• Dr. Burdige is an internationally-known expert in marine geochemistry, and he has spent much of his career studying biogeochemical processes in marine and estuarine sediments and their resulting effects on the cycling of carbon, nitrogen, and trace metals such as iron, manganese and copper. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers, and in 2006 authored the book Geochemistry of Marine Sediments, published by Princeton Univ. Press. In addition to his research efforts he recently began teaching a course for non-science majors more specifically focused on understanding global climate change.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2018 Accumulation of deaminated peptides in anoxic sediments of Santa Barbara BasinGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 245-258.
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    2016 Erratum: Corrigendum: Using rare earth elements to constrain particulate organic carbon flux in the East China SeaScientific Reports.
    2016 Featured L&O E-Lecture: An Introduction to Marine Sediments with an Emphasis on Sediment Organic Matter RemineralizationLimnology and Oceanography Bulletin.
    2016 Modeling studies of dissolved organic matter cycling in Santa Barbara Basin (CA, USA) sedimentsGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 100-119.
    2016 Organic matter cycling across the sulfate-methane transition zone of the Santa Barbara Basin, California BorderlandGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 259-278.
    2016 Recycling of Organic Matter in the Sediments of Santa Monica Basin, California BorderlandAquatic Geochemistry. 593-618.
    2016 Redox Effects on Organic Matter Storage in Coastal Sediments During the Holocene: A Biomarker/Proxy PerspectiveAnnual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences. 295-319.
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    2015 Submarine groundwater discharge of rare earth elements to a tidally-mixed estuary in Southern Rhode IslandChemical Geology. 128-142.
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    2010 Benthic ecology from space: optics and net primary production cross the Great Bahama Bank from seagrass and benthic algaeMar. Ecol. Prog. Ser.. 1-15.
    2010 The widespread occurrence of coupled carbonate dissolution/reprecipitation in surface sediments on the Bahamas BankAmer. J. Science. 492-521.
    2009 Early Neoproterozoic origin of the Metazoan phylum recorded in carbonate rock textureGeology. 475-478.
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    2009 Potential transport of unattached benthic macroalgae to the deep sea through wind-driven Langmuir circulationGeophys. Res. Let..
    2008 Radiocarbon evidence for the importance of surface vegetation on fermentation and methanogenesis in contrasting types of boreal peatlandsGlobal Biogeochem. Cycles. GB4022.
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    Year Title
    2006 Geochemistry of Marine Sediments.  Princeton Univ. Press..


    Year Title
    2015 Sediment pore watersBiogeochemistry of marine dissolved organic matter. Elsevier.
    2012 Estuarine and coastal sediments – coupled biogeochemical cyclingTreatise on Estuarine and Coastal Science. Academic Press.
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    Research Overview

  • Biogeochemistry Aquatic chemistry Geochemistry of marine sediments Organic geochemistry Chemical oceanography Mathematical modeling of geochemical processes
  • Grants

  • Collaborative Research: Toward An Improved Understanding of Blue Carbon: The Role of Seegrasses In Sequestering Co2  awarded by National Science Foundation 2016 - 2019
  • Collaborative Research: Toward an Improved Understanding of Blue Carbon: The Role of Seagrasses in Sequestering CO  awarded by National Science Foundation 2016 - 2019
  • Collaborative Research: Toward an improved understanding of blue carbon: The role of seagrasses in sequestering CO2  awarded by NSF Biological Oceanography 2016 - 2019
  • Organic carbon oxidation and iron remobilization by West Antarctic shelf sediments  awarded by NSF (Antarctic Earth Science) 2015 - 2018
  • Collaborative Research: Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) transformations in deep sub-surface sediments and its role as a source of “old” DOC to the water column  awarded by NSF (Chem. Ocean.) 2012 - 2015
  • 2011 Chemical Oceanography Gordon Research Conference  awarded by NSF (Chemical Oceanography Program) 2011 - 2012
  • Collaborative Research: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Groundwater-Carbon Coupling in Large Peat Basins and its Relation to Climate Change  awarded by NSF (Biocomplexity in the Environment: Carbon and Water in the Earth System) 2007 - 2012
  • ETBC Collaborative Research: The Role Of Submarine Groundwater Discharge In The Oceanic Nd Budget  awarded by NSF (Chemical Oceanography Program) 2008 - 2011
  • Collaborative Research: Tracing the Transformations of Organic Carbon in Marine Sediments Using Natural C Isotopes  awarded by NSF (Chemical Oceanography Program) 2007 - 2010
  • Collaborative Research: Carbonate Dissolution in Shallow Water Tropical Sediments: The Role of Seagrasses  awarded by NSF (Chem. Ocean. Program) 2002 - 2006
  • The Post-Cruise Analysis of Dissolved Carbohydrates in ODP Leg 201 Sediment Pore Waters  awarded by Ocean Drilling Program (Texas A&M Research Foundation) 2002 - 2005
  • Recent and Historical Environmental Changes in Lake Drummond, within the Great Dismal Swamp  awarded by Virginia Water Resources Research Center 2003 - 2004
  • Quantifying the Cycling of Toxic Metals and Metal-Complexing Ligands in a Major US Naval Harbor (Elizabeth River, VA)  awarded by Office of Naval Research (Environmental Quality Program) 2002 - 2004
  • Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in Sediments and Seagrass Beds and its Impact on Benthic Optical Properties - Data Analysis, Synthesis, and Student Support  awarded by ; Office of Naval Research (Environmental Optics Program) 2001 - 2003
  • Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in Sediments and Seagrass Beds and its Impact on Shallow Water Benthic Optical Properties  awarded by Office of Naval Research (Environmental Optics Program, CoBOP DRI) 1999 - 2001
  • Interactions Among Chemical Speciation, Algal Accumulation, and Sediment-Water Cycling of Toxic Metals in a Major US Naval Harbor (Elizabeth River, VA)  awarded by - Office of Naval Research (Harbor Processes Program) 1999 - 2001
  • Biological Transformations of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter  awarded by Office of Naval Research 1998 - 2000
  • Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in Sediments and Seagrass Beds and its Impact on Shallow Water Benthic Optical Properties  awarded by Office of Naval Research (Environmental Optics Program, CoBOP DRI ) 1996 - 1999
  • Metal Complexing Ligands and Metal Speciation in Sediment Pore Waters: Implications for Sediment/Water Exchange and Water Column Metal Speciation  awarded by Office of Naval Research (Harbor Processes Program) 1996 - 1998
  • Fluxes of Dissolved Organic Matter from Marine Sediments  awarded by NSF Chemical Oceanography Program 1993 - 1998
  • Effects of Speciation on Sediment-Water Exchange of Metals  awarded by Office of Naval Research (Marine Environmental Quality Program) 1993 - 1996
  • Coupled Non-Linear Models of Diagenetic Processes in Marine Sediments  awarded by Petroleum Research Fund of the ACS 1992 - 1994
  • Direct Measurements and Biogeochemical Controls of Sediment-Water Flux of Trace Metals from Estuarine Sediments  awarded by Chesapeake Bay Environmental Effects Committee 1992 - 1993
  • Fluxes of Dissolved Organic Matter from Marine Sediments  awarded by NSF Chemical Oceanography Program 1991 - 1993
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Geology : geochemistry
  • Oceanography : chemical oceanography
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University Of California - San Diego 1983
  • B.A. in Honors, in Chemistry, Swarthmore College 1978
  • Full Name

  • David Burdige