• Dr. Dianne Carmody, has won teaching awards and been twice selected as a summer teaching fellow at Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland. Her research interests include intimate partner violence, school violence, and rape victimization.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2016 "Preventing Online Victimization College Students’ Views on Intervention and Prevention"Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 0886260515625501.
    2015 "Predictors of Victim Blaming in Sexual Assault Cases"Sexual Assault Report. 67-68.
    2015 "There Are No “Innocent Victims” The Influence of Just World Beliefs and Prior Victimization on Rape Myth Acceptance"Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 1615-1632.
    2014 "Content Analysis: Images of Dating Violence in the Twilight Series"SAGE Cases in Research Methodology.
    2012 "Danger as romance: Using “Twilight” as a teaching tool"Virginia Social Science Journal. 29-48.
    2011 "Deadly love: Images of dating violence in the “Twilight Saga”Affilia. 382-394.
    2009 "Structural Barriers to Preventing and Responding to Sexual Assaults: Distinctions Between Community- and Campus-based Advocates"Crime Prevention and Community Safety. 258-276.
    2009 “Needs of Sexual Assault Advocates in Campus-Based Sexual Assault Centers”College Student Journal. 507-513.
    2007 Domestic Violence Training Policies: Their Influence on Training Participation and Awareness.Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work. 292-301.
    2007 Domestic violence training policies: Influence on participation in training and awareness of abuseAffilia. 292-301.
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    2001 “Racial Differences in Rape Myth Acceptance Among College Women”The Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 424-436.
    2000 “Family Abductions: An Examination of the Role of Offender Gender”Gender Issues. 58-73.
    1998 "Family Structure and Patterns of Independence Giving to Adolescents: Variations by Age, Race and Gender of Child"Journal of Family Issues. 404-435.
    1996 "Patterns of Parental Independence Giving to Adolescents: Variations by Race, Age, and Gender of Child"Journal of Marriage and the Family. 866-883.
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    1987 "Wife Assault and Perceptions of Sanctions"Violence and Victims. 25-38.


    Year Title
    2014 "Deadly Love: Images of Dating Violence in the "Twilight Saga"Gender, Race and Class in Media: A Critical Reader. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
    2011 "Missing Gender in Cases of Infamous School Violence: Investigating Research and Media Explanations"Feminist Theories of Crime. Ashgate Publishing.
    2000 ForewordBattle Cries on the Home Front: Violence in the Military Family. Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd.

    Research Overview

  • Rape and Sexual Assault, Campus Crime, Media and Crime, Intimate Partner Violence
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Criminology/Criminal Justice : Violence Against Women: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Juvenile Crime, Crime in the Media
  • Women's Issues : Violence Against Women: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Juvenile Crime, Crime in the Media
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Sociology/Criminology, University of New Hampshire 1991
  • M.A. in Sociology, University of New Hampshire 1986
  • B.A. in Psychology / Spanish, University of New Hampshire 1981
  • Full Name

  • Dianne Carmody