• Dr. Glass takes a social psychological approach to researching issues in American higher education, with an interest in how the presence of others affects educational outcomes such as achievement, motivation, and social development. His research examines the formation and evolution of the social networks of international students who attend U.S. colleges and universities. He also researches how computer-mediated communication affects academic work and workplaces.
  • Selected Publications

    Articles In Academic Journals

    Year Title
    2018 International students' sense of belonging--locality, relationships, and powerPeer Review. 27-30.
    2018 Knowledge for social change: Bacon, Dewey, and the revolutionary transformation of research universities in the twenty-first centuryJournal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement. 183-188.
    2017 The economic impact of community college capacity development in developing countries: A longitudinal analysisCommunity College Journal of Research and Practice.
    2016 Student engagement and affordances for interaction with diverse peers: A network analysisJournal of Diversity in Higher Education. 170-187.
    2016 Who takes MOOCs?New Directions for Institutional Research. 41-55.
    2015 Belonging: The gateway to global learning for all studentsLiberal Education.
    2015 MOOC professors’ agency in the face of disruption. EDUCAUSE Review, 51(4).EDUCAUSE Review.
    2015 Uneven experiences: Impact of student-faculty interactions on international students’ sense of belongingJournal of International Students. 353-367.
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    2014 International student adjustment to college: Social networks, acculturation and leisureJournal of Park & Recreation Administration. 7-25.
    2014 Recreation, intercultural friendship, and international students' adaptation to college by region of originInternational Journal of Intercultural Relations. 104-117.
    2012 Beyond activity, place, and partner: How publicly engaged scholarship varies by intensity of activity and degree of engagementJournal of Community Engagement and Scholarship. 18-28.
    2012 Educational experiences associated with international students’ learning, development, and positive perceptions of campus climateJournal of Studies in International Education. 228-251.
    2012 Educational reform related to personal and social responsibility: The case of Core CommitmentsJournal of General Education. 406-432.
    2011 Unpacking faculty engagement: The types of activities faculty members report as publicly engaged scholarship during promotion and tenureJournal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement. 7-30.
    2010 From rhetoric to reality: A typology of publicly engaged scholarshipJournal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement. 5-35.


    Year Title
    2015 International student engagement: Strategies for creating inclusive, connected and purposeful campus environments..  Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.


    Year Title
    2014 The great divides: 7 trends that shape the international student experience at U.S. colleges and universities.In DeVitis, J. L. & Sasso, P. A. (Eds.). Today’s College Student: A Reader. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.
    2010 Engaged scholarship: Historical roots, contemporary challengesIn H. Fitzgerald, C. Burack, & S. Seifer (Eds.), Handbook of engaged scholarship: The contemporary landscape. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press.
    2010 Public opinion and public judgmentIn R. Couto (Ed.), Political and civic leadership: A reference handbook. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.

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  • International StudentsAcademic Work & WorkplacesPublicly Engaged Scholarship
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  • Academic Work and Workplaces
  • International Students
  • Publicly Engaged Scholarship
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  • Ph.D. in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education, Michigan State University 2012
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  • Christopher Glass