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Year Title
2017 Perception of rape culture on a college campus: A look at social media postsWomen's Studies International Forum. 116-124.
2017 Thai massage and commercial sex work: A phenomenological studyInternational Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences. 57-68.
2016 Community College ThemesCollege and University Journal.
2015 "De-Demonizing the "monstrous" Drug Addict: A Qualitative Look at Social Reintegration Through Rehabilitation and Employment"Critical Criminology. 57-72.
2015 "The depiction of communication technology in film: Differences by gender and across time 1970–2010"Technology in Society. 151-155.
2015 "The meaning of Hijab: voices of Muslim women in Egypt and Yemen"Journal of International Women’s Studies. 30.
2014 "Quality of Life among Thai Sex Workers: How important are work, educational and personal characteristics in shaping subjective well-being?"Journal of International Women’s Studies. 1.
2014 "Rush-hour traffic: Self-presentation of defendants in speedy traffic court cases"Criminal justice studies. 439-456.
2013 "Assessing current programs and reentry needs in Trinidad and Tobago: Insights from offenders-An exploratory study"African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies: AJCJS. 118.
2013 "Factors shaping women’s sexual satisfaction: a comparison of medical and social models"Journal of Gender Studies. 69-80.
2013 "Gender Wage Differences and illicit drug use: Findings from the southwestern province of Yunnan, China"An International Journal. 12-32.
2012 "Offenders' Perceptions of Reentry Needs in Trinidad and Tobago: An Exploratory Study"International Criminal Justice Review. 297-308.
2012 "Subjective wellbeing in a southwestern province in China"Journal of Happiness Studies. 357-369.
2011 "Holding out for a hero: Selecting a chief of police"Police Practice and Research. 435-449.
2011 "Influence of College on the Pursuit of Happiness"Academic Exchange Quarterly. 57-62.
2011 "The state of coverage: The media's representation of international issues and state crime"International Criminal Justice Review. 5-21.
2011 Broken windows or window breakers: The influence of physical and social disorder on quality of lifeJustice Quarterly. 522-540.
2011 Mandatory identification bar checks: How bouncers are doing their jobThe Qualitative Report. 180.
2010 "Broken windows or window breakers: The influence of physical and social disorder on quality of life"Justice Quarterly. 522-540.
2010 "Citizen perceptions of the legitimacy of traffic stops"Journal of Criminal Justice. 589-594.
2010 "Criminology and Criminal Justice: Differences in Programs at the Master’s Level"Sociological Research Online. 7.
2010 "Does yoga shape body, mind and spiritual health and happiness: Differences between yoga practitioners and college students"International journal of yoga. 48.
2010 "Factors Shaping Police Retention: Does Herzberg’s Theory of Satisfaction Hold?"The Police Journal. 164-180.
2010 "Factors shaping the decision of college students to walk or drive under the influence of alcohol: A test of Rational Choice theory"Drugs: education, prevention and policy. 560-572.
2010 "Free adult Internet web sites: How prevalent are degrading acts?"Gender Issues. 131-145.
2010 "Male sexual assault and rape: who seeks counseling?"Sexual abuse: a journal of research and treatment. 255-265.
2010 "Productivity Differences Among Academic Sociologists"The American Sociologist. 3-18.
2010 "Promotional Opportunities for Female Correctional Officers"Gender Issues. 14-27.
2010 "Promotional opportunities: How women in corrections perceive their chances for advancement at work"Gender Issues. 53-66.
2010 "Subjective well-being among those who exchange sex and money, Yunnan, China and Thailand"Social indicators research. 13-23.
2010 "The influence of aging, health, and community characteristics on happiness"International Public Health Journal. 1-18.
2010 "The portrayal of racial minorities on prime time television: A replication of the Mastro and Greenberg study a decade later"Studies in Popular Culture. 101-114.
2010 The influence of aging, community characteristics, and health on happinessInternational Public Health Journal. 207-218.
2010 “The Benefits of Meditation Practice in the Correctional Setting”Journal of Correctional Health Care. 47-57.
2010 “Where is Criminology? The Institutional Placement of Criminology with Sociology and Criminal Justice”Criminal Justice Review. 5-31.
2009 “Male Sexual Assault and Rape: Findings from the NVAW”Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
2009 “The Benefits of Meditation Practice in the Correctional Setting”Journal of Correctional Health Care. 47-57.
2008 “Who is Gazing at Whom?”Journal of Gender Studies. 201-209.
2007 “Benefits of Meditation in a Correctional Setting”Corrections Today. 56-57, 67.
2007 “Gender Role Stereotyping in Advertisements on Three Radio Stations: Does musical genre make a difference?”Journal of Gender Studies. 173-182.
2007 “Occupational Differences in South Korea, 1988-1998: Differences by Gender”International Journal of Social Economics. 554-565.
2007 “Reality TV: Continuing to Perpetuate Crime Myths?"The Internet Journal of Criminology.
2006 “Criminology/Criminal Justice Representation in the Discipline of Sociology: Changes Between 1992 & 2002”Journal of Criminal Justice Education. 323-335.
2006 “Decomposing the Gender Wage Gap in South Korea: 1988-98”Seoul Journal of Economics. 297-312.
2006 “Gender Disparity in Criminal Offenses Among Persons of High IQ”International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. 506-519.
2006 “Improving Group Work: Voices of Students”Education. 441-448.
2006 “Should Incurable Patients Be Allowed to Die?”Omega: Journal of Death and Dying. 311-319.
2005 Collaborating with undergraduates: Obstacles and tipsJournal of Criminal Justice Education. 292-299.
2005 “Another Look at Handwashing Behavior”Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal. 629-634.
2005 “Attitudes about Group Work: The Role of Race, Slacking, and Major”College Student Journal.
2005 “Benefits of Writing with Students”Academic Exchange Quarterly. 282-286.
2005 “Collaborating with Undergraduate Students: Obstacles and Tips”Journal of Criminal Justice Education. 292-300.
2005 “Conflict resolution and group work: What students learn.”Academic Exchange Quarterly. 22-27.
2005 “Group Work by Criminal Justice and Sociology Students”Journal of Criminal Justice Education. 166-179.
2005 “Students’ Aversions to Group Work”Academic Exchange Quarterly. 288-293.
2004 “A Content Analysis of Violence in American War Movies”Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy. 1-10.
2004 “The Gender Wage Gap in South Korea: how much has changed in ten years?”Journal of Asian Economics.
2003 “The Benefits of Meditation: Experimental Findings”Social Science Journal. 465-470.
2003 “The Return to Education and Degrees”Educational Research Quarterly. 45-53.
2002 “Distance Education: Differences in Attitudes between On-Site and Distant-Site Students”The American Journal of Distance Education.
2002 “Exotic Dancers: Gender Differences in Societal Reaction, Subcultural Ties, and Conventional Support”Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture.
2002 “Helping Hands: A Study of Altruistic Behavior”Gender Issues.
2002 “Predictors of Handwashing Behavior”Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal.
2001 “Gender Roles in Children’s Literature: A Review of Non-Award Willing “Easy-to-Read” Books”Journal of Research in Childhood Education.
2001 “Sex Differentials in Earnings in the South Korean Labor Market”Feminist Economics. 59-74.
2000 "Reactions to Random Acts of Kindness”Social Science Journal.
2000 "The Relative Pay of Men and Women in South Korea”Journal of Asian Economics. 223-236.
1999 "Is Going to a Community College Better Than Not Going to College at All?"Southwestern Journal of Economics. 192-206.
1999 "Sexual Violence in Pornography: How Prevalent Is It?"Gender Issues. 58-67.
1998 "Why Men Do Housework: A Test of Gender Production and the Relative Resources Model”Sociological Focus. 43-57.
1997 "Wages in South Korea: A Preliminary Analysis”Southwestern Journal of Economics. 99-105.
1997 “Gender and Market Opportunity in Japan”National Journal of Sociology. 97-105.
1995 "Factors Shaping the Probability of Community vs. Four Year College Entrance and Acquisition of the B.A. Degree"Social Science Journal.
1995 "Factors Shaping the Probability of Remarriage among Men"International Journal of Contemporary Sociology. 50-58.
1994 “Economic Returns to Community and Four Year College Education"Journal of Socio Economics. 44-48.
1994 “South Korean Labor Market Discrimination Against Women: Estimating Its Cost”American Journal of Economics and Sociology.
1992 "Sexual nuances within internal labor markets: 'the politics of being known'"Social Science Journal. 227-232.
1990 "Comparing Advertisements in British and American Women's Magazines: 1988-1989"Sociology and Social Research. 53-56.
1990 "The Occupational Achievements of Community and Four Year College Entrants"American Sociological Review. 719-725.
1989 "Effects of High School Delinquency on Educational Attainment and Adult Occupational Status"Sociological Perspectives. 413-418.
1987 "Educational Differentiation and Status Attainments: The Community College Controversy"Sociological Focus. 141-151.
1987 “Gender and College Opportunities: Changes Over Time in the United States and Japan”Sociological Inquiry. 292-303.
1986 "Dual Career Academic Couples: Analysis of Problems and a Proposal for Change”Women and Politics. 43-55.
1986 "Wage Differences Between Community College and Four Year College Entrants"Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology. 149-51.
1985 "Sex Differences in Type of First College Entered and Occupational Status: Changes Over Time"Social Science Journal. 89-97.
1984 The Changing Nature of Managerial Education: A Case Study of the Harvard Business SchoolCase Analysis 2. 41-54.
1983 "Sex, Educational Differentiation, and Occupational Status: Analyzing Occupational Differences for Community and Four Year College Entrants"The Sociological Quarterly. 393-404.
1982 "Sex and Voting Behavior in the United States"The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies. 369-76.


Year Title
1998 "Community College Education and Its Impact on Socioeconomic Status Attainment".  New York: The Edwin Mellen Press, Ltd..


Year Title
2012 "The influence of aging, health, and community characteristics on happiness"Applied Public Health: Examining Multifaceted Social of Ecological Problems to Child Maltreatment. New York NY: Nova Science Publishers.

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