Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Nonprofit Cultural Alliances: Empirical Examination of an Emergent U.S. PhenomenonJournal of Arts Management, Law and Society. 1-16.
2017 An Update on Using the Range to Estimate Sigma when Determining Sample SizesPsychological reports. 319-331.
2016 An empirical assessment of the dynamic capabilities-performance relationshipJournal of Business Research. 2950-2956.
2013 An Experimental Examination of Equivalence Failures in Multicultural Comparative ResearchJournal of Marketing Theory and Practice. 71-89.
2008 Assessing the Effects of Manufacturing Infrastructure Preparation prior to Enterprise Information Systems ImplementationInternational Journal of Production Research. 1645-1665.
2008 TQM-A Predecessor of ERP ImplementationInternational Journal of Production Economics. 569-580.
2007 Relationships Among Levels of Government Support, Marketing Activities, and Financial Health of Nonprofit Performing Arts OrganizationsInternational Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. 95-116.
2007 The Service Recovery Paradox: Justifiable Theory or Smoldering Myth?Journal of Services Marketing. 213-225.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2015 Direct vs. Indirect Comparative Advertising: The Role of Valence and Message Claim Type
2015 Is Naming Your Competitor in the Comparative Ad a Good Idea?
2015 The Role of Marketing in Achieving and Maintaining Financial Health of Nonprofit Arts Organizations: The Case of the Symphony Orchestra Sector.  831-832.
2011 Sense of Community: A Missing Link to Understand Users’ Performance in Firm-hosted Online Communities.
2004 ERM and company performance?