Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Engaging Stakeholders in Planning for Sea Level Rise and Resilience: A Case Study of a Region-wide, Multi-sectoral, Whole-of-Community Action-Oriented ApproachJournal of Contemporary Water Research and Education. 112-123.
2018 Participatory GIS as a Tool for Stakeholder Engagement in Building Resilience to Sea Level Rise: A Demonstration ProjectMTS (Marine Technology Society) Journal. 45-55.
2017 Stuck on options and implementation in Hampton Roads, Virginia: an integrated conceptual framework for linking adaptation capacity, readiness, and barriersJournal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. 450.
2016 Crisis Management and Ethics: Moving Beyond the Public-Relations-Person-as-Corporate-Conscience ConstructJournal of Media Ethics.
2016 Stuck on Options and Implementation: Examining Barriers to Regional Adaptation to Sea Level RiseJournal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.
2016 The sea is rising… but not onto the policy agenda: A multiple streams approach to understanding sea level rise policiesEnvironment and Planning C: Government and Policy. 228-243.
2015 The Sea is Rising… But Not onto the Policy Agenda: A Multiple Streams Approach to Understanding Sea Level Rise PoliciesEnvironment and Planning C: Government and Policy.
2014 The National Association of Manufacturers’ Community Relations Short Film Your Town: Parable, Propaganda, and Big IndividualismJournal of Public Relations Research. 103-116.
2014 The Role of Politics and Proximity in Sea Level Rise Policy Salience: A Study of Virginia Legislators’ PerceptionsJournal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. 208-217.


Year Title
2017 Crisis Communication and Crisis Management: An Ethical Approach.  Sage Publications, Inc..


Year Title
2018 Toward a Whole-of-Government and Whole-of-Community Approach for Regional Adaptation to Sea Level Rise: Lessons Learned from the Hampton Roads Intergovernmental Pilot ProjectEnvironmental Policy and Pursuit of Sustainability. Routledge.