Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Incorporating corpus literacy skills in TESOL teacher trainingELT Journal. 69-79.
2016 Multi-word verbs in students academic presentationsJournal of English for Academic Purposes. 83-98.
2015 At the intersection of L1 congruence and L2 exposure: Collocational knowledge of advanced Arab users of EnglishInternational Journal of Arabic-English Studies. 77-102.
2015 Challenging themselves while challenging prescriptivism: Student collaboration on data-driven research projectsThe International Journal of Technologies in Learning. 1-10.
2015 “I think I wanna talk about the reasons why I chose my topic”: Discourse functions of self-mention in Asian graduate student academic presentations.The Journal of Asia TEFL. 141-168.
2013 Self-mention and the projection of multiple identity roles in TESOL graduate student presentations: The influence of the written academic genresEnglish for Specific Purposes. 72-83.
2013 Strategy use of Russian pre-service TEFL university students: Using a strategy inventory for evaluation of Program effectivenessInternational Journal of English Studies. 69-88.
2012 Lexical composition of effective L1 and L2 student academic presentationsJournal of Applied Linguistics. 91-110.
2012 Partial word knowledge: Frontier words in the L2 mental lexiconReview of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching (IRAL). 277-301.
2012 The “promise” of three methods of word association analysis to L2 lexical researchSecond Language Research. 41-67.
2011 Effects of lexical class and word frequency on the L1 and L2 English-based mental lexiconJournal of Language Teaching and Learning. 1-17.
2011 L2 graduate student PowerPoint presentation designs: A reality checkInternational Journal of Innovation and Learning. 127-144..
2011 ‘And so that was it’: Linking adverbials in student academic presentationsRELC Journal. 5-15.
2010 Multicompetence and L2 users’ associative links: Being unlike nativelikeInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics. 2-22.
2009 Informational packaging, level of formality, and the use of circumstance adverbials in L1 and L2 student academic presentationsJournal of English for Academic Purposes. 55-68.
2009 Student academic presentations: The processing side of interactivenessText Construction. 265-288.
2008 ???????????? ?????????????? ?? ???????????? ???????? ?? ??????????? ??????? ?? ????????? ????. ????????? ???? ? ?????????? 6, 22–33. [Quantitative features of the lexical knowledge of educated native speakers of BulgarianBulgarian Language and Literature. 22-33.
2007 Structure of the L2 mental lexicon: How does it compare to native speakers’ lexical organization?Second Language Research. 123-153.
2005 Models of L2 learners’ vocabulary knowledge assessmentSystem. 547-562.
2005 Relationship between lexical competence and language proficiency: Variable sensitivityStudies in Second Language Acquisition. 567-595.
2005 Serving justice in People’s Court: Power in legal discourseBourgas Free University Collected Papers. 99-109.
2005 What is new in the new TOEFL-iBT 2006 test format?Foreign Language Teaching. 45-57.
2003 Transfer effects on the process of L2 reading comprehensionLiteracy Across Cultures. 25-34..
2002 Lexical access in L1 and L2Foreign Language Teaching Journal. 13-24.
2001 A Minimalist analysis of the adverb effectUniversity of Georgia Working Papers in Linguistics. 55-60.
2001 Pragmatic and lexical ambiguity resolution: Common ground, common problems. (Critical Review)Foreign Language Teaching Journal. 19-31.
1999 ?????????? ? ????????????? ??????? ?? ?????????????? ???????????. [Pragmatics and aspects of cross-cultural communication]Bourgas Free University Collected Papers. 303-308.
1998 ?????? ?? ????????????? ????? ?? ?????????? ?? ???????? ? ?????????? ???????????. [The role of deixis in the contextual interpretation of advertisements]Free University Collected Papers. 277-284.
1997 Genre analysis of recruitment advertisingTEMPUS JEP 07307-94 Professional Development for Language Teachers and Teacher Trainers: Collected papers. 127-132.
1997 The Socio-cultural and intercultural dimensions in teaching English for Economics and Business (EEB) to pre-experienced students of Business StudiesTEMPUS JEP 07307-94 Professional Development for Language Teachers and Teacher Trainers: Collected papers. 95-100.
1996 Rationale for an integrated course in English for Economics and BusinessTEMPUS JEP 07307-94. 19-22.
1996 What is economics about?TEMPUS JEP 07307-94. 22-23.


Year Title
1998 Help Yourself!.  Bourgas: Selekta.


Year Title
2014 Frontier words: L1 and L2 partial knowledge of vocabularyEncyclopedia of Applied Linguistics.

Research Overview

  • Second language mental lexicon, lexical research, corpus-based research, genre analysis, prepared oral discourse, student academic presentations
  • Expertise Keywords

  • English/Grammar : linguistics, English grammar, second language acquisition, research methods, L2 lexicon, corpus-based research, academic genre analysis
  • Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Georgia 2004
  • Full Name

  • Alla Zareva