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2017 Effects of Instrument Handle Design on Arm Muscle Activity During Scaling by Dental Hygienists.Jouranl of Dental Hygiene. 47-54.
2017 Effects of instrument handle design on dental hygienists' forearm muscle activity during scalingJournal of Dental Hygiene. 47-54.
2017 Effects of instrument handle design on forearm muscle activity during scaling by dental hygienistsJournal of Dental Hygiene. 47-54.
2017 The Effect of Magnification Loupes On Posture During Instrumentation by Dental HygienistsJournal of Dental Hygiene. 46-52.
2017 The effect of magnification loupes on posture during exploring by dental hygienistsJournal of Dental Hygiene. 46-52.
2017 The impact of speed and time on gait dynamicsHuman Movement Science. 320-330.
2017 Upper body accelerations during walking are altered in adults with ACL reconstruction.Gait & Posture. 401-408.
2016 Artificially stiffening the neck and trunk of young adults leads to a more aged-like gaitGait & Posture. 388-393.
2016 Bracing the trunk and neck in young adults leads to a more aged-like gaitGait Posture. 388-93.
2016 Coordination dynamics of (a)symmetrically loaded gaitExperimental Brain Research. 867-881.
2016 Plantar cooling does not affect standing balance: A systematic review and meta-analysisGait & Posture. 1-8.
2016 Reducing muscle workload: The use of cordless handpieces may help dental hygienists mitigate their risk of musculoskeletal disordersDimensions of Dental Hygiene. 24-29.
2016 Three-dimensional assessment of postural tremor during goal-directed aimingExp Brain Res.
2016 Walking at the preferred stride frequency minimizes muscle activityGait & Posture. 181-186.
2015 Bracing of the trunk and neck has a differential effect on head control during gait.Journal of Neurophysiology.
2014 Comparison of corded and cordless handpieces on forearm muscle activity, procedure time and ease of use during simulated tooth polishingJournal of Dental Hygiene. 386-393.
2014 Walking at the preferred stride frequency maximizes local dynamic stability of knee motionJournal of Biomechanics. 102-108.
2012 Heart rate, anxiety, and hardiness at sky’s the limit: A comparative study between novice and experienced skydiversJournal of Sport Behavior. 453-469.
2012 Prospective versus predictive control in timing of hitting a falling ball.Experimental Brain Research. 499-514.
2010 Grip width and forearm orientation effects on muscle activity during the lat pull-downJournal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 1895-1900.
2010 Leg asymmetries and coordination dynamics in walkingJournal of Motor Behavior. 157-168.
2007 Attentional focus on the invariant control variablesBewegung und Training. 47-48.
2007 How persistent and general is the contextual interference effect?Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. 318-327.
2007 On no-KR tests in motor learning, retention and transferHuman Movement Science. 155-173.
2003 Task-effector asymmetries in a rhythmic continuation taskJournal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. 616-630.
2002 Temporal capacity of short-term visuomotor memory in continuous force productionExperimental Brain Research. 275-285.
2001 Sinusoidal visuomotor tracking: Intermittent servo-control or coupled oscillations?Journal of Motor Behavior. 329-349.
1999 Distributed control in rapid sequential aiming responsesJournal of Motor Behavior. 367-379.


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2016 The symbolic dynamics of visual attention during learning: Exploring the application of orbital decompositionComplex Dynamical Systems in Education: Concepts, Methods & Applications. New York: Springer-Verlag.

Conference Papers

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2001 The maintenance tendency during a rhythmic continuation task.  145-148.
1999 Changes in multifrequency coordination across practice.  293-296.

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  • Ph.D. in Kinesiology - Motor Control and Learning, Pennsylvania State University 2000
  • M.S. in Kinesiology - Motor Control and Learning, Louisiana State University 1996
  • B.Sc. in Sport Science, Manchester Metropolitan University 1993
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  • Daniel Russell