Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Why self-study? An exploration of personal, professional and programmatic infludences in the use of self-study research.Studying Teacher Education.
2017 From skepticism to scholarship: Learning and living self-study research in a doctoral seminarStudying Teacher Education.
2016 Controversial environmental issues explored through interdisciplinary perspectives: The case of the bald eagle, the botanical garden, and the airportScienceScope. 41-48.
2016 Effective Technology Integration in K-12 Schools: Essential Conditions & RubricDistance Education in China.
2016 Effective technology integration in K-12 schools: Essential conditions and rubricDistance Education in China. 27-56.
2016 Effective technology integration in K-12 schools: Essential conditions and rubricsDistance Education in China. 27-56.
2016 Jamestown and power lines: Teaching controversy in an inter-disciplinary mannerSocial Education. 46-51.
2016 Re/learning student teaching supervision: A co/autoethnographic self-studyStudying Teacher Education. 117-134.
2016 The impaired enactment of paired student teaching: A case study of triadic relationshipsCritical Issues in Teacher Education. 53-65.
2015 Integrating oral history into a social studies methods course: Lessons learnedMuseumEdu. 101-108.
2015 Integrating the Desegregation of Virginia Education Project in a social studies methods courseMuseumEdu. 101-108.
2015 Knowledge transmission versus social transformation: A critical analysis of purpose in elementary social studies methods textbooksTheory and Research in Social Education. 102-134.
2014 Reflections on educator and teacher educator development: Implications of a pedagogy of teacher education seminar on practiceCritical Issues in Teacher Education. 4-20.
2014 The impact of a pedagogy of teacher education seminar on educator and future teacher educator identitiesStudying Teacher Education. 255-274.
2013 "What do we know about elementary social studies?": Novice secondary teacher educators on learning to teach elementary social studies methodsStudying Teacher Education. 267-283.
2012 The influence of a collaborative doctoral seminar on emerging researcher-teacher educators.Action in Teacher Education. 172-190.
2011 Creating a “third space” in student teaching: Implications for the university supervisor’s status as “outsider.”Teaching and Teacher Education. 1068-1077.
2010 Culturally responsible social studies.Middle States Social Studies Journal. 5-10.


Year Title
2018 Self-study and preparing the next generation of teacher educators.Preparing the next generation of teacher educators for clinically-intensive teacher preparation.. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
2016 Navigating the pre-tenure process: Experiences of a self-study researcherEnacting self-study as methodology for professional inquiry. Auckland: Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices.
2016 The power of autobiography: Unpacking the past, understanding the present, and impacting the future while establishing a community of practiceEnacting self-study as methodology for professional inquiry. Auckland: Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices.
2014 Consumers and producers in the social studies classroom: How Web 2.0 technology can break the cycle of "teachers and machines."Digital social studies.. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
2012 Idealizing and localizing the presidency: The president's place in state history textbooks.The new politics of the textbook: Critical analysis in the core content areas.. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2014 Learning to teach emerging teacher educators.  41-43.
2012 Metaphors of complexity: The roles of university supervisors.  68-71.
2009 Culturally responsible teaching: A pedagogical approach for the social studies classroom.  14-18.

Research Overview

  • Social Studies Education, Social Studies Teacher Education, Preservice Teacher Education, Teacher Education Programs, Program Coherence, Student Teaching, Mentoring, Supervision, Paired Student Teaching
  • Expertise Keywords

  • Self-Study
  • Social Studies Education
  • Teacher Educator Development
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Social Studies Education, University of Georgia 2011
  • M.A. in Secondary Education, Georgia College & State University 2003
  • B.S. in History, Georgia College & State University 2002
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  • Brandon Butler