors with a Buried Diode and Surface P-Layer
    1992 Thermomechanical Device Processing Issues in Bonded SOI Wafers.  397-413.
    1991 High Breakdown-Voltage Devices in Ultra-Thin SOI.  150.
    1991 Realization of High Breakdown Voltage ( > 700 V ) in Thin SOI Devices.  31.
    1990 Origin of Residual Defects in Bonding and Etch-Back Silicon-on-Insulator Technology.  236.
    1989 Impact of Interface Preparation on Defect Generation During Wafer Bonding.  95.
    1988 Photoluminescence Characterization of Thin SOI Films Produced by Oxygen Implantation.  117.
    1986 Addressing the Problems of Agglomeration, Surface Roughness and Crystal Imperfection in SOI Films.  45.
    1986 Formation of Facets at the Solid-Melt Interface in Silicon.  21.
    1986 Physical Properties of Silicon-on-Insulator Films Grown by Unseeded Laser-Induced Zone-Melting.  98.
    1986 Silicon-on-Insulator Technology by Crystallization on Quartz Substrates.  211.
    1986 Twin Stabilized Planar Growth of SOI Films.  65.
    1985 High Voltage Electron Microscopy Investigation of Subgrain Boundaries in Recrystallized Silicon-on-Insulator Structures.  593.
    1985 Low Angle Grain Boundaries in Zone-Melting Grown Silicon.  89.
    1984 Dielectric Isolation Using Porous Silicon.  63.
    1984 Structural Properties of Dielectric Layers Following CO2 Laser Irradiation of SOI Structure.  87.
    1983 Defect Control During Epitaxial Regrowth by Rapid Thermal Annealing.  349.
    1983 Defect Structure of Epitaxial Films Grown on Porous Silicon.  223.
    1982 Defect Formation in CO2 Laser Annealed Silicon.  355.
    1982 Diffusion of Arsenic and Phosphorus in Laser Processed Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films.  311.
    1982 Laser Processing of Porous Silicon.  609.
    1982 Picosecond Laser Pulse Induced Damage in Crystalline Silicon.  337.
    1982 Seeded Growth of Silicon over SiO2 Substrates by Seeded CW Laser Irradiation.  505.
    1982 Structural Modifications of Amorphized Silicon Surfaces following Picosecond Laser Irradiation.  177.
    1981 Correlation between EBIC Contrast and Residual Defects in Slip-Free CW Laser Annealed Silicon.  127.
    1981 Dislocation Nucleation, Growth and Suppression during CW Laser Annealing of Silicon.  193.
    1981 Picosecond Laser Annealing of Silicon.  85.
    1980 Rapid Quenching of Defects and Crystal Regrowth During Millisecond and Picosecond Laser Annealing of Silicon.  Chap. 10 p. 509.

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  • Helmut Baumgart